The Secrets of Effective Leadership

When most people hear the word “leadership,” they probably don’t think of the World’s Most Dangerous Bull. In the 1990s, “Bodacious” was the most feared animal on the national rodeo circuit. He was a take-no-prisoners, World Champion bucking bull.

So when I created a series of talks designed to motivate leaders in the toughest of corporate jobs, I knew exactly who the mascot should be. “Bodacious Leadership” was born.

What does it mean to be a “Bodacious Leader?”

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About the Author

Steven D. Wood is the hallmark for performance, integrity, leadership and volunteerism in corporate America. For more than 30 years, he has worked for an internationally known manufacturer of heating and air conditioning where he currently serves as a member of senior leadership. An avid community leader, Wood was recognized as the recipient of the Governors Certificate of Volunteer Service from the State of Texas for work in his community. He is dedicated to his Christian faith and has more than 20 years of speaking experience to audiences on leadership and faith-based topics. In his free time, he enjoys sailing and has captained sailboats throughout the Caribbean and sailed extensively in the Virgin Islands, Leeward and Windward Island chains. He and his wife of 35 years have two adult children and reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

StrategyDriven Leadership Conversation Episode 2 – Profile of the Effective Leader

StrategyDriven Leadership Conversations focus on the values and behaviors characteristic of highly effective leaders. Complimenting the StrategyDriven Management & Leadership articles, these conversations examine the real world challenges managers face every day that are not easily solved with a new or redesigned process and instead demand the application of soft leadership skills to achieve a positive outcome.

Episode 2 – Profile of the Effective Leader introduces the profile of an effective by exploring the personal traits and behaviors exhibited by these remarkable individuals.

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