Starting up an E-commerce Business With Minimal Investment

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Start an E-Commerce Business|Starting up an E-commerce Business With Minimal InvestmentAfter the covid-19 pandemic disrupted various industries, statistics suggest that more than 60% of business closures were due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Directly after this, the value of the e-commerce industry took a spike more extensive than ever before; innovative businesses and individuals started investing and creating online companies that offer better and cheaper alternatives for consumers. In 2020 the value of the e-commerce industry was more than $4 Trillion and continues growing today. Online businesses have become incredibly profitable and, with appropriate marketing, even more so. The good news is, it’s no longer as difficult to get a hold of all the aspects you need in order to create and develop a successful, user-friendly sales platform. This article will look at how you can create and market an e-commerce platform in 2021.

1. Source Products or Services

The best part about creating an online platform like this is that you don’t always have to manufacture or specialize in service to market or sell it. You can source sought-after products and services from businesses and resell them to consumers. All you need is a solid business model, suppliers, and service providers. This doesn’t mean you can’t manufacture or deliver the services yourself. The cheaper you can obtain the product or service, the more profit you’ll be able to put in your pocket.

2.  Create a Website

A few years ago, web development and websites were out of reach of standard businesses; it was expensive to build and even more so to maintain. With WordPress, you can easily create and launch an appealing website for your e-commerce business. You can also choose between thousands of plugins to give your users the most user-friendly experience possible. Make sure your website is responsive and informative to convince users to make a purchase. Make sure you get a confirmation of purchase from the customer; you can quickly set this up using electronic signature software. This will ensure you waste no time on customers that are not serious about acquiring your products or service.

3. Marketing

Your marketing will be one of the most influential factors in your business’s success. The better you market, the more profitable it becomes if you do it right. If you market to the incorrect audience and get zero sales from marketing campaigns, you’re doing it wrong. Ensure you do research and target the correct demographics when you’re running marketing campaigns. You can use strategies like Google Ads, where you target specific keywords and pay per click. On the other hand, social media marketing offers you an opportunity to generate sales and pay per impression.

Over and above these two platforms that offer instant results, a search engine optimization is also a good option. It’s the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by using organic search results from Google. This means after some time; you’ll be in a position where you can generate website traffic without even paying for it.

By opening an online business, you have the opportunity of creating a sustainable business for yourself and your employees.