4 Ways that Businesses Can Improve Employee Satisfaction

StrategyDriven Managing Your People |Employee Satisfaction|4 Ways that Businesses Can Improve Employee SatisfactionAside from clients or customers, employees are probably the most important people responsible for the success of a business. Happy employees lead to a productive work environment, great results, and happy clients. Unhappy employees lead to a high employee turnover, and less desirable results. So, it’s pretty clear that employee satisfaction should be a priority for every business out there. If you’ve noticed lowered productivity, or an increase in employee turnover, it may be due to the fact that your employees aren’t satisfied with their work environment. Keep reading to see what you can do to improve upon this.

Vending machines

It may seem like such a small thing, but for many employees, the small things are what matter. Most employees spend the majority of their time in the office, so making that a comfortable place that requires nearly everything they could want is a great way of ensuring happiness amongst your employees. If you’re able to acquire vending machines with healthier options – even better. Your employees will know that you care about them and appreciate the fact that you’re taking an interest in their health. Get in contact with a vending machine business to see what they can do for you.


Effective incentive programs are a great way of increasing productivity as well as employee satisfaction. Employees may feel underappreciated if they’re going above and beyond and not receiving anything in return. One way to fix this is to offer incentives for employees. Incentives don’t always have to be financial, although financial incentives are definitely the most desirable amongst employees. Knowing that their hard work is being recognized and rewarded will certainly improve an employee’s opinion of their working environment. This will also likely lessen your employee turnover and thus lead to a more stable work environment.

Better medical benefits

One massive factor when it comes to employee satisfaction, is the benefits that they get. Do they get a pension? Do they get a discount? And, most importantly, how do their medical benefits look? Many businesses opt for giving employees a weaker medical scheme, as this is much cheaper. But investing in a better medical aid for your employees can only do your business good. You’ll have healthier employees, a lower employee turnover, and employees who are generally loyal and productive. This is also a way of showing your employees that you care, which will help build better relationships between management and employees.

Workplace counselling

Once again, this is a way of improving your relationship with your employees. Workplace counselling has many benefits, both for you and your employees. Employees who are struggling with their mental health may not be performing as they should, and as an employer, you want the best for them. Workplace counselling has shown to be very effective. Keep in mind that your employees may be hesitant about counselling in the workplace, but once you assure them that everything will remain confidential, they may be more open to the idea. This will definitely help your employees become happier individuals.

Unique & Creative Employee Incentives You Could Be Offering

Everyone who is a part of a business expects to work for a company who cares. It’s one of the very basic needs of an employee, that they are treated well and rightly so. There is an increasingly competitive marketplace for top talent out there and companies are desperate to recruit people who have charisma, brains and talent for the role that they work in. Due to the need to attract the top talent, the standard salary/pension/overtime benefits are no longer enough.

An employer who is caring about their employees needs to think outside the box. When you need cash fast for your business because you decide an impromptu meal out for your team is needed, you would do everything you can to get it purely to show your gratitude for the work that they put in. To that end, as a good employer you are expected to go above and beyond for your employees in the same way they will for you. Check out our unique incentives to keep your employees excited to be working with you.

Travel. Everyone loves a trip, and if you can incentivise that those who hit their personal and professional development goals a paid sabbatical to travel, people will be flocking to your doors, resume in hand. Employee burnout is a real issue in a world where we put a lot of pressure on our people and giving people a break – a paid break – is a great way to say thank you.

Staff Lotto. Having a staff lottery every week is an exciting way to generate office buzz and camaraderie. You can generate real prizes by matching the ticket money that the staff bring together, and then add smaller prizes for more staff.

Savings. Your staff may be appreciative of the idea that you could help them to save money. If you offer the chance to speak to the company’s financial adviser, as well as exciting employee discounts, your staff will know you are trying to do more for them.

Duvet Days. A business has to keep running, we all know that, but offering a flexible duvet day system is a great way for your employees to take paid personal days last minute. This avoids bogus sick days and employee burnout, while allowing your staff to feel like they matter.

Flexible Working. Offering your staff the chance to work from home is the ultimate carrot dangled in front of a prospective staff member. People lead busy lives and if you give them a chance to be able to attend family events and doctor’s appointments around their work, you are going to gain a lot of respect from people.

Offering incentives has to be a big part of your budget. Keeping a strong working capital in the account for last minute meals and fun nights out can mean that you are solvent and covered when it’s a time for celebration. Give your staff a reason to want to work for you and you’ll benefit from their loyalty.