Cracking the Confidence Code

One of the greatest barriers for women is our reticence to raise our hands, ask for what we want and be noticed. This lack of confidence appears as a weakness. It makes women seem less comfortable with risk taking and decisiveness, both of which are critical competencies for senior leaders.

The Confidence EffectRight now many people are asking why women have a crisis of confidence. My reply is that it’s not as important for a woman in the workforce today crack the code or to know “why” she lacks confidence; it’s much more critical to provide her with the tools to course correct. It is NOT too late to learn the skills to make you appear more confident even if all the internal factors are not addressed. Some people call this “faking it ‘til you make it.” I say “suit up, show up and start where you are.” The appearance of confidence is as beneficial as actually feeling confident.

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About the Author

Grace KilleleaGrace Killelea is founder and CEO of Half The Sky Leadership Institute, a program that develops high potential women and builds critical leadership skills. She is a former Fortune 50 company SVP of Talent, a skilled executive coach and sought after keynote speaker. Grace is also author of the highly anticipated title, The Confidence Effect: Every Woman’s Guide to the Attitude That Attracts Success. Connect with her on the Web at and