Putting “You” in the Denominator: The Renaissance of Self

The Oracle of Delphi told Socrates that he was the wisest man in all of Athens. After many years of reflection, Socrates had the answer. He was the wisest, because he knew he wasn’t the wisest. Pretty cool, huh? Leaders know the road of self-knowledge and self-discovery are never ending. This yellow brick road leads to many rewards, but not pot of gold. The rewards found here are contained within the journey, not the destination. You see, there is no destination for leaders. Knowing yourself means separating who you are and who you want to be from what the world thinks you are and wants you to be. Most of us, including myself, lived up to other people’s expectations for years before discovering the power of the space between stimulus and response, and the freedom and responsibility of choice.

There are four lessons of personal renaissance:

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About the Author

Dr. Greg Gillum is the Chief Learning Officer of WealthBridge Connect ( As CLO, his primary role is writing leadership and management curriculum for the international faculty of WealthBridge Connect that helps members drive their business to new heights. In addition, his role at WealthBridge Connect includes lead executive coach and trainer, specializing in leadership development applications, business performance coaching, emotional intelligence, and guiding transformational change in individuals and organizations. Dr. Gillum has also served as the CEO of the humanfusion group of companies ( since 2004. He is a frequent keynote speaker in the areas of human performance and potential. Dr. Gillum spent six years on the faculty of the Medical College of Virginia, and eight years in marketing and senior management with GlaxoSmithKline. To read Dr. Gillum’s complete biography, click here.