How To Impress An Employer With Little Experience

Although you might think that it is impossible to impress an employer with little experience, it is possible. Experience does help, but it is not the only thing an employer looks for during the hiring process.

Here are some top tips for how to impress an employer with little experience.

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | How To Impress An Employer With Little Experience

Do an internship

An internship is a great way to learn your skills while showing off your hard work and abilities to an employer. It is a stepping stone for working for your dream company.

For example, those keen on working in social media and helping brands grow their following might want to consider digital marketing internships. It is a great opportunity to show off your marketing skills and get started in the world of marketing.

An internship will allow you to attain experience and network effectively. When you work in an industry for less pay, you might not attain the greatest income, but it gives you a great insight into the world of work and offers many opportunities to attain a full-time position.

Write a great resume

A resume includes more than just your experience. Therefore, use it to your advantage. You might have achieved amazing certificates at school or you might have interesting passions that could impress your employer.

Your resume should ooze confidence and show off your best abilities. Don’t be shy to be confident or proud on your resume. The prouder you are, the more you will be able to impress the employer.

Ask questions

Although an employer will be asking you questions during an interview, it is important to ask them questions too. Being inquisitive shows that you are interested in learning more about them as well as the company.

The more interest you show, the more interested an employer will be in you. Before your interview, take your time doing your research and find out interesting facts about the company. Use these facts as questions to show off that you have done your research.

Be comfortable

During an interview, it is common to be nervous. Although it is easier said than done, you shouldn’t let the nerves overtake you. You might come across different from what you had hoped if you let the nerves overshine your true personality.

The more comfortable and confident you are in the interview, the more interested the employer will be in you. Employers appreciate confidence as it reflects your confidence in the workplace.

Follow up

After an interview, you might be left in the dark for some time. This is normal as the employer will likely be interviewing other candidates and making their decision.

To show that you are interested and to ensure that they remember you, make sure to follow up. Do not follow up straight away as you may look too keen and seem a nuisance. Nobody wants to hire someone that will be annoying. Therefore, leave it around a week before following up in a call or email. Asking them for feedback is normal and they might use this follow-up email as a way to verify that you are keen, passionate, and the right person for the job.