4 Must Haves for Your Next International Trip

Whether you’re headed to an exotic destination for your romantic honeymoon, spending a summer backpacking across Europe or planning a fun filled family vacation; you’ll be busy applying for a visa to whatever country you are planning on visiting, obtaining a passport and much more. These are vital to any international trip and should be done ahead of time so that no sudden surprises stand in the way when it comes time to leave the country. It’s a big deal to be traveling outside of the country and you need to make sure you have everything planned and packed accordingly. So, you’ve completed your travel checklist; made hotel arrangements, bought your plane tickets, have your passport and are ready to go! Making sure that you have packed the essentials is a large part of traveling comfortably and will allow you to enjoy a hassle-free trip. Of course, you packed your clothes, shoes, toiletries, money and legal papers; like your visa and passport. Did you make sure to bring the other important must haves along? Let’s look at 4 must haves for your next international trip:

1. A Travel Pillow

You may think that a travel pillow is not necessarily a ‘must have’ for your next trip but bringing along this always needed and often forgotten item can make a world of difference when it comes to international traveling. On average, most international flights are at least 10 to 16 hours long. Having a travel pillow with you will allow you to have additional neck support while sleeping during long flights. A travel pillow can also be used to provide extra lumbar support for extended periods of sitting. Travel pillows have also been known to reduce the symptoms associated with jet-lag. You can also make effective use of a travel pillow during layovers at the airport in between your flights. Don’t forget to take along a travel pillow for your next long trip;

you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without one!

2. A Pair of Ear Plugs

Another frequently forgotten must have for long trips are ear plugs. You may think you don’t need them or maybe haven’t even thought about them, until now. Sleeping is a terrific way to kill time on a long flight and prepare you for arrival so that you are ready to go. However, it can be difficult to do that with all the noise from other passengers, especially if you are a light sleeper. It can be hard to sleep when you hear other passengers talking, the person next to you snoring or a baby wailing from a few seats back. Taking along a pair of ear plugs will help keep the noise to a minimum and provide the peace and quiet you will need, to get some shut eye.

3. A Money Belt

While traveling internationally you will have to keep important documents on you at all times. You also will be carrying cash and other important items with you that you won’t want lost or stolen. Money belts come in many assorted styles and designs to compliment any outfit, without looking conspicuous. Pickpocketing can happen to anyone and unfortunately, most times pickpockets target unsuspecting tourists. Wearing a money belt means, you won’t have to worry about the risk of losing important documents or money, if your wallet or purse is stolen or misplaced. A money belt is a must have for your next international trip. You’ll be at ease during your trip knowing that your money and important documents are safely stored away in your money belt.

4. A Universal Travel Adapter

Not all electrical outlets are created equally. Meaning, most international destinations do not have the same electrical outlets that you may be used to. Do a little research and find out if you will need a travel adapter. If you do need one, it is best to purchase it before your trip to not only save money, but also to get the right one to fit your electronics.  Give yourself time to research exactly what you will need and speak with experts at the store or call the product manufacturer. There are many different travel adapters and you may not know which one you really need. Purchasing a universal travel adapter will ensure the proper outlet design and will come in handy during other international trips. Having this simple device will make traveling easier. When you arrive at your destination you will be able to plug up your phone charger, laptop, blow dryer and more.