6 Smart Investment Decisions To Make As An Entrepreneur

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article |Investment Decisions|6 Smart Investment Decisions To Make As An EntrepreneurSmart entrepreneurs invest business profits wisely to minimize loss. This ensures that even though the money is being spent, it is spent in ways that enable business growth, which, therefore, allows the value of the business to appreciate. Minimizing losses increases profit-making potential as scarce resources are being put to good use. A vast majority of entrepreneurs, 80% to be precise, fund their enterprises out of pocket, and managing cash flow is a major challenge as most have no prior business cash flow education. But you don’t have to be a part of this statistic. After you make your first turnover, making these smart financial decisions will help you make the most of your hard-earned money.

1.Investing in fixed assets

Investopedia defines an asset as an economically valuable resource owned, controlled, or acquired with the expectation that it will appreciate later. A fixed asset is an asset acquired to liquidate at a later period. It is expected to appreciate so that you can cash in on the benefits. A simpler explanation will be to save up money but not in cash, which can be affected by inflation. Important fixed assets an entrepreneur should invest in as a business, include furniture, and land. These assets appreciate over time, and when managed properly, can make you some great benefits. It will be much more beneficial to your business to own property that would be making you money in the long run and aiding business operations simultaneously.

Fixed assets require efficient maintenance to ensure that your investment is protected. In the case of concrete structures, you could have a periodic assessment done on your building by experts like K&E Flatwork so that any damage beyond normal wear and tear is remedied as soon as possible to prevent asset value from depreciating. Keep your sidewalks and parking lot in mint condition as well. A well-maintained building and environment is easier on the eyes and markets your business better to a potential customer.

2. Buying the right insurance

Insurance on your property, car, and health is an added layer of protection to your assets. Many state laws require all property owners to take out adequate insurance in the event of an unfortunate occurrence. Fire, earthquakes, or even accidents could cost property owners a lot of money in uninsured. Your business could take a hit as a result, and this would be a waste of money as well as an unnecessary business opportunity cost. Take time to research property insurance to understand how taking out one could work to protect property owners.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article |Investment Decisions|6 Smart Investment Decisions To Make As An Entrepreneur3. Investing in yourself

The importance of growing in your craft and building value through education cannot be over-emphasized because you are only as good as what you know. The entrepreneur, as the human resource, is the most valuable component in the profit-making process. So invest the money and time in bettering yourself so you can improve at building your business. You can take some courses in business analytics, economics, business communication, or even get an MBA. You can also acquire some marketing skills with a CIM so you can take advantage of the available marketplaces. Also, make it a point to frequently upgrade your qualifications when you get them. This is because there are always new ways of doing things. You’ll be able to keep up with the times, advance yourself and your business as well.

4. Investing in marketing

The notion that a good product by itself will drive traffic no longer holds. Many businesses struggle to retain their customers because they fail to invest in proper marketing structures early enough when they had the momentum. Strategically including ad expenditure on your budget saves you from being blindsided when you do need it. Diversify your marketing options by spreading your options so you can target different customer bases. Younger people are more likely to resonate better with social media, and older people are better reached with in-person marketing. Engage some extra help with in-person marketing campaigns so they can be even more productive. The business rewards will be worth the sacrifice.

5. Paying your debts

This may not seem so important on this list, but having debts is counter-productive to success. You cannot truly count your money as profit if you haven’t paid off your debtors. Owing people is also not a good identity to have. It could make it difficult for you to attract value investors as your credibility, which would be needed to build confidence in your enterprise, will be in question. So, come up with a debt repayment plan and pay off your debts at a convenient pace that would not leave you starving or homeless. Most entrepreneurs start up with loans from family and friends. Because of the personal relationship at stake, it is even more beneficial to you to pay your debts, so relations do not get strained. Some relations might even be willing to reduce your interest rate if you express interest in paying off your loan faster. This will imply increased business profits.

6. Getting the right help

Get help with administrative duties and any other roles that are not your strong suit because productivity will suffer in the end if you attempt to do it all. Do not also go overboard with hiring too many people. This will cost you needless expenditure as you’ll be overspending where you could be saving. First, hire an administrator or secretary to help you stay on top of paperwork so you can focus on making business decisions. Also, invest in a trustworthy accountant. An accountant role goes far beyond the boring task of securing the money. They’ll ensure that your taxes are paid on time, so your business is in the clear with the government. They’ll also keep track of cash inflows and outflows so that you know exactly how much profits you are making.

Additionally, outsource work that you do not need to hire full-time staff to do. A typical example is janitorial and maintenance work. Cleaning and maintenance work are duties that can easily be outsourced to an agency if it does not need to get done every day. Observe your workspace and plan on days the cleaning can get done. If it is something you can get done easily without your plate getting too full, then, in this case, it would be better to do it yourself. The result, either way, will be efficient financial management and increased productivity.

As an entrepreneur, you always need to have a plan and a back-up ready to run despite having limited funds at your disposal. Spending your money in ways that benefit your business will help you make the most out of your venture.

9 Recession Proof Stocks to Invest in When the Economy is Down

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |recession proof stocks |9 Recession Proof Stocks to Invest in When the Economy is DownCOVID-19 has taken a great blow to stock markets worldwide. This is because leaders have opted for lockdowns and a shut down of non-essential businesses.

Many people have lost their jobs and the unemployment rate surged in just a few days. The economy is looking very uncertain and unclear for the future.

Ironically, this is a great time to invest in the stock market. Recessions are a great opportunity to buy value stocks at discount prices. Keep reading to check out these recession proof stocks that you can catch on sale.

What Stocks You Should Be Looking For

To make the best investments during a stock market crash, look out for companies that have a great management history. These companies are often undervalued during recessions so you can buy their stocks at a discount. In the long term, their value will rise again.

Also, look at buying recession proof stocks from companies that make indispensable products. These include food, energy and communications companies.

Other stocks that do well in recession include liquor companies, companies that sell cheap merchandise, liquor companies and gambling companies. Look into investing in discount supermarkets, discount clothing stores or online gambling companies.

Read on for 9 best recessions stocks that you should invest in now when the economy is down.

1. Walmart (WMT)

Walmart is one of the best recession stocks that you can buy. First of all, it sells products at discount prices hence it will do well during a recession. A big percentage of Walmart’s sales come from groceries and human beings can’t survive without food. So even during a recession, Walmart will not go out of business.
Investors know the value of Walmart and its stock has remained stable during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the year started with Walmart selling at $119 and the current price has dropped as low as $109. So you can still buy it at a discount.

2. Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft is a huge software company that will not be going anywhere anytime soon. It is one of the best recession proof stocks that you can buy during this period. Its prices are at the lowest they may ever be.
As a blue-chip company, Microsoft will be one of the winners of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are purchasing Microsoft products to assist them while they are working from home.

3. McDonald’s (MCD)

McDonald’s is one of the companies that has taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic. Store sales have gone down as more Americans stay at home to reduce infection rates of the virus.
But McDonald’s is an established company with a solid management history so we can expect its stock to go back up once the crisis ends. McDonald’s stock price has fallen by about 10% since the beginning of the year. So you could get a bargain if you buy stocks in the company now.

4. DollarTree (DLTR)

This is another recession proof stock because it sells discounted goods. DollarTree has had to hire more employees to deal with the rise in demand for its goods and services.

Its stock price has also fallen 22% since the beginning of the year. So it is a solid stock to invest in now.

5. Kellogg’s (K)

Kellogg’s manufactures a variety of dry goods. Sales of Kellogg’s products have soared as consumers worldwide stockpile food items. Its stock price has also been rising during the pandemic.

You may not get a discounted price on the stock but it is still a good recession proof stock for your portfolio.

6. Disney (DIS)

The coronavirus has forced Disney to close its theme parks. This has caused Disney stock prices to plunge. But this is a solid company that will continue growing in the coming years.

Buying Disney stocks while the prices are low means you will reap the benefits when the pandemic ends and the prices go back up. They recently rolled out their Disney+ platform and streaming rates are up so this could keep them in good standing.

7. Intuit (INTU)

Intuit owns two of the biggest accounting applications? Quickbooks and TurboTax. Businesses still need to balance their books and file their tax returns, recession or not.

While some businesses may close, the economy will still recover and Intuit will be able to ride the downturn. So investing in Intuit stock is a good bet.

8. Brown Forman (BF.B)

Liquor companies often survive recessions because many Americans look for a way to manage their stress. Brown Forman sells whiskey and Jack Daniels is its most famous brand. This article might give more insight into reasons for even higher stress levels.

It will likely have increased sales during this pandemic although the trade war with China might affect its overseas sales. Still, this is a good stock for your portfolio if you don’t have a moral issue with alcohol sales.

9. Visa

Visa is a global company that has one of the most valuable brands worldwide. They also have a product that Americans cannot do without, which is a debit and credit card system. Visa is good at leveraging technology to maintain its market share despite threats from newer companies.

The current pandemic has also led many people to shop online and avoid handling cash which will be great for Visa’s revenues. Visa can survive recessions because as a payment platform it isn’t affected by consumer debt. Despite reduced spending during recessions consumers still have to buy essential goods.

Luckily for you, Visa’s stock prices have fallen due to the CoronaVirus so this is a great chance to get this valuable stock at a lower price than its value.

A Recession Is the Best Time to Buy Recession Proof Stocks

If you are looking to buy some stocks this is the best time to add recession proof stocks to your portfolio. The economy might not be in the best condition. Yet if you play your cards right, you can come out better on the other side.

For more investment tips read the rest of our blog.

What To Do When Unexpectedly Coming Into Money

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Coming into money|What To Do When Unexpectedly Coming Into MoneyA scenario many of us dream of, or try to form into reality, is that of receiving a large cash injection or coming across a major, unexpected payday. Of course, when this is truly unpredictable, it may knock us for six. The death of a loved one, for instance, may give us access to a large inheritance, but this is hardly something worth celebrating due to the emotional context of the whole affair. Not only that, but this money will have emotional weight added to its use.

This is just one example, but perhaps the most common one, and it’s also a scenario that emphasizes the need to use your money wisely, without frivolity, helping you build towards a better future. Coming into money of this sort, provided it is properly taxed and all above board, can also seem confusing. It can be hard to know what to do with such a boon even if you had prior plans, because the idea of spending money and actually spending it are two different experiences entirely.

As far as this is concerned, we believe that some of the following advice could help you to no end in this circumstance:

Consider Investments

Consider how you may invest this money for the long haul, or even how you may divide and then invest part of it to grow your potential savings. For some, this can mean taking the time to learn options trading through carefully curated platforms, yet for most it will mean figuring out which broker to choose to help you apply with confidence and manage your money in the most reliable sense. When you have a broker selected you can jump on well-researched opportunities and pay attention to market trends.

This will help you put your money in potentially lucrative fields, and provided you have divided enough to spare on these platforms, you can follow this up without the need to worry about managing risk or having an encyclopedic knowledge of said industry in the first place. Many find that responsible use of an even more responsible broker can grant them a solid return on their investment, and so this can’t be a bad idea when you finally have the money to play that game.

Sustainable Life Goals

In some cases the money may be given to you for a particular purpose, such as helping you get through college. However, in order to honor the memory of the person who may have given you money, or in order to celebrate the unlikely circumstances in which you came across it, applying yourself to sustainable life goals may be the worthwhile answer here.

For some, this may mean gaining extra qualifications to become more of a shu-in for a particular career path, acing the interview process. For others, it may contribute towards the physical costs of interviewing in the city, taking commutes, or even interviewing for positions abroad. Sustainable life goals are usually defined as investrments that will help you financially going forward, but that being said, experiences can also be tremendously valuable. For some, taking this money to experience the world and open your mind through travel can be a phenomenal target to reach.

Your Own Operation

It may be that you’ve had your own operation planned for some time, but you’ve never had the funding to get things starting. Opening an online store, a freelancing business, starting to equip yourself as a self-employed contractor, or even putting this nest egg towards opening your own business can all be reliable and quite worthwhile approaches for the self-starter to make. This extra money is now giving you the shot at running your own operation, and you may even take it as a sign that now is the best time to launch.

Provided you have all calculations carefully taken note of, and you’re aware of all the hidden costs of providing an entrepreneurial effort like this, the more you can move forward to the best and most promising result. Remember to use this money on sustainable factors that will structure the bounds of your operation, such as on branding you may not have otherwise been able to afford or to use the services of an expert accountant worth his or her weight in gold. To this end, you can be sure that the money was used wisely even if you struggle to launch as smoothly as you would have liked.

With this advice, we hope you can position yourself carefully when unexpectedly coming into money.

Crucial Investing Tips for 2018

In the early days of 2018, it’s a good time to consider what’s the same and what’s new as the new year unfolds. With investing specifically, some basic principles remain unchanged, but there are some new kids on the block to pay attention to as well.

Let’s dive right in with a few investing tips for 2018.

Crypto Currencies

Everyone is curious about crypto currencies right now. With the sudden rise in Bitcoin during 2017 and other digital currencies being discussed like Ethereum and LiteCoin, there’s certainly good speculative money to be made. The old idea of “buying on the dips” is likely to prove useful to handle the ups and downs of these internet currencies.

Just be careful about the fees involved with each purchase as small batch sizes sometimes, especially in the case of Bitcoin, become quite expensive to complete. Be aware of how you’re buying the bitcoin and where it’s being stored too.

While it’s common to use an intermediary to make the purchase, it’s possible to hold a balance in a digital wallet like Electrum which is open-source and cross-platform (they have multiple desktop client and mobile apps too). This way, it’s not tied to a digital wallet provider and not at risk from the digital currency robberies that have taken place previously; this is the way Bitcoin was originally intended and set up where an intermediate was not required.

Fast-moving NASDAQ Technology Stocks

NASDAQ stocks are primarily technology based. They’re often quite expensive, but they go through periodic price adjustments where there’s often good opportunities to pick up bargains. At, they cover NASDAQ stocks that have recently fallen in price and are worth researching ahead of a possible purchase. Obviously, always perform your own due diligence before diving in.

Re-balancing a Portfolio

When setting up a portfolio, you create allocations for each planned asset class. These are based on your level of equity exposure that you’re comfortable with along with a sensible mix of non-correlated assets where some zig when others zag in the markets. Balancing a portfolio in this manner helps to mitigate steep moves upwards (or downwards) and smooths out the bumps.

For instance, in 2017 U.S. stocks had a banner year having risen over 21 percent. However, investors who put an equal amount into international stocks would have enjoyed over 27 percent return on their foreign investments. A 50/50 split would have achieved 24.5 percent return pre-costs.


Rebalancing a portfolio is a semi-regular action that sells down investments that have risen in price and buys more of what has been in the doldrums. While it may seem counterintuitive to sell your winners, the idea is to keep reasonably close to your planned asset allocation while avoiding any whipsaw with inflated investments coming crashing down. By rebalancing, the accepted risk levels of a portfolio are maintained too.

Investing in 2018 isn’t much different to other years except there are more opportunities for smaller investors to buy different types of alternative investments including dabbling in digital currencies. Keeping a sensible eye on maintaining a proper balance to your portfolio avoids overdoing things.

Making Smart Investments in The Market

Making money in the stock market is always attractive and in fact, several people are lured by big money claims that are most often advertised. Is there any truth to it? Is it possible to make obscene amounts of money by investing small investments into the money market? While it is not entirely true, adequate research and an in-depth understanding of the markets can push you in the right direction. With time and practice, you can definitely begin to understand the stocks that will repay your money plus an additional amount of the risk. There are a few guidelines one should follow especially if you are new to the market and do not wish to get burnt!

Mob Mentality: Everyone has a different understanding of the market. Further, the risk is a personal thing and therefore the amount of risk you may be willing to take will not be the same as the other person. So, the first rule of thumb when you begin investing is to do your own research. Never follow free advice thrown in by people around you. There are several authentic websites such as which provide valuable and important information about companies and their performance in the markets. Make sure you read up enough about a company before you decide to invest your money in it.

Understanding the Industry: It’s a well-known fact around investing circles, that you never should put your money in a business or industry that you are unfamiliar with. Understanding an industry and how it works will help you to make the right decision about when to invest and when to exit the stock. Further, news in the industry, around the world can affect the stock and its price. Following such news and trends will help you to make money or save depending on the kind of news you are dealing with. With technological advances, there are several portals online now that make such information available as soon as it becomes known. Signing up on such portals, using your smartphone to keep tabs on related information and ensuring you are following your investments will help you to monitor your finds effectively.

Discipline: It is critical to have a disciplined approach to investing in the stock markets. Not only will you limit your losses, but by doing so, your chances of making money in the market doubles up. It is important that you do the right research, invest systematically in the right shares and be patient with your investments. It is important to have a long-term view which will allow your investments to grow and give you the returns. A huge part of seeing gains in the market is knowing when to exit and most people lose their money thanks to greed and fear. It is important not to be swayed by the sentiments in the market.

Making smart investments is all about having the right approach and a perfect understanding of your risk capacity.