Getting More People To Your Store

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Advertising|Getting More People To Your StoreNo matter whether you own a clothing shop or an estate agency, your customers are everything and you need to do all within your capability and your budget to attract them to your store. There are lots of different methods of advertising that you can utilise. However, when it comes to advertising directly from your store, there is nothing quite as effective as an LED window display. This is the type of advertising that is going to stop people in their tracks and make them want to come inside to see what you have got to offer. Taking that into account, continue reading to discover further information regarding the wonders LED window displays can do for your store, no matter what type of business you have.

You’re going to turn plenty of heads with LED signs

There is only one place to begin and this is with the fact that you have the most effective and eye-catching method of displaying any business promotions you currently have running. Do you have a sale going on in-store? Are you offering any special deals? By showcasing these offers in a stunning LED window display you are assured to attract way more customers to your store than you would have without it. After all, how else would you alert people that pass by your shop to the deal? This is particularly beneficial for businesses that are located in busy town centres and such like. Aside from this, don’t ignore the LED aspect. This type of display will create a much greater level of attention when contrasted with standard posters and such like. Because of this, you can be sure you are getting the most from your in-store marketing.

You’re advertising to people that are directly outside of your store

Boost your sales by attracting everyone that passes by your shop. Online marketing, newspaper adverts, leaflets and such like are great, but they require people to make the effort to get up and go to your store. When it comes to LED window displays, you are attracting those that are already outside of your shop. Perhaps they are doing their grocery shopping at a neighbouring supermarket or maybe they are picking up some items from the electrical store next door, whatever the reason may be – you can appeal to everyone that passes by. You can then turn someone into a customer who may have possibly never even visited your store if they hadn’t seen the display. There is no quicker form of advertising in terms of seeing the display and making a sale. The impact is instantly felt, which is why an LED window display is one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

Boost your brand image effectively

LED window displays also offer an excellent way of enhancing your corporate image. You can effectively communicate your brand message via the different beautiful window displays. Nothing makes an impact as stylish and striking as eye-catching artwork combined with the professional LED. Don’t ignore how pivotal this is. After all, brand identity is of imperative importance. This is what is going to make you stand out from your competition. It can be the difference between customers remembering your business and the other similar companies in the same location, which is of course exactly what you want.

Change up your window display as and when you need to

You should also consider the fact that you can easily change your window display as and when suits your requirements. One week you may have a sale running, the next week you may wish to inform people that you have got new items in stock. The same goes for estate agencies, which need to change the properties they display in their shop windows. It is extremely difficult to do this with other forms of advertising. You can’t change a newspaper advert or a brochure once it has been printed. You can’t alter a PPC advert online once it is placed out there. The only thing you can do is create a new online or print advert. Not only is this inconvenient, but it is costly as well, and thus an ineffective approach to take. You don’t need to worry about this with LED window displays, which is why you can reap the maximum rewards from your display.

Look for unique ways to get people to your business with LED signs

You should use your LED displays to combine with other elements of your business. For example, have you thought about hiring an ATM for your business? You will attract more people to your company, as they will come to withdraw money and they could then end up making a purchase. ATM rentals have had great success at companies all over the world, so it is definitely something worth looking into. You can then use the LED sign to advertise that you have cash withdrawals at your establishment.

All things considered, when you digest everything that has been discussed in this blog post, it is not difficult to see why it is advisable to invest in LED window displays. This form of advertising can do wonders for your business by attracting a greater level of customers and essentially enhancing your profit levels by a significant degree. It does not matter what type of store you run, these are the sorts of benefits that can be felt by all.

Are Trade Shows Still Worth Your Time?

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Trade Shows|Are Trade Shows Still Worth Your Time?Most small businesses today focus their marketing and networking online. They sell themselves online with a website and social media profiles. But they also find new suppliers and connections online. This has countless advantages, mainly that it makes launching a business a much more accessible prospect and it allows you to reach a wide audience quickly. But, with so much of today’s business done from behind a computer screen, face to face contact is limited.

Trade shows run all over the world, all of the time. Some shows focus on different industries, products, and niches. They appeal to different people. Some attract members of the public, others industry professionals only. Unfortunately, many small business owners are neglecting these fabulous opportunities in favor of online development. This can be a massive mistake, and taking part in trade shows can still be an exceptionally valuable way to use your time.

A Chance to Make a Personal Connection

People trust people. If someone tells us something face to face, we’ll believe it more than we would if we read the same thing online, where it would be surrounded by fake news and unreliable opinion. It’s easier to trust the word of a person when you can look into their eyes and read their body language when they say it.

That’s why personal contact will always be valuable and worthwhile in business. Getting out there at trade shows gives you a chance to meet people face to face. To tell them about your business and answer their questions. It’s also a chance to provide them with materials to take away. Tangible things that they can touch, and come back to, which will make a much bigger impression than something that they can scroll past online.

A Better First Impression

It’s thought that in person we have around seven seconds to make a first impression when we meet someone for the first time. Online, it’s much less. If you don’t immediately impress someone with your social media update or advert, they will scroll right past. If your website doesn’t load instantly, they will look elsewhere.

A trade show gives you several chances to make that all important first impression. People might see your stand from across the room and walk over. Then, you get an opportunity to sell yourself in person. You even get another chance if you give them something to take home, or they see your team later in the day.

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Trade Shows|Are Trade Shows Still Worth Your Time?Time to Be Bold and Stand Out

Your stand at a trade show offers you a great way to attract a crowd and bring people in. By using your space to its best, you can really draw in a crowd and get noticed in a way that you might not among millions of other websites online.

Add x-stand banners, posters and props to your stand. Make sure if you sell a product, you’ve got it with you. Make sure your visitors can see any freebies or promotional materials without having to ask or search. When it comes to getting your stand just right, it’s often a good idea to keep things quite simple, with plenty of white space so that your products or informational materials can do the talking. But, using splashes of color, making the most of the height that you’ve got to work with and adding welcoming props, like plants and flowers can all help you to get noticed.

Remember, your stand isn’t the only thing that you’ve got going for you. Choose the team members that you take very carefully. You want knowledgeable people, but also charismatic people that are happy to talk to strangers and get stuck into a crowd. You want chatty people that get the point across well. The kind of people that sell well and are remembered afterward. Then, kit them out in promotional uniforms that stand out and set them apart.

Use Digital Marketing to Boost Trade Show Performance

Of course, nothing is stopping you teaming your digital media efforts with your trade show appearance for maximum benefit. Start a countdown to your attendance online. Use a hashtag and offer freebies to anyone that can prove they follow you online. Encourage your visitors to share pictures, videos, and updates on social media throughout the day and do the same yourself. Keep things fresh and exciting by sharing as much as you can on the day, and release previews of what you’ll be offering beforehand to create a buzz and peak interest. The two can work together remarkably well if you make the most of the tools at your disposal.

The Opportunity to Offer Extra

A trade show is your chance to come up with some great freebies that will get you remembered. Stationary, badges, notepads, tote bags and other branded materials often work well. Branded sweets and other accessories can also be fun. Try to make sure whatever you offer is in keeping with your brand message, and give everyone a cool tote to carry their freebies, for a bit of easy advertising.

A Great Networking Experience

Trade shows aren’t just a way for you to meet potential customers, give them information and sell your stuff. It’s also a fantastic networking opportunity. You’ll meet other people in your industry and get a chance to see what they are doing well, and what isn’t working. You might meet new suppliers and other people that can help your business to grow. Or you might just make new friends that become part of your support network.

Fantastic Experience for Your Team

As a small business, you might have a relatively small team with little experience. They might not have been to shows before, and their experience with the public might be limited. Taking them to a trade show can give them a great experience. It can help to boost their confidence, improve their knowledge of your company and their skills at selling it, and give them a chance to see how other businesses are doing things. It can be valuable training for your team, which could help them both now and in the future.

Understanding Marketing Jargon To Improve Your Business

Most people don’t set out to start a business without hoping that it’s going to last. However, the mystery can be in trying to figure out the formula that will ensure your business doesn’t crash and burn within the first few years. The reality is, what it takes to keep a business going is dependent on a range of different factors. One of them is marketing as it’s the only way to get your brand in front of your target audience. In the world of marketing, there are several terms and phrases used that can be confusing for entrepreneurs and other professionals alike. On that note, keep reading to discover the meaning of common marketing jargon.

Business Blogging

The first marketing jargon that will be discussed is business blogging which you may have heard at least once. It is relatively self-explanatory as it refers to everything that blogging is but includes marketing strategies in the mix. It is different from regular blogging as it’s more than a hobby and is often used to drive sales in a business. The main goal of business blogging is to get your business a greater level of visibility online.

Network Marketing

Another term that you may have heard of but perhaps don’t quite understand is network marketing. This is essentially multilevel or a direct selling method where independent-agents distribute goods and services while simultaneously building and managing their own sales force by recruiting and training other agents. Toni Vans are a great example of individuals who have gained a level of success using this business model. It provides opportunities for people to earn at multiple levels and sales reps to recruit and develop their own teams.

Bottom of the Funnel

This refers to a stage of the buying process where leads are just about to close as new customers. As a practical example, they’ve likely identified a problem in their life, shopped around for potential solutions and have now come to the point of being close to buying. At this stage of the sales funnel, depending on the nature of the business they may decide to give the lead a call, demo, or free consultation.


When referring to interactions between two companies, it’s usually referred to as B2B or B to B. More specifically; it’s a form of transaction that takes place between two businesses such as a wholesaler and retailer. The main point is that it refers to business conducted between two companies as opposed to a company and individual customer. On the other hand, references made regarding business done between a company and customer is referred to as B2C.

Bounce Rate

When a website bounce rate is mentioned, there is usually a reference made to the percentage of people who come on one of your pages and leave without navigating or clicking on any other page. This is important information for anyone with a website as it gives them an indication of how customers are interacting with their website and hints to what needs improving. High bounce rates usually lead to poor conversion rates as people aren’t staying on the site long enough.

Modifying Marketing in a Transforming World

StrategyDriven Sales and Marketing Article | Marketing | Modifying Marketing in a Transforming WorldIn the last 15 years we have seen the world change to become heavily reliant on digital means of communication and change. This has reshaped all aspects of life for every business. In general, it has made conducting business easier, cheaper and more efficient. It looks as if this is going to push even further as new AI (artifical intelligence) technologies are becoming more and more prominent in the market.

Google itself is already jumping on this market in the property sector, investing in a company called Proportunity, which uses it’s AI to help first time buyers purchase a house and only benefits if the customer does. It could also know enough about you that when you find an estate agent online automatically filters the properties on its list to fit the preferences of the user. It could also help automate the emergency procedure for incidents that arise ‘out of hours’. In this context, and many others, the technology will be able to take a lot of strain off individuals that spend time on non-essential tasks and will enable them to instead spend time on the essential tasks for growing the business.

When it comes to marketing the digital revolution has made large changes to the knowledge and decision-making abilities of customers. Now it only takes a single Google search for a potential customer to find out everything they need to know about you, your business, your products, reviews and much more. While this can be a scary idea for businesses, if your business is genuine and you tread the line correctly, the benefits of such a system far outweigh the possible negative effects.

When looking at modifying your traditional marketing methods (media buying, flyering, radio advertisement etc.) be sure to understand your target audience and the mediums by which they are most influence. For example, if you are selling retirement homes, you may want to not waste your time on Snapchat!

Social Media – A great place for referrals and being tagged in relevant conversations. If you are a trades company, your customers won’t be looking for you to share hard hitting stories, edgy memes or your political opinion on a business account. They do want to find somewhere where they can contact the business, see that it is ‘ticking over’ and that there is a person/personality behind it. Don’t worry about ‘trending’, use this advice article to make sure you are in the conversation.

Blogging / Thought leadership – A wonderful way for smaller businesses to show their expertise through providing insightful research and opinions on the biggest industry issues. For example, an independent London estate agent has become a ‘go to’ for UK journalists when looking for information on the luxury property market thanks to the specific and specialised content they upload to their blog.

Events Attendance – In support of those who believe that no matter how digital the world becomes there is so much power in face to face business, marketing CEO Arjun Arora, provides a great quote for the power of personal interaction. “Attending conferences is an important part of any marketing strategy. Attending dinners and events in different cities provide an opportunity to meet with clients or partners and get to know them better. No matter how effective your advertising and email marketing are, or how skilled you are on the phones, an in-person meeting is always more memorable.”

SEO – Simply put – this is ‘how Google finds you, then displays you to searchers’. It is complicated, time consuming and needs a better knowledge of the digital world than most people have, but it is near essential for B2C businesses. If you want to know more about it read this from the industry leaders.

By no means should you completely stop the strategy you have been using previously if it has provided you with success up to now. Instead use these areas to enhance your strategy and produce a more rounded and targeted approach.

Struggling With Marketing? Here’s How To Improve It Immediately

There is no doubt in any business owner’s mind that marketing is a central part of the foundation of any company. Proper marketing does much more than just promote a product. On a grander scale, it enables a business to place itself in exactly the position it needs to be for greater ongoing success. Of course, it is not always this successful, and powerful marketing takes time, patience and no small number of failed attempts before landing on something just right for the business. All businesses also go through periods where the marketing is less than ideal in terms of its effectiveness. If this has happened to your business, then you might be wondering how to turn things around. For a start, take a look at these options for improving your marketing immediately.

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Embolden The Branding

You might see the brand as the vehicle with which the marketing does its job. As long as you have a working brand that does the job, all the marketing efforts are likely to be considerably more powerful automatically. That’s why taking a look at and emboldening your branding is one of the quickest ways to improve the marketing. As long as the brand is doing its job, you know that all else will likely fall into place too.

Drive Website Traffic

These days, there are few things more important to any marketing strategy than the website of the business. For most people, the website is the first port of call, so it is clear to see how important it can be for any business of any size. As long as you are drawing in decent numbers, and you’re providing good content, you’re happy. It is nowadays pretty much essential to adopt a strong SEO strategy. Here’s the thing about SEO Services: When You Get It Right, The ROI Is Phenomenal, and that is something that all businesses can benefit from.

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Improve Audience Understanding

The better you know your audience, the more finely tuned and effective you can make your marketing efforts. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense, as all it really means is that you know who you are talking to. Improving your understanding of who the target audience for your marketing is can be a powerful way of dramatically improving the whole marketing effort, so this is an essential tactic to take on board. To achieve this, you might consider asking your customers for feedback. This is one of the best practices a business can engage in anyway, and it is likely to help you get to where you want to go with your marketing in a much faster time.

Focus On Consistency

All your marketing efforts need to be consistent with one another, as this is how the brand develops most effectively. So if you are struggling with your branding, your marketing, make sure that you are being consistent in your efforts. This will likely make a huge difference in the long run.

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