Ready To Work In Your Own Office?

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Starting Your Own Business|Ready To Work In Your Own Office?If you feel you’re ready for an office of your own, to take your home business or new business idea into, put a brake on the process for a moment. You need to stop and think a little more about what you’re getting into, and whether or not it makes sense for you and your career goals at this point in time.

So, why not take the questions listed below and apply them to your situation? It’s much better to be cautious when spending capital like this, rather than accept the risk and let things fall through much faster than you ever thought possible.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

The amount of time you’ve been in business is key to knowing whether you’re ready for your own office or not. If you’ve got a business that’s at least a year old, and better yet, you’ve been operating for at least 5 years, you’ll have an advantage over someone just starting out and trying to build their brand. You’ll already have done all of the necessary foundation work, and now you’re simply expanding to something bigger and better.

How Many Offices Are Around You?

The amount of offices in the same area as you is a good indicator of the kind of competition you’ll come up against. It’s one of the main reasons why businesses fail in the first year; if you’ve got an overwhelming amount of competition to try and beat out of the water, you won’t have the time or resources to focus on your customers. You’ll be constantly trying to innovate, and do better than the company just down the road, and who knows if you’ll be able to pull that off?

At the same time, you need to be sure there’s enough office space for you to move into as well. You need to look into private office rentals in your area, if you don’t have the capital to outright buy an office of your own (as many small businesses don’t).

Why Would You Need an Office?

And of course, ask yourself why you’d be in need of an office for the future. How many bullet points can you jot down on paper to answer this question? You’ll need at least 3 to ensure you’ve got a viable strategy to work off of in order to pay for your expansion; you may need an office to house more employees, which means you have more customers to service, which means you’re making more profit overall.

And do these kind of profits outweigh the costs of moving into a commercial space? If not, your expansion plans may need a bit of refining before you go any further.

Your own office is something you often dream of, of course. But you need to be sure you’re ready to take it on; you need to ensure that you’ve got the funds and the need behind you for such a space. Don’t rush your expansion process.

3 Ways to Secure the Property You Want

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Buying Property|3 Ways to Secure the Property You WantRunning a business can be incredibly rewarding, and your success can bring a number of positives to your life, not just extra income. Success often comes with challenges, and as your business grows and succeeds you will soon find yourself running out of space in wherever your business began.

If you started in your garden shed or garage, or are working from a small industrial unit, with your business’s success will come a demand for expansion. Operating from premises that are more appropriate to your company’s needs will also increase productivity and efficiency, giving you a firm base to further grow your business.

Getting the property that you want and that your successful company deserves can seem difficult at first, but there are a few avenues every executive should explore when they are looking for a property to satisfy the increasing demands of their successful business. Here are three ways to secure the property you want.

Speak to Your Current Landlord or Developer

If you are already operating from a commercial property, it is always worth talking with your existing landlord or commercial letting agency to see if they have any other, more suitable properties in their portfolio.

They may also be interested in expanding your existing site, working with you to develop their property with you as a long-term tenant.

Arrange Financing to Help the Business Expand

Property is a fantastic asset for a business to have, and investing in property is often seen as a safe place to invest large sums and receive a long-term return. This makes a new property a great place to invest the financial rewards from your success.

If business is booming, arranging finance for a commercial property will be simple and quick to do, especially with sites like that help broker the right financial package to help your business buy an existing property or even build its own tailor-made facility.

Work with Local Authorities and Development Partnerships

A number of councils across the country, and business development corporations, are building commercial business parks, some with large units available if you need manufacturing space.

Business parks like these often come with a number of amenities that only add to your business’s efficiency and productivity. They are often situated close to major road networks and motorways for convenience, often so close that you can see the units offered as you drive by on the motorway.

You may be surprised at the government initiatives that are available in your area to help businesses grow and create more jobs. They will often have schemes available for local businesses to expand, especially if property and an increase in employees is a part of the expansion. Local governments can help small businesses guarantee finance or receive tax breaks for increasing their number of employees.

Taking the next step and expanding your business with a new property is easier than you think, and can increase your productivity and your profits. Why not build on your business’s success with a new building?