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The Importance of Having a Cohesive Marketing Strategy for Promoting Your Business

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleAs a business owner, your marketing strategy needs to be cohesive if you want to market your business successfully. Here’s why you need to have cohesion as an Internet marketer and some ways you can go about it.

What is Cohesive Marketing?

When we talk about cohesive marketing we are referencing the need to bring all your platforms that promote your business together under one main strategy. This gives you a better return on your investment or ROI and helps to keeps things consistent. In the marketing world, you can’t just fling out ideas and hope they stick, you need a strategy. You may hop on a new trend but find that it doesn’t do much for your business. You need to find a strategy that works for the needs of your business and then bring everything together in a cohesive way so you’re not all over the place.

How Your Business Can Stay Cohesive

When your marketing strategy is cohesive and consistent this helps to showcase your brand a positive light to your clients and customers. There are many ways to approach your strategies such as having a robust email marketing campaign or a consistent social media presence. Whenever you make your next marketing decisions, you should take time to figure out how this is going to fit into your overall marketing strategy. You want to make sure that your customers will receive it well and that it’s showcasing your brand or service in the best possible light.

Social Media

One way to bring cohesion to your brand and your marketing is to maintain the same social media presence across all platforms. You want people to recognize your brand no matter what platform that you’re using. Try to use the same logos, fonts and include the same information about what you’re all about on every platform. You want customers and clients to instantly recognize your brand. When you’re cohesive with your social media presence, you won’t create confusion or send mixed messages.

Email Marketing

You need to learn how to do email marketing if you want to stay in touch with your customers as email can be critical to your marketing strategy. You also want to have a cohesive email marketing campaign and your email marketing messages need to be consistent. You should send them around the same time each month or week to engage with your customers. Make sure you plan out the email before you send it and always give the end user something of value when you send the email so they have the incentive to click the email and read it.

Content Marketing

When designing your content marketing strategy, you should have a good idea of what you want to create and to ensure that that content is always consistent. You want the content to provide some sort of value for the reader and not just random articles. If you stay consistent then the reader is going to know that you’ll have something that they can use each time they visit the site or read an email from you. Have a clear idea of how you plan to share that content, the call to action you want, and what the content is going to be about before you create it. You should have some clear goal in mind with the content you create.


Your marketing strategy should sync everything up and stay consistent as this is going to give you more value for your dollar and help your business grow. This helps to establish your brand and bring you more customers or clients as your giving them a clear message about your business and what you have to offer.

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article

How Your Business’ Digital Marketing Strategy Can Best Utilize Online Platforms

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleIf you run a business, you will most likely have a digital marketing strategy in place, and this will probably be one of the main methods in which you communicate with your current customers, and reach out to further potential customers as well. Utilizing your online platforms effectively can see you easily boost your business, but to do this, it is important to understand how best to use the online platforms that are available at your fingertips.


Blogging is a brilliant way in which you can not only connect with your customers and potential clients but further keep them interested once they are part of your community. Starting a blog or adding a blog as a permanent feature to your website shows potential customers and consumers that you are interested and engaged in current issues and matters, and you are also a company that values customer retention through the means of sharing information. With appropriate consideration, your business can easily develop and start a blog, where you can post informative pieces that your customers can relate to, and learn from. You can keep up with trends by publishing content that is relevant to your customer base, and the regular posts will mean customers are more likely to come back to read more as time goes on. Of course, adding a blog to your website or business will require a certain amount of effort and research, as it will be obvious if your content is not of a strong quality. You should aim for a balance of quality as well as quantity, with varied posts with the aim to inform and entertain your immediate readership. It is a cost-effective way to promote your business easily, and what you stand for, so what are you waiting for?

Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy is another vital part of your digital marketing strategy that, when properly implemented, can bring in serious opportunity for your business. Social media can even be a free method of marketing, which you can tailor to suit each platform, as different social media platforms cater to different audiences. Instagram, for example, will require a completely different marketing strategy to a Twitter feed, due to the nature of the content you are sharing and the demographics of each platform’s users. The younger generation that has grown up in a digital age will use social media more, so effectively targeting certain age groups with a media strategy that will specifically appeal to them is a great way to boost business and see potential growth.

Unsure as to whether this is the case? Let’s take the travel industry as an example. It may interest you to learn that a whopping 68% of Millennials found inspiration for their most recent trip through Facebook, and 60% through Instagram. These stats go to show the way in which businesses need to market themselves is rapidly changing. Be sure to stay ahead of the curve if you have a business in the travel industry. Through photos, offers, and blog posts, you can maximize interest in your business and be one step ahead of your competition, in this case, travel agents. To find out more about developing an effective social media campaign, check out a professional Facebook ads agency for hotels who can help you to market your venture using avenues such as paid social for hotels, to inspire potential customers on social media.

Conduct Surveys

Conducting surveys and asking for regular feedback is another way to easily further customer retention as well as potentially gain further business. With every visitor to your website, you are essentially given an opportunity to see how your business appears to ‘the other side.’ Feedback surveys are a win-win situation, as not only are you showing your customer base and potential clients or consumers that you care about the experience they are having, but you also gain an understanding of the areas of your business where you can improve. Getting a customer’s perspective can be invaluable in terms of understanding the best way to improve your business for the better.

Why Automating Your Digital Marketing is The Way Forward

Digital marketing is vital to your business, but do you ever find yourself living your life in reaction to social media notifications or emails?

The digitally connected world we live in, can be incredibly harmful to living a balanced and successful life; particularly in terms of our emotional wellbeing and social lives.  One of the best ways to ensure a more balanced life, is to automate your digital marketing by creating a network of automated process, systems, and apps to automatically take care of marketing tasks such as following up on emails, posting to facebook, and so on.

This will not only free up physical time, it will give you peace of mind, and a sense of certainty that things are being taken care of.  Essentially, it will allow you the time you need to be calm, focused, and responsive rather than reactive; contributing to a more stress free working environment.

Tim Ferris in his New York Times Bestselling Book, The Four Hour Workweek talks about the importance of automation in our work lives so that we can focus on managing our business in the sense of working ‘on’ the business rather than working ‘in’ the business.  Whilst Tim, along with several other millennial productivity experts urge us to go one step further and outsource our tasks to a virtual assistant; ideally someone living in India or Asia on the basis of cost – this article looks at automation as it relates to technological systems.

In this article we’re going to look at automating a number of the most time consuming digital tasks the majority of business owners contend with; things such as being inundated by emails, following up on sales leads, keeping our files organised, and managing our social media presence.


There are plenty of time-starved business owners frantically sending out an email to a customer thanking them for their order and letting them know when it will be shipped.  The key point with automation is that it frees your time to be working ‘on’ the business at a strategic level rather than ‘in’ the business where you are wasting your time doing the same job as a low-level employee.  You could use something like mailchimp in order to start automating your emails at very low cost.


If you’ve ever accidentally spilled a glass of water on your laptop, lost your phone, or had the despair of hard drive failure you’ll have most likely heard the words “did you back-up your files” and if you didn’t, this is the point where you begin to feel overwhelmed by a sense of frustration and kicking yourself.  That said, keeping on track of backing up your files can be time consuming, which is why automating your file transfer can make your life a lot easier and offer a sense of security and certainty that allows you to relax.


Your marketing funnel is made up of several stages through which browsers (who will hopefully go on to become customers) move from first awareness of your brand or website through to making a purchase.  A marketing funnel is essentially the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer, and sites such as Clickfunnels can automate this process in a very efficient and visually engaging way.


Managing your social media marketing campaigns can be extremely time consuming.  Many business owners consider hiring a virtual assistant in order to manage this time consuming task though there there are several free apps such as hootsuite and buffer that can help you automate this task.

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article

Viral Marketing: What Is It and How Can You Use It?

Digital marketing grew rapidly these past few years. There are more instruments to use and campaigns to run today, allowing businesses – from small businesses to giant enterprises – to achieve their marketing objectives in an efficient and measurable way.

While content marketing and social media are very popular, more businesses are turning to viral marketing as a way to generate buzz and attract a bigger audience. What is viral marketing and how can you use it? We are going to answer those questions in this article.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a type of marketing campaign that utilizes existing websites and networks of users to deliver key marketing messages to a wider audience. By targeting key users on different platforms, the same marketing messages can reach a vast number of viewers in a relatively short amount of time.

Viral marketing differs from conventional content or social media marketing in one particular way: this type of campaign relies on the content of the campaign to be interesting enough for it to go viral. When the campaign is configured properly, a simple marketing message can get thousands of shares and re-shares across multiple platforms.

In most cases, viral marketing uses video content. Audio-visual contents work better in attracting user engagement and persuading the audience to share the content with more people. At the same time, video content adds that extra dimension for a bigger chance of going viral.

How Can You Do Viral Marketing?

From the definition of viral marketing itself, it is easy to see the elements you need to prepare for a successful viral marketing campaign. For starters, you need to determine the platforms you want to target for the campaign. Aside from popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, we also have sites that specialize in viral and funny content such as

Understanding the platforms you’ll be using and the audience you want to target is important. The insights will help you tailor your content perfectly; once again, the goal of fine-tuning the message is to increase its chances of going viral once viewers start seeing it.

Once the campaign is carefully formulated, you can start executing the plan and let the audience to the rest. Keep in mind that not all content will go viral upon impact. That brings us to the next part of this article: how to go viral.

How to Go Viral

There is no definitive secret or recipe to going viral. The biggest challenge of viral marketing is getting the campaign accepted by the audience the right way. Only then will you see the impact of the campaign amplified to new heights.

That said, you can take steps to increase the chances of your campaign going viral. Adding gamification, understanding the audience’s taste and preferences, and using content that relates well to the target viewers are some of the tips you can use to get started. Do it right and viral marketing can catapult your brand and your products or services like no other digital marketing instrument.

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The 5 Pillars of Internet Marketing for New Businesses

Launching a startup is a challenging and often humbling venture. Although financing your business idea is the first milestone to overcome, once you’re up and running, it’s time to channel your energy into targeting your niche audience and marketing your product.

Most entrepreneurs understand the value of good marketing, but many of them don’t have the budget to give their business the promotion it deserves. Luckily, digital marketing is the single most effective way to reach a global audience, and it won’t blow your budget. To help you get your marketing strategy off the ground, here are the five pillars of Internet marketing for new businesses.

Traffic Generation

Your business could have the smartest, most visually stunning site on the web, but if no one knows how to find it, then it’s not going to generate sales. To grow your enterprise, you need to maximize your website visitors – otherwise known as traffic. To increase your website traffic, you will need to create compelling ads, utilize social media accounts, and optimize your site for search engines using SEO tactics. If you’re not acquainted with SEO practices, you can hire a professional Internet marketing company like DAGMAR Marketing, Jacksonville SEO Company to optimize your website and help you attract more visitors.


It’s no good sending Internet users to your website unless they’re going to buy your product or sign up for your services. To turn site visitors into paying customers, you need to increase your conversion rating: the percentage of visitors that become leads. CRO (conversion rate optimization) companies can help you work on your website development and improve your landing page design for maximum sales.


Marketing automation is the software that exists to automate repetitive tasks from multiple channels. For example, for your business to perform seamlessly, you can automate your payments, email marketing actions, advertising, and even social media updates. Automation can also help you generate leads into sales by automatically “targeting” site visitors or previous customers and encouraging them to return to your page.


It’s not enough to have a slick-looking website or a killer social media campaign; if your site lacks well-written, relevant content, then you’ll have trouble driving your visitors to take action. Outsourcing to a professional writer is the most cost-effective way to create a voice for your brand and deliver engaging content. Keeping a company blog also creates a stronger connection between you and your prospective customers, maximizing sales opportunities.


Reporting is a crucial step in your Internet marketing campaign – without it, you have no way of knowing whether or not your strategy is working. Free software like Google Analytics allows you to monitor your website traffic, assess the most popular areas of your website, and analyze conversion rates.

No two businesses are the same, so it stands to reason that no two marketing strategies will be the same either. By using reporting software, you can optimize your marketing campaign to best suit your business and improve your chances of success.