Alternative Development Best Practice 1 – Reality Questions

Many exciting ideas for new product and service offerings are generated every year; often appearing as the next great pursuit that will surely propel the organization ahead of its competitors. With this view in mind, those conceiving of these ideas create business cases for leadership. Too often, these eager employees unwittingly identify every fact and figure supporting their proposition and ignored those that would shed doubt. Subsequently, the business cases developed present only a partial picture of reality; potentially omitting true shortfalls that diminished value or place the organization itself at risk.

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Business Performance Assessment Program Best Practice 6 – Three Whys Deep

Executives, managers, and individual contributors familiar with the day-to-day workings of their organizations undoubtedly know or have contrived the reason for 'why things are the way they are.' Beyond this understanding, sometimes at an unconscious level, these individuals will perceive one or more drivers to these organization shaping whys.

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