Part Of The Team: Managing Employees Effectively During The Coronavirus

StrategyDriven Talent Management and Managing Your People Article |Coronavirus|Part Of The Team: Managing Employees Effectively During The CoronavirusIt is safe to say that many businesses have had to adapt really quickly to the current situation. Businesses that had no idea how to incorporate remote working have had to do it quickly. But while we’ve all discovered new ways of working we’ve had to figure out how to keep our employees motivated during this difficult time. While it might not be top of your priority list right now, happy employees will continue to be productive ones. But this also means that you’ve got to learn how to manage them. You may very well be concerned about the state of the business but what can we do to make sure that our employees feel part of the organization despite what is going on?

Avoid Ambiguity

If we are more transparent our employees will know where they stand. It can prove to be challenging, especially when we have numerous employees to liaise with. But if we can find blanket ways to keep our employees on the same page this will go to alleviate some fears. Now, the benefit of work tools like Slack and Zoom have come into their own, and if we can increase our platforms for communication, whether this is incorporating a Coronavirus text alert so our employees are as up-to-date as humanly possible or improving our communication tools, we can work better at managing their anxieties. As simple as it is, being transparent can prove difficult, especially if we are worried about how long this pandemic will last and if our business will survive. But it’s not just about communicating the good things; it’s about communicating the bad but incorporating action plans so our employees know what will happen should things get worse. Ambiguity will breed anxiety so let’s minimize it.

Checking In With Them On An Individual Basis

It’s not easy to check in with them on an individual basis but while you may very well be having daily briefings where you can see them all, sometimes employees feel they can’t speak out on such an open forum. When our employees have individual stresses it’s crucial to ensure that they are focused and happy. And checking in with them on a semi-regular basis isn’t just being a good leader but it’s being a good friend. And this is something that we have to relax right now. Running a business is always at the forefront of our minds but when our employees feel so worried that they can’t do their job properly we must figure out a way to lessen their worries by providing a sympathetic ear or a friendly shoulder. When we get into the habit of checking in on an individual basis, like a quick phone call, the more we do this the more our employees will feel that they can open up. Some employees will keep everything bottled up and feel that they can’t speak their fears because you are “the boss.” But now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a culture of sympathy and support. What’s more, this should be the perfect time to make it last well beyond the end of this crisis.

Understand Your Individual Stresses

If you are a good boss you will do everything you can for your employees to minimize their fears. And while it’s fantastic that you are doing everything for them, are you neglecting your own needs? You may feel hell-bent on keeping the business afloat which means that you are working overtime. And while in one respect it’s a very useful distraction considering the current climate, you’ve also got to realize if you are working yourself to the bone.

Managing your employees during a crisis isn’t just about giving them everything they need but it’s about them recognizing that you are focused and professional. If they see that you look like you’re about to break, this won’t fill them with confidence, so you need to lead by example. And it’s a lesson that we all need to learn anyway. If you look after yourself you will look after everybody else much better. Take the opportunity every single day, not just to look at the company and employees, but also look at yourself and see if you are looking after yourself properly. One of the great benefits of working from home right now is that we can have more control over our diet and our downtime. Use this as the perfect opportunity to instill some better habits.

It’s a time of the precariousness but we can also so use this as an opportunity for some introspection. Your employees need your support and you have to give them what they need. And if you struggled to support them before, this can be the best opportunity to draw a line in the sand.

Everything You Need to Know About Outsourcing for Your Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |outsourcing|Everything You Need to Know About Outsourcing for Your BusinessOnly large corporations can actually afford to hire all their needs in-house and have that be the most cost effective solution. Everyone else needs to work together. Knowing who to work with, or even that you need to work with someone to start with, is what trips many new and established businesses up.

Outsourcing can and should be your friend, but if you find the wrong partner you could end up price-gouged at every turn. That is not the only option. Outsourcing is smart for small and medium-sized businesses so that they can enjoy top of the line services when and if they need it. So, if you are new or feel like you are drowning, follow this guide:

The Benefits of Outsourcing

It is impossible to hire everyone you need when you first start out. Many people today only have themselves, which means they’re not just the boss or the expert, they’re the marketer, the accountant, the salesperson, the receptionist and any other role that comes your way.

Frankly, you can’t do it all. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

By outsourcing jobs you can rely on experts at a fraction of the cost and only when you need it. Hire a web designer to set up your website and then learn how to use the CMS to update the blog or anything else. Hire an accountant during tax season and use a software for the rest of the year.

What to Look for When Outsourcing

When outsourcing you need to make sure that one, the person or team you are going to are actually qualified and two, that they are affordable. When you are just starting out it is a good idea to look for options that offer a flat-fee rate, so that you can budget in their services without worrying about hidden costs.

The New Business Guide: What to Outsource

1. IT Services

One outsourced service you will absolutely want to have on call are IT services. IT specialists are expensive – and for good reason. They know what they’re doing and can help provide support and logistics for the behind-the-scenes aspects of your company. Thankfully there are companies like IT Connect that offer managed IT services at a flat-fee rate.

You need these services to help keep your systems up and running, troubleshoot problems, help you and your team with daily questions, and even to help prevent a hacking attempt. Ransomware in particular is deadly to a business – and it doesn’t matter what the size is. Managed IT services can help you strengthen your defenses and provide the support that makes you a difficult target for hackers.

2. Tax and Accounting Services

There is business accounting software available that can help you keep your books in order, but tax laws are complex. Hiring an accountant to go through your books and get you the best tax rebates is smart and will ensure your business stays legal.

You will need to outsource more as you grow. HR services, marketing services, and so many more will need to be hired as you grow. Outsourcing when you cannot afford the full wage of a specialist in-house is the smartest move you can make, but be sure of who you hire before you commit.

How to Show Appreciation to Employees for a Job Well Done

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |show appreciation |How to Show Appreciation to Employees for a Job Well DoneIt’s easy for bosses to take their employees for granted. Yet there are consequences if you do it all the time. One survey found that 66 percent of employees would leave a job if they didn’t feel appreciated.

Telling someone you appreciate them is one thing. But you have to show appreciation as well. Everyone likes to know they matter.

Employee appreciation week is a good start, but you should show appreciation all year long. Read on for four staff appreciation ideas that will boost morale at the office.

Buy Them Food

This is a basic method of staff appreciation. In fact, it’s so basic it can be easy to overlook.

Bring in a catered lunch on days where the workload is big and the deadlines are coming up fast. It’s a reminder that you see your employees as people, not just cogs in a productivity machine.

If you can, give them a few minutes to actually enjoy the food as well. If someone wants to eat at their desk, that’s fine. But it’s always nice to say, “The work can wait.”

Don’t Micromanage Their Time

Speaking of time, try not to be an obsessive bean-counter. Yes, that’s true even if you’re in an office full of accountants. If someone comes in five minutes late on a Monday, don’t scold them.

Now, if they come in an hour late, it’s fair to ask if something’s wrong. That’s especially true if they don’t call or text first.

But a significant part of employee appreciation is trusting adults to act like adults. You’re managing an office, not a daycare.

Don’t assume people are irresponsible or untrustworthy. As long as they’re getting the work done, it shouldn’t matter as much when they arrive or leave.

Allow Office Dogs

Pet ownership has a clear connection to better heart health. Yet not everyone has an apartment or house suitable for a pet. Other people might want dogs, but not want to leave them at home all day.

You can help out both groups by inviting dogs into the office. If a dog is well-behaved, there’s no reason why it can’t join its person at work.

Again, this is a way to show staff appreciation by reminding people that work is not the be-all and end-all of their existence. Encourage them to spend their break time petting dogs. Both the employees and the dogs will be better off for it.

Dogs are a gift for everyone. Check out gift ideas from Bonusly for more.

Remote Work Days

As remote working becomes more common, you’ll have a choice: Allow it or continue insisting everyone is in the office 40 hours a week.

The best businesses will offer more flexibility. You can start by offering remote work days every Wednesday, for instance. If that goes well, you can add more remote work options.

Not everyone will want to work remotely, and that’s fine. But it’s a good option for people who feel more productive in their home office.

How to Show Appreciation to Employees

Figuring out how to show appreciation to employees may feel awkward, at least at first. Yet that’s no reason not to try. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

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Managing Your Business From Afar

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |managing your business|Managing Your Business From AfarIf you are the kind of manager who likes to have a real hands-on approach with your business and what is taking place inside it, then you probably want to be able to do that no matter where you are. You might be travelling the world or on break, but you still want to be able to look into what is going on in your business and work out how to make the changes you want. Actually, it’s always possible to manage your business from afar, and as long as you are aware of how to do it, you will find that it is easier than you think.

Remote Viewing

One of the best ways to maintain a real hands-on approach even while being nowhere near the office is to use remote viewing, which is a means of taking control of a computer screen from somewhere else. There are many ways of doing this, but the best ones are those that allow you to have a whole overview of what is going on in your systems from a piece of software on your own computer or smartphone. Something like teamviewer might be helpful here – and if you are lucky you can find a teamviewer coupon to help reduce the cost a little.

The Cloud

More and more businesses are using the cloud, often without even really knowing what it is or how it works. In essence, the cloud is just a server that is held externally, and used by you the client from whatever device you happen to be on. It’s actually much simpler than it might seem. If you have ever used Google Docs, or shared files in Dropbox, then you have used a cloud service of some kind. This is obviously very useful if you want to manage your affairs from afar, especially if you have previously shared the right files on the cloud.

Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is likely going to become one of the most important things that you have on you if you are going to want to travel and still be in touch with the business back home. With a smartphone, you can send and receive emails, do some twitter marketing, access a cloud service, and of course take phone calls. It’s a great way to stay in touch, and you will find that it is hard to really go without it these days if you want to manage your business no matter where you might be.

Putting Someone In Charge

Of course, whenever you are away, you will also want to put someone in charge whom you trust with proceedings. You can also then communicate with them directly if you want to get a sense of what is going on in the business, and that is something that you are going to find incredibly useful indeed. With that kind of person on board, managing your business from afar will feel like a much easier thing indeed, and it will help you to have trust in what is going on too.

Essential Tools Coworking Spaces Need To Survive

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Coworking Space|Essential Tools Coworking Spaces Need To SurviveThe business world is changing. More and more professionals have chosen to embrace an independent career, whether as a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, to reach out to their audience. Similarly, more and more businesses support remote working options and encourage their employees to manage their working hours as and where they see fit. As a result, coworking areas have become a popular alternative to the typical office space. For commercial property managers, launching a coworking space is a fantastic opportunity to tap into the changing work environment.

However, with a variety of choices for remote workers, coworking offices need to be smart about their offering. It takes a lot more than a cozy chair and good WiFi to appeal to the modern workforce.

A user-friendly booking system

You need to think of your coworking service in the same terms as an Airbnb rental property. You never know when the next remote team will need a space to meet and cooperate. That’s precisely because life can be full of unexpected surprises that you need to make it as smooth and easy as possible for your users to book out the space they need.

Taking inspiration from Airbnb, you need a booking platform that lets people manage not only the space they need but also the payments and cancellations in real-time. A smooth booking flow ensures you can make the most of last-minute bookings. Besides, it also helps canceled spaces to be remarketed to future users in a matter of a few clicks.

Customizing equipment for that last-minute client visit

Typically, remote businesses tend to book coworking spaces when they want to organize a meeting with partners and clients. As a result, they want to make sure they can receive their guests in the best possible situation and boost their reputation in the process. While providing meeting rooms is a no-brainer, you also need to consider last-minute branded stationery needs. Remote teams tend to buy their stationery, which means that when employees get together, they’re likely to have an inconsistent arrangement of pens and notebooks. You can help to create a homogeneous impression with a stationary room where they can find everything they need.

Additionally, adding a programmable laser cutter to engrave their logo on the chosen items can bring everything together. If you’re unsure about how cutters work, you can find the reviews of Boss laser here for clarification. You can even make personalized stationary part of your premium package.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Coworking Space|Essential Tools Coworking Spaces Need To SurviveA high-quality coffee machine that everybody can use

You can’t picture an office space without a cup of coffee. If you are going to retain your clients, you need to invest in a quality coffee machine that can be set to make everybody the perfect brew. What does it matter?

Ultimately, remote teams are known to choose coffee shops as a working base, so providing high-quality brew will ensure they don’t ditch you for a local Starbucks’ or any other coffee chain with good WiFi.

Attracting remote businesses and entrepreneurs is no easy task for coworking companies. Building a working space that suits people’s needs is crucial to create a list of loyal and returning clients. More importantly, once you’ve set the basics – WiFi, furniture, decor, etc. –, you need to think outside the box to become the indispensable partner of remote workers’ success.