Why Should You Start Your Collaboration with an Agency Through an SEO Quote?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Why Should You Start Your Collaboration with an Agency Through an SEO Quote?

An SEO Quote Must Offer You Free Information About Your Website’s Future!

An SEO quote is a free service offered by an SEO agency. Most agencies are using this method to attract and qualify their potential customers. It is an opportunity for the agency to showcase their capabilities and gain the trust of their potential customers. Of course, there are differences between the quotes provided by different agencies. And you can find a reliable of the agency based on the quality of their quote.

Another use for a quote is to make the potential clients of the agency to subscribe. And get e-mails that contain SEO-related information from the agency. So, it is a method to convert visitors into leads. But not only the agency will benefit from the quote. You, as a potential customer, will benefit as well. Not only will you get free knowledge about SEO. But you can also find out a lot of essential information about your website’s SEO. And you can also use this method to find the best agency for your website.

Advantages of a quote!

The first thing that you need to know is what advantages you can get from a SEO quote. Depending on the agency, you will be able to get a different amount of information about the SEO state of your website. Sometimes, you may even get some solution that you can implement yourself. If you have enough SEO knowledge, then you can do it yourself. If you don’t, then you can let the agency implement the solutions for you. There are several types of information that you can expect to get.

  • Rank Checking. One of the most common benefits that you will get is a complete rank checking of your website on search engine result pages. Most agencies will use paid tools to gain this information and provide you with free. So, this will save you from buying the tools yourself. But you can’t choose what type of information you will get. It depends on the agency that it wants to offer. You can also search for more agencies that provide this type of information to get the results from different agencies and compare them.
  • Keyword Analysis. You can also get a full keywords analysis from a quote. The agency will find out all the keywords for which your site ranks in Google. And what the potential of these keywords is. This means that you will find out what expectations you can have from your SEO efforts in the future. Some agencies will also make recommendations based on the level of your company to change or introduce some keywords that will produce better results for you.
  • Technical Audit. SEO can be separated into three parts. The technical part is only one of them. A technical audit will only offer you information about a third of your website’s SEO. A reliable agency will compensate this fact by doing a thorough audit for you. This means that you will find out all the technical errors and problems that drag the ranks your website down.
  • Full General Audit. Some agencies will even perform a full audit for you in their quote. Of course, it will not be complete but will touch the essential points without giving you a detailed report. But this should be enough to understand the SEO state of your website. If you have enough SEO knowledge, then you will know what your site will need in the future. And you will also have an idea about the abilities of the agency.
  • SEO Plan. Most of the time, this information comes with the results of the audit. The agency will create a personalized SEO plan for your website. It may not be a detailed plan, but it will give you an idea about what you need to do in the future. The agency will also make you an offer to collaborate together. And you can let it take care of the task for you.

The Best SEO Quote on the Market Is Similar to Low-Level an Audit!

From all the alternatives, the best SEO quote is the one that offers the general SEO audit together with the SEO strategy. There are three pieces of information about the agency that you can infer from their quote. And this information should be enough to convince you that the agency is the best alternative for your website. The pieces of information are:

  • Generous. The first information that you can infer is the generosity of the agency. The more value you get from the quote, the more generous the agency is. This means that if you collaborate with it in the future, then you can expect the same generosity. So, the agency truly values its customers, and it is not focused on profits. It places its clients before the money. You should try your best and find this type of agency because the biggest winner will be you.
  • Trustworthy. From the quote, you can also infer if the agency is trustworthy. To do that, you can check if the information that you got contains everything promised by the agency. You can also see if the agency explained the results obtained from the quote to help you better understand the SEO state of your website. By doing this, you will be able to find out if the agency kept its promise and how much it wants to help its clients.
  • Skilled. Even if you do not know anything about SEO, it is an easy task to find out from the SEO quote if the agency is good enough or if it isn’t. All you need to do is a little research to be able to understand as much information as possible from the reports. And then, you can check the credibility of the results using free tools from the internet. Doing this will help you find the perfect agency for your website needs.

Other Methods to Test the Agency Besides the SEO Quote!

The SEO quote is not the only method through which you can test an SEO agency. There several other strategies that will reveal a lot of information about the agency. Information that you can use to decide if the agency is good enough for your website. Keep in mind that the more time you spend finding the best agency, the better the results of your website will be in the future.

  • Money-back Guarantee. One of the safest methods that you can use to test an agency is to see if it provides a money-back guarantee. This means that if you do not get the results promised in the guarantee, then you will get your money back. Not every SEO agency can provide one. Why? Because it must be sure that it is good enough to always produce the results promised. If the SEO experts of the agency are not skilled enough, then it will be too risky for the agency to make such a promise. So, you will always be able to trust an agency that offers a guarantee, more than you could trust another agency that does not do the same.
  • Recent Results. Another method through which you can get a glimpse at the abilities of the agency is through the results that it was able to produce in the recent period. Some agencies post them on the website where you can check them. All you need to do is to check the results and ensure that they are not older than six months. Why? Because you will not be able to check their credibility anymore. And because the SEO evolves too much in that period. And the skills needed to produce the results must improve at the same pace. But if these conditions are met, then you can form your expectations from the agency based on the results posted on their website.
  • On-page Content. Most agencies also have blogs of specific sections where they post articles on the SEO topic. You can read these articles and find out the quality of the content produced by the agency. If the quality of the content is high, then you can expect to get content as good as the one posted on the agency’s website. Otherwise, you should consider another agency because the content quality is an essential factor in SEO. Never use an agency that is not able to create high-quality content.
  • Reviews. The last method that you can use to test an agency is through its reviews. Most agencies have reviews from their past clients posted on their website. But you should also try and contact these clients personally. The reviews on the website may not be real, or they may not be made earnestly. So, by speaking with the agency’s clients personally, you will be able to get a first-hand review of the agency. Doing this will give you an idea about how the collaboration between you and the agency will be. If most of the clients are happy with the results, then you will most likely be the same.

5 Ways Content Can Help Your Company’s SEO Efforts

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, 5 Ways Content Can Help Your Company's SEO EffortsIf you’re hoping to improve your business’s search engine rankings, you may be wondering whether SEO content writing and tweaking your marketing strategies could help. Content marketing is a key part of search engine optimization and can make all the difference in getting visitors to your page, especially since studies have shown that most users don’t scroll past the first page of results. With SEO-friendly content, your company can generate the results you need and stay competitive in an increasingly digital business landscape. The key to boosting your search engine rankings is quality content, which helps inform your audience and build organic relationships over time. Here are just a few of the top reasons effective content writing is one of the best ways to make the most of your company’s SEO efforts.

1. It Helps Educate Consumers

As opposed to outbound marketing efforts, which interrupt consumers’ days with traditional tactics like flashy ads, content marketing is part of what’s commonly referred to as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing brings customers to you in an organic way. When a user looks up information in a search engine and your page pops up, they can get informed on the topic they’re interested in and see your company as a trustworthy source. This is mutually beneficial, since you can educate consumers while drawing in potential new customers.

2. It Can Span a Wide Range of Strategies

Content marketing and content writing can actually encompass a wide range of strategies and types of content, which can be tailored according to your business’s needs. Company blogs are a popular option, for instance, since they allow you to post articles relevant to your industry and keep customers updated on the latest news. However, you can also launch social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns and employ search marketing tactics. Some of these types of content, especially social media posts, can be particularly effective for different demographics like younger people.

3. You Can Make the Most of Your SEO Efforts

When you produce quality content on a regular basis, your other SEO efforts don’t go to waste. Savvy SEO strategies won’t account for much if your content is subpar, since users will become disinterested and leave the page, resulting in a high bounce rate and less of a chance of getting conversions. If you’re already investing time, energy and money in digital marketing techniques like linking, creating sitemaps, enhancing metadata, tagging and more, you can help ensure those efforts don’t go to waste by making content readers really want. One important strategy is to identify your most important keywords and to optimize your website for them, making it more likely that customers interested in that topic will find your site.

StrategyDriven Online Marketer & Website Developer Magazine

4. You Can Satisfy Rigorous Algorithms

If you have good content but don’t produce enough of it, that alone could harm you in search engine rankings. Certain algorithms strongly prefer continuous streams of fresh content, so if you post regularly, you’ll greatly improve your chances of showing up on the first page of results. In fact, in some cases, over-optimizing existing content could even harm your rankings. This means the best way to go forward is to regularly produce and publish new, interesting and well-written content.

5. You Can Get More Backlinks

Finally, if you’re producing high-quality content, you increase the odds of other websites linking back to it. The more backlinks you have, the more your website will be seen as a trusted authority and a noteworthy source. This could help appease algorithms, which may then be more likely to place your website higher up. In creating good content, you give yourself a better shot of impressing other websites and eventually the search engine algorithms.

The key to attracting visitors to your website, boosting your rankings in search engine results pages and building trusting relationships with customers over time is high-quality content. With effective writing and the right content marketing strategies, you can get more out of your SEO efforts and even improve brand awareness and begin establishing your company as an industry thought leader. If your search engine optimization strategies haven’t quite been yielding the results you hoped for, consider focusing on improving the quality of your content writing or outsourcing your content needs to professional services. It could make all the difference in getting the results you’re looking for.

Key Factors to consider when Choosing Best SEO Service in Singapore

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Key Factors to consider when Choosing Best SEO Service in SingaporeHave you finally launched your business website and are ready to face whatever it takes to succeed online? Congratulations on making such a rewarding decision. Now the next thing you need to do is to pick the best SEO services in Singapore that will drive qualified traffic to your business site and implement a viable marketing strategy. This may be somewhat a complicated procedure, especially to newbies who have never done it before as they don’t know how to go about it. In this post, we will talk about the key elements to observe whenever picking the best SEO services in Singapore.

Key Factors That Comes Into Play Whenever Choosing the Best SEO Service in Singapore


The first thing you should think about on how to pick the best SEO service in Singapore is the amount you have to spend. Different Singapore SEO services will charge you varying amounts depending on various factors. It’s upon you to do your research and find a good SEO company that offers excellent SEO optimization services at extremely affordable prices. There is no point in robbing a bank to afford reputable SEO services.

Get Referrals

There is a likelihood that you have some friends who are already outsourcing SEO services in Singapore. Why don’t you reach out to them and get some help on how to do the same professionally? That would be a great idea considering that you’d get firsthand information from real individuals (who are already using the service). Ask them where they outsource their SEO services, how much they pay for the services, their experience, and whether they’d recommend the same to you.

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Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are real feedback from actual individuals who have previously tried the services of a particular SEO agency. If you visit the various online platforms that post such reviews, you will get a clue of what to expect should you hire the SEO agency in question. Generally, positive reviews would mean that the company in question performs great, while negative feedback would indicate shoddy services.

Get Testimonials

Before settling on a decision to subscribe to the services of the SEO agency in question, it’s worthwhile to look at what their previous clients have to say. Most of these SEO agency websites have a testimonial page where you can visit and witness the feedback of their real previous customers. You will be able to tell what to expect from the company once you go through this page.

What about their Portfolios?

Another thing that you should pay attention to when choosing the best SEO services in Singapore is the company’s portfolio in question. This tells you what the company has done for other individuals who had similar SEO optimization needs. Usually, a portfolio should be readily visible on their website; however, if you do not see the same, you can request it. Witnessing what they have done for others will let you know the result to expect in advance.

Final Thought

Having gone through this post, you know some of the critical considerations that count whenever choosing a reliable SEO agency in Singapore. It’s now upon you to make a wise decision but with the help of this guide. If you are struggling with this decision, First Page Singapore is the way to go!

How to Maximize Your Online Visibility

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Online Visibility|How to Maximize Your Online Visibility There are very few businesses without some kind of presence on the internet nowadays, but that does not necessarily mean that all of these businesses are getting tangible benefits in return. It is easy to waste a lot of time on digital marketing with no real return on the investment, but that is not a reason to shy away from it altogether. Whether you are trying to establish your brand, attract inquiries, or boost profits, you need to maximize your online visibility. This guide outlines effective marketing activities you can adopt to ensure you stand out from the crowd in a digital marketplace and attract the perfect customers.

Write a blog for your website

One of the best ways to increase your online visibility is to ensure your website has a blog. The blog is your space to show existing and potential customers your expertise, experience, skills, personality, and value. Your blog posts should be unique, helpful, informative, and/or entertaining. Every blog post you create is an exclusive page which adds to your website’s presence on the internet and increases the likelihood that you will rank for keywords relevant to your business.

Blogs should be posted regularly but avoid posting content for the sake of keeping to a schedule if you have nothing new or useful to add. All the content should be of high quality, even if that means you only publish once a month. If you are concerned that your writing skills are not up to scratch, consider hiring a freelance writer to create content for your blog, which you can check for accuracy afterward.

Share and curate relevant content

You can also share content which other businesses or individuals have published, (as long as you acknowledge your source) you could add you own points of view or commentary to add value, or simply direct your followers or visitors to useful content elsewhere on the internet. If you find helpful content that is relevant to your business, try commenting, and starting a conversation. By sharing useful content, you are not only increasing your visibility but also showing yourself as an expert in your field who is in touch with the industry and customer needs.

Invest in search engine optimization (SEO)

There is no denying that SEO is a complex topic with many digital marketing agencies devoted to the practice. Essentially, it involves applying specific techniques to the design of a website and the creation of content to boost your website in search results. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Writing high-quality content which is centered on keywords and phrases relevant to the business and searcher intent
  • Using descriptive and unique page titles which include the desired keyword
  • Include keywords in anchor text when linking internally
  • Writing a descriptive alt tag for images using the keyword or phrase
  • Writing a high-quality meta description for each page to encourage searchers to click on your page rather than your competitors.

SEO can be a time-consuming task as the goalposts are constantly being moved in terms of what search engines are prioritizing. This is why so many companies turn to specialist SEO companies such as to stay on top of SEO trends and maximize their visibility.

StrategyDriven Online Marketer & Website Developer Magazine

Encourage customer reviews

Customer reviews have never been so powerful. Whether the review or comment is left on social media, an official review site, or on your website, positive and negative reviews can make or break a business’ reputation. Unfortunately, most satisfied customers do not go out of their way to praise a company, but customers with complaints are much more likely to voice them. The more positive customer reviews you can attract, the better for your business, so it is essential to have a strategy for acquiring them. For example, you can ask customers for reviews by email or put a feedback form on your website.

You may get negative reviews, but these are not the end of the world. In fact, if you can respond and try to resolve the issue, it will show that you are committed to excellent customer service standards. Also, a company rarely has an entirely positive set of reviews without customers suspecting that they are fabricated, so some negativity is natural and healthy if you deal with it appropriately.

Embrace social media

It is true that not all social media platforms are right for every business, but rarely, a business does not find at least one to be useful – if used correctly. Social media profiles can appear in search engine results, boosting your visibility, so your profiles must be branded and professionally written. When your social media profiles include links to your website, you are also increasing traffic, which will again boost your rankings. You should be focusing on posting high quality and engaging content that encourages interaction – it is not necessarily about how many likes or followers you have.

How to Use Website Design to Drive Digital Marketing

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Website Design|How to Use Website Design to Drive Digital MarketingWhile the majority of business owners are aware of the importance of digital marketing, many lack the technical know-how to fully comprehend the extent to which a successful digital marketing strategy relies upon website design. A well-designed website is one that can be trusted, not just by customers, but by search engines too. Without this trust and navigability, the potential of any digital marketing campaign will be severely limited.

Why Web Design and Digital Marketing are Inextricably Linked

There seems to be an obvious answer to this question: customers won’t want to spend time on a poorly designed site. While this is true, there is much more to it. Awareness of the extent to which a website affects marketing comes from focusing on how a customer arrives at the site. Of course, a website design must facilitate an enjoyable customer experience, but in order for this to happen a website must be accessible, otherwise, all efforts are futile.

While there are some tweaks that can be performed in-house, consulting a website design company that specializes in marketing, such as The Gist, is the best way to ensure a site is fully optimized and complements your wider marketing strategy. Optimized design has a big impact on the website’s potential search engine rankings. The list below outlines some areas of focus.

Loading Speeds

Search engines are businesses looking to provide the best product to their users. This is particularly apparent when considering loading speeds. Take Google as an example: their research has shown that the average user expects a site to load in less than three seconds… otherwise they consider leaving.

Google has repeatedly stated the importance of loading speeds for high search engine rankings and they are set to continue prioritizing websites that have fast loading speeds. A good agency will know how to compress code, use the right images and make little tweaks to boost speed and retain users.


A study from the Stanford Technology Lab found 46.1% of participants judged a website’s credibility on factors such as visual design, layout, typography, font size, and color schemes. While the overall aesthetic of a website is very important, there is one particular aspect that is necessary to achieve a high search engine ranking: navigation.

Navigation links inform search engine crawlers which pages are the site’s most important and provide them with an easy way to access these pages. There are many different navigation tools available: drop-down menus, double navigation bars, and single navigation bars being the most common. Having descriptive titles a good robots.txt and a site navigation map will make a site more crawlable.

Mobile Compatibility

In the first quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 52% of global website traffic, making mobile users an important market to cater to. Specifically tailoring a website for mobile devices can include cutting down long bodies of texts, simplifying the navigation system and reducing the size of images and videos to improve loading speeds.


Websites must have the human experience at the forefront; however, this needs to be carefully balanced with crawlability. Search Engines use bots to crawl websites as well as download and index information to determine if the site can be trusted and if they should recommend that site to their viewers. If a website’s architecture cannot be processed by the bot’s algorithm, then they will be automatically classified as suspicious and may be penalized.