The benefits of buying traffic for your website

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Website Traffic|The benefits of buying traffic for your websiteIf you have an e-commerce business, driving traffic to your site is one of the ways you get conversions. Without traffic, it is impossible to meet your financial goals. As an ambitious entrepreneur, the best way to turn a profit is ensuring that your site always has visitors who convert to buying clients.

Apart from your real website traffic, you can also consider buying traffic.

What is buying traffic?

Buying website traffic is a process where an e-commerce business pays to get a number of visitors to their site. This traffic is directed to e-commerce sites in packets where the buyer chooses the size of the packet. For instance, if an e-commerce business buys 10,000 visits, they can determine how many visitors they want to access the site each day.

The traffic provider owns many domains, websites, and search engines. They will place ads on these platforms where their visitors can see and share the information. If a visitor sees an advertisement on a product they are interested in, they click on it. This redirects the client to the e-commerce site where they can view the products or make purchases.

This art of driving traffic to websites makes it possible for you to request for specialized niches, even based on country of interest. This is the easiest method of building traffic and increasing conversions.
There are a few benefits you enjoy when you buy website traffic.

Minimized reliance on organic web traffic

Organic web traffic also referred to as the real website traffic, is the main method websites get clients to see their site. This is achieved through organic search on different search engines such as Google. The problem with organic web traffic is that only a few websites get to rank on the first page of Google. Therefore, your site can go for months with minimal activity if it does not rank on page one. Buying website traffic gives you traffic instantly.

You get to pick your target market

When you buy website traffic, you can dictate precisely who you want to access your site. Traffic buying allows you to reach your target audience. This increases the chance of converting the visitor to a buying client. This is because your visitors are interested in your product.

It is affordable

The affordability of paid traffic is one of the benefits of buying traffic for your website. This is a relief, especially with the high rates charged by other targeted audience services such as CPC and Adwords. In the recent past, the Adwords and CPC rates have hit the roof. The Google ad layout policies make this cost go even higher. By buying traffic, you overcome this challenge of spending too much money trying to drive traffic.

You do not have to break the bank to get the attention of your target audience. With a bit of research, you can buy website traffic from a trusted vendor. They will tailor the service to your needs while at the same time providing excellent customer service. With the best service provider, you can be sure to boost sales in your e-commerce business.

The Need of SEO in the 21st Century

The term Search Engine Optimisation is quite a head-turner. It is something that dominates the market scene of the 21st century. If one were to put things into perspective, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, was always there since the advent of the Internet; just not in a way and scale as it is today. You cannot think of a business venture that still puts its faith in medieval methods of marketing and branding. It does not work anymore. New age requires newer and fresher solutions to every marketing woe. This is exactly where SEO steps in. Its revolutionary approach to notch up the branding and marketing game few notches up has become a game-changer in the arena of digital marketing. There is no way one can hope to thrive and scale businesses without seeking refuge in SEO.

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | The Need of SEO in the 21st Century
The article discusses the importance of SEO in the 21st century, how it has led to a tectonic shift in the world of digital marketing and how enterprises can keep benefitting from it in the days that shall follow. But first, we are going to run through the basic concepts.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a technique which helps in putting your business website on a suitable spot in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and thus, enhances its ranking. Ranking on search engines is of paramount importance in this century since that is the only way a business endeavour can hope to gain the required attention to its products and services. You might have the best products or services in a certain niche. But if you cannot get them to your target audience, all your efforts into making the best for public and making money hands over fists will end up in smoke. You must first be able to convince your target group about what you have to offer and how they differ from the rest of the products in the market, before you can do something to convert them into your loyal customers. Search Engine Optimisation helps you take your business out there in the world by acquiring good ranks on the results page and by grabbing the eyeballs of your target group.

How Does It Work?

We have discussed quite a few points on SEO and how it works in this day and age, in the previous section. But we now need to see how exactly it contributes towards scaling a business. So, we talked about how SEO helps in tweaking the rank of your website on the SERPs. But why do you think that is even important? It is tremendously important for visibility, yes. But that is not all. It is crucial because the right techniques of SEO draw more and more potential clients and customers to your website and help them make an informed decision regarding your service.

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | The Need of SEO in the 21st Century
The technical jargon of this world would be, drawing optimum ‘traffic’ to your site. Once your website keeps drawing organic traffic to itself, it will definitely succeed in converting customers, and thus, help in enhancing the conversion rate. Therefore, it is quite clear why Search Engine Optimisation has such importance in today’s world.

Coming up with the right SEO hacks is not very simple and we have excellent analysts and agencies who handle this part of digital marketing for almost every business venture. They look into what kind of websites are drawing traffic, study their on-site and off-site elements, research on Google’s metrics and then come up with ways that conform to Google’s standards of ranking. Google is the smartest search engine ever devised, and that is why it is not easy to fool it with reverse engineering hacks. But smart SEO analysts and experts know just the right ways to do that. Google keeps upgrading its metrics for ranking to enhance user experience. Therefore, if you want to outrank other websites from their topmost ranks on the Search Engine Results Page, you have to up your SEO game and look for ways in which you can conform to Google’s ever-evolving needs.


Search Engine Optimisation is an institution in itself, one that cannot be understood in one article. It has several techniques and methods associated with it, and not even one carefully structured course could deal with all the details. It requires years and years of experience and maybe only then, one can hope to understand what this entire world of SEO actually is. However, for starters, know that SEO is an integral part of digital marketing, and no business can climb its zenith of success without asking for its help. Therefore, if you have been in two minds about the SEO and whether you should rope in an agency or an expert to cater to its needs, brush any dilemma off your mind. The 21st century calls for SEO to be involved in every venture and marketing tactics, and you should do the same.

8 Tips For Newbie Freelance Writers

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Freelance Writer|8 Tips For Newbie Freelance WritersSome get into freelance writing because they want the flexibility, others because they love to write, most are probably somewhere in between! Whatever the reason behind braving the freelance writing world, as a newbie you might be in search of a little advice to help you along your way.

Get blogging

When you’re starting out, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a blog as part of your website. You’ll still be honing your craft at this stage; so your blog can help you to create samples for your portfolio and improving your writing. If you’re looking to write in a niche area, then you should generally focus all your blog content around this topic. The great thing about blogs is that it’s easy to get plugins that can link to your social media. If you promote your content enough, it’s more likely that potential clients will discover you.

Teach yourself SEO

When you are writing web-based content for clients, it’s often all about search engine optimization. Due to this, if you make it your mission to teach yourself about SEO, then you’ll ensure that you have the skills you need (and you won’t have to try and wing it)! Teach yourself about basic keyword research, meta titles, anchor text, and how to best format an article.

Perfect your research skills

As a freelance writer, you’ll want to ensure that your research skills are top-notch. Ensure that you are using credible sources and properly fact-checking all of the information that you come across. Don’t just go for the first sources that you find, if you take a look at the writing and the quality isn’t high, keep looking. Take your time, find reports, statistics, and quotes to support your writing. Practicing thorough research for your blog articles can help you to improve these skills for when it comes to dealing with clients.

Plan & Organize

When you are managing multiple projects for a range of different clients, it’s vital that you plan and get as organized as you can. Set yourself a schedule which helps you to allocate the time that you need to work on each piece of writing. Don’t take on too many projects when you are starting out. In the beginning, it’s likely to take you longer to complete your research and writing, so make allowances for this.

Get on top of your invoices

One of the challenges of being a freelance writer is keeping on top of your invoicing and ensuring that each client pays you on time. To help you with this, it’s a good idea to use freelance invoice software. Doing so can help you to create invoices and automate the chasing up of your payments too. Ensure that you keep records of all your invoices for tax purposes later down the line.

Keep redrafting

When your still a newbie, you can’t expect everything you write to be amazing straight away. If you’re writing something and you don’t like the sound of it, just keep going. Get the first draft done and you can come back to perfect it later. You’ll often need several first drafts to get something to the standard that you want. Over time, you’ll get quicker, and the redrafting process will become easier!

Use tools

There are a range of tools and apps out there that you will want to take advantage of as a beginner freelance writer. Grammarly is a great tool that can help you to run a thorough check of your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It’s often handy to have a tool like this to check your work (especially when your a few projects in and your eyes are heavy)! If your working from home it can be easier to become distracted so you can also make use of some productivity apps to help you to stay on track.

Keep searching

If you want to keep gaining new clients and stay afloat, it’s vital to keep searching for new projects. Make sure that you SEO optimize your freelancer website and advertise your services on LinkedIn. Look on sites like Problogger or Upwork to source new jobs. You should also ask your clients so far for testimonials that you can use on your website. Testimonials will allow you to show off your credibility and gain more interest. The more that you improve your portfolio, the easier it becomes to get more work (so hang in there)! Treat your website as a way to market yourself as a business.

How Good Is Your Website?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, How Good Is Your Website?Understanding whether or not a website is any good can be a real challenge. Not only are a lot of factors which dictate this completely hidden from normal people, but they are also complicated and hard to understand. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the areas which you need to consider the most, along with some tools which can help you to get an idea of how well you’re going in each of them. Of course, though, you also have to do some work alongside this, ensuring that your site is in the best possible shape.


Security has always been an important feature on a website, though privacy laws have increased over the last few years and this has made this field even more crucial. You need to have SSL on your site as a minimum, with options like firewalls, bot/spam detectors, and anti-malware tools all helping, too. You don’t have to spend much to make a site secure, and there are loads of sites around the web which can be used to scan your security.


Along with security, it’s also wise to consider speed when you’re thinking about the value of your site. Users won’t stick around if they have to wait too long for pages to load, often leaving if the pages hang for more than a second or two. Tools like GTMatrix can be used to check your website speed, and will give you loads of suggestions which can help you to improve your current position. A big part of this revolves around your content, with large images and videos slowing down a site more than anything else.


Having people find your website will only be possible if you have the right SEO. Not only do you need to make sure that you are working on this are regularly, but you also need to ensure that you have the right foundations in place. SEObility is a great site for this, providing you with a detailed analysis of the state of your site’s SEO with the push of a button. You have to pay for this, but it will be worth it to improve your SEO.

User Experience

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about user experience. There’s no point in working hard on a website if your users are going to have a bad time on it. You can use a website worth and domain value calculator to start this journey, and this will give you an idea of what your site will appear to be worth to your customers. Along with this, though, it will also help to give tests to real people, and this can be done on social media.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on the work you put into figuring out whether or not you have a good website. A lot of people struggle with this sort of work, finding it hard to know how to figure out the value of their site.

How To Master Marketing When You’re Brand New

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Marketing|How To Master Marketing When You’re Brand NewStarting a business can often be quite daunting. When you’re not a natural entrepreneur or you’ve not had much business experience, you can be fearful of it. But you needn’t be. There’s a lot about business that you can learn as you go along, and this definitely applies to marketing. When you start a small business, you really don’t have to be an expert of professional in order to get results. You just have to be willing to learn and grow. Because as you’re starting to absorb different ideas and tactics, you can try them all out for yourself. Most of the time, you just need to drop the fear and have fun with it instead.

Yet, even when you know you need to do this and you feel willing to step up, you won’t always know how to get started. And that’s only natural – because you’re brand new. So, you’re not expected to be a marketing master right now. But you can be soon. You just need to try out some different ideas, work with different tactics, and get creative too. And you really do need to let it be fun. So, take a look at some of these ideas and see what works for you.

Set Goals

To start with, you need to make sure that you have goals in place. We all need goals. And you need them for different parts of your business – but you definitely need them for marketing. So, ask yourself – what do you want to achieve with your business? What do you long to create? When you write this all down, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to come up with the most suitable campaigns.

Know Your Audience

But then also, you need to make sure that you know your audience incredibly well. Because you have to remember that your business isn’t about you. It’s about them. Serving them, creating something for them. And if you’re going to be able to promote what you do and market to your audience effectively, you’ll need to know your audience well. So make sure that you know exactly who you’re talking to, and what they need.

Do Some Research

From here, you then need to make sure that you’re doing research – and enough of it. You don’t have to spend weeks and weeks on this, however. The aim is to just get enough knowledge of the areas of marketing that you know nothing about. You don’t need to become an expert, as you’re going to learn a ton as you go along.

Consider Working With Professionals

Next up, you may want to think about working with different professionals to help you here. Maybe you don’t want to do it all alone, or you feel as if you could use the help of experts in your industry. Whether this is finding a specialist PR person, a team that knows franchise marketing, or a consultant in your field, take a look around. You may find that working with professionals is exactly what you need here.

Identify The Right Platforms

If you’re going it alone, or even if you’re working with a few professionals, the next thing that you need to do here is work out which platforms you’re going to be on. And this isn’t about the ones you want to be on. But rather those that you know your audience is on, and that you feel you can connect with them on. Because that’s the winning formula here. Remember, it’s about them.

Set Up Social

When you’ve made that decision, you need to set up your social profiles. And there’s a way that you can go about it. You could think about setting up the bare bones of the profiles on each platform, then creating your strategy. Or, you could look to master one platform first, find your feet with it and connect with your audience, and then move on to the next.

Aim For Engagement

But now you need to make sure that you’re using your social platforms properly. It’s not enough to just get set up or to start talking. You need to be doing more than that. You need to engage your customers on social media, and connect with them. You need to get in front of the right people and start to build relationships with them. It isn’t a numbers game. It’s a quality over quantity thing every single time.

Master Your SEO

If you’re not already concentrating on your own SEO, it’s time to do exactly that. Because it’s simple, especially with an SEO guide. Sometimes, something with a fancy title can scare you. But when you step back and learn the basics of SEO, you’ll realize that things are starting to come together. By just using the right words and aiming to get your best content out there on the web, you’ll start to appear in searches properly.

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Marketing|How To Master Marketing When You’re Brand NewTry Something Paid

At some point, you’ll also want to try out something paid. And this can be fun. You may often find that there’s only so far you can get with your organic activity, and that at some point you’ll need to run ads. But whether you do this with paid search or paid social, it’s down to your own data.

Push Your PR

The next thing that you’ll want to be able to do here, is really push your PR. And no, you do not need a PR professional to support you here, you can absolutely do your own PR. You just need to be consistent with it, know what constitutes a good story, and start to put things out into the media. Stay on top of it, and watch buzz for your business start to grow.

Harness WOM

From here, you’re then going to want to make sure that you start to harness the power of conversation. Never underestimate the power of recommendations. If you do a good job and you know that your customers love you, they’ll be more than happy to recommend you. And there are plenty of strategies that you can go for here, but you just need to be authentic and truthful to yourself. And your customers will start to do the rest.

Work With Your Data

Above all else, you need to make sure that you’re always checking in with your data. If you know that you want to go with decisions that’ll pay off and allow you to connect more, you need to look at your own results and data, and go from there.

Be Creative

Finally, you’re then going to want to make sure that you’re being as creative as you can when it comes with your different ideas. Don’t just follow the crowd. It’s cool to come up with different campaigns and to go with new and exciting tactics to get your business out there. Try to let yourself be as creative as possible and come up with fun ideas because of it. You’ll see you get better results when you do.

To summarise, when you’re new to the world of business marketing can seem confusing. It’s also something that has the potential to make you feel vulnerable. However, it doesn’t have to. Because as you can see, there are a wealth of ideas that you can turn to in order for things to work out for you. Just handpick some of the different options and see what kind of success you can make because of it.