Fueling Business Process Management with the Automation Engine that Can!

Organizations deploy automation technologies as the primary resource in their Business Process Management. Gone are the days were BPO meant Business Process Outsourcing, with Robotic Process Automation technology fueling new millennium enterprises, BPO has taken on a new meaning, Business Process Optimization.
In the recent past, businesses had only external, third party vendors to rely on for major projects, operational emergencies, and other labor-intensive initiatives that required resources they did not have. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) meant businesses had to succumb to the high-cost, untimely, and unskilled labor in order to remain in operations.

Today’s C-level executives understand peripheral management of their critical applications, data systems, and shared services is not an effective, efficient, secure, or financially-feasible effort and require more robust, permanent solutions for assimilation into their BPM.

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About the Author

Richard MilamRichard Milam is the president and CEO of EnableSoft. Prior to founding EnableSoft, in 1995, Richard was a partner and Senior Vice President of FiTech PLUSmark, and held other positions in Information Technology, Operations, and Sales.

StrategyDriven Releases a Turnkey Business Performance Assessment Program

StrategyDriven’s turnkey Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program provides business leaders with an immediately implementable process for performing in-depth evaluations of organizational performance.
Sevian Business Performance Assessment ProgramStrategyDriven released its Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program providing business leaders with an immediately implementable process for performing in-depth evaluations of organizational performance. The assessment program contains fully developed process procedures, forms and templates, performance metrics, how-to guides, and a library of best practices.

“The Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program exemplifies StrategyDriven’s commitment to providing business leaders with high-quality, affordable solutions,” explains Nathan Ives, StrategyDriven’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our assessment solution embodies decades of experience in the evaluation of organizational performance; tested methods that have supported an unparalleled amount of performance improvement at companies both large and small.”

“In 2014 alone, Sevian Business Performance Assessments identified over $200 million in people, process, and technology improvement opportunities at four client companies,” continues Karen Juliano, StrategyDriven Vice President in charge of Sevian Business Program development. “Not only is this program cost effective to implement, but it yields real and immediate benefits.”

The Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program was developed based on decades of experience managing and improving complex business operations. This program was further enhanced through the first-hand performance benchmarking of leading companies throughout the world.

Sevian Business Performance Assessment Programs are fully customized to reflect client organization structure, positional titles, and common business terms. Each program contains all the components necessary to implement a fully mature program on day one – truly enabling

turnkey performance excellence. Supported by world-class software applications (optional), the program package includes:

  • Program Introduction establishing the framework for immediate program implementation, effective execution, and long-term governance.
  • Program Procedure containing specific step-by-step process procedures that are fully human factored to ensure consistent, accurate program execution.
  • Program Execution Guides providing detailed information on how to optimally perform major assessment activities including the use of program forms and models.
  • Program Principles, Best Practices, and Warning Flags elaborating on those core elements necessary for consistently superior program and process performance.

To ensure implementation success, Sevian Business Advisors provide onsite training and execution support when delivering the turnkey program.

The Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program is being implemented by StrategyDriven’s clients, including some of the world’s largest companies. Complete information regarding the Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program is available at: