Attention Social Media Marketers! Here’s What You Should Know about Inclusiveness on Social Media

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Attention Social Media Marketers! Here’s What You Should Know about Inclusiveness on Social Media

At nearly 4 billion users, more than half of the world’s population now uses social media to connect with not just each other but also with brands. Needless to say, your social media audience is an extremely diverse bunch of individuals with varied interests, beliefs, and abilities.

To cater to them all in the best way possible, you’ll need to consider inclusiveness in your social media marketing efforts. People expect the companies they do business with to take a stand – in fact, 70% of U.S. consumers say it’s important for brands to take a stand on social and political issues.

But inclusiveness is not just about taking a stand on global issues. It covers a diverse range of subjects, from racial justice and gender equality to content accessibility and hate speech.

In this post, let’s learn more about these inclusivity issues and how you can address them in your social media marketing strategy.

Go Beyond a Corporate Statement With a Social Strategy

A corporate statement tells your audience about your beliefs, but a long-term social media strategy shows them how your brand is taking real action.

It goes beyond announcing a charitable donation and proves that diversity, equality, and inclusion is a long-term commitment for your brand. Create a social media strategy to highlight your employees’ actions and your company’s ongoing work towards more inclusivity.

For instance, if one of your initiatives focuses on internal education and dialogue about racial justice, you can share the activities that your team is doing with your followers. If your team is doing volunteering, highlight their stories and experiences in serving the community.

To go beyond a mere corporate statement about inclusiveness and demonstrate real action, here are a few things you can have in your social media marketing strategy:

  • Research how issues like racism and gender inequality impact your industry and create and promote content or resources like books, podcasts, thought leadership, etc. on how to tackle these issues.
  • Get your company involved in a movement and frequent volunteering or fundraising activities, and invite your followers to do the same.
  • Learn about your company’s past and existing efforts, and build a plan to convey your employees’ stories and actions on social media..

Use Gender-Neutral Language, Emojis, and Imagery

When addressing a general audience on social media, use inclusive pronouns like “they/them” rather than “he/she” and avoid language biased to one gender, such as “mankind” or “guys”.

Also, when responding to comments or posts, do not assume the person’s gender, but instead, address them by their name or username. UN Women has a comprehensive set of guidelines on writing in a gender-inclusive way.

This extends to the emojis you use, too. Avoid gendered emojis if possible and opt for the default yellow emojis when addressing a diverse audience.

Simply put, using non-gendered and default yellow emojis when engaging with a universal audience, or multiple colors of emojis when portraying a broad audience can greatly contribute to creating a strong sense of inclusiveness in your social media presence.

Furthermore, if you use stock visuals in your social media, understand that stock images are often littered with gender and racial biases, and there aren’t many options when trying to source inclusive images.

Use platforms like nappy and Canva’s Natural Women Collection the next time you need a stock image that truly embraces diversity and inclusivity. And when designing any new marketing material (flyers, banners, icons, etc.), make sure to let your graphic designer know that you’re committed to representing diversity and inclusion.

Create Content That’s Accessible to Everyone

While on the subject of designing graphics for your social media marketing, inclusiveness is also about ensuring all your content is accessible to everyone, regardless of their disabilities.

You might already know that having an accessible website is mandatory today, with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extending to digital properties too. Essentially, an accessible website is one that accommodates all visitors on all devices irrespective of the physical or mental ability of the user.

With an estimated 26.9 million adult Americans claiming they either have trouble seeing or are unable to see at all, if you don’t prioritize accessibility, it’s likely that you’re unwittingly shunning a considerable chunk of your audience from engaging with your content on both your website and social media. Not to mention accessibility is also important to avoid ADA lawsuits, which are on the rise.

To make your website accessible, you can take many steps yourself, such as ensuring logical content hierarchy (with subheadings), adding alt text for all images, adding descriptive labels to form elements, and making your site keyboard-friendly. Making all of these adjustments basically mean to adhere to the ADA compliance guidelines.

For social media, in particular, make sure to create graphics with sufficient color contrast so that the visually impaired can also consume the content. When posting videos, always include closed captions or subtitles.

Also, when posting on Instagram, go to Advanced Settings and then Write Alt Text to add a descriptive alt text for your posts. This way, you make your content more accessible to the visually impaired audience who’re using screen readers.

Remove Offensive Comments

If you haven’t already, sooner or later you’ll receive comments on your posts that are misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or hateful in nature. Such comments that are offensive to any group of people should have no place on your brand’s social media presence.

By not engaging and instantly removing these types of comments, your followers can appreciate your company’s intolerance and firm stance against hate speech. If you are not able to remove comments on some social review platforms, develop a strategy to tactfully respond to such spiteful comments, and demonstrate your brand’s values.

Final Words

Inclusivity isn’t just an HR initiative that’s limited to your workplace — it should be built into your company culture that extends to all your brand messaging and marketing as well.

Sure, it’ll take some time and effort, but working with your marketing team to create an inclusive social media presence goes a long way in increasing your content’s value, reach, engagement, and overall brand image.

3 Legal Pitfalls You Should Avoid on Social Media

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, 3 Legal Pitfalls You Should Avoid on Social MediaMany people use social media for private and business communications without knowing that what they post online can have serious legal ramifications. John Branca, an attorney who has represented pop superstars like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, warns that even people who don’t have a media empire at stake should be aware of the pitfalls.

Revealing Others’ Personal Information

Be careful not to reveal personal information without permission, especially if you’re using your social media platforms for a business venture. For example, if you’re trying to promote your cosmetic dentistry practice, you shouldn’t post before and after photos of one of your patients without his or her consent. Be aware that the same privacy laws apply for your patients even when you’re trying to advertise your work on a satisfied client.

Committing Defamation

What you post on social media about others can be considered defamation if it is untrue and causes harm to their reputation. By sharing something negative about another person, you may be opening yourself up to legal action, even if you think it’s true but have no evidence.

Every entertainment lawyer can attest to times that major publications have paid dearly for posting rumors and falsehoods about famous clients. However, regular folks are at even greater risk for legal action because private citizens enjoy stricter protections against public calumny. Therefore, the best course of action is simply to keep any harmful information about others to yourself.

Using Copyrighted Material

Whenever you use a photo from someone else’s website or play music you don’t own the rights for in a post, the law considers it theft. Although you may not think about as you blare your favorite song in your latest dance video, it is illegal unless you have the artist’s consent. This can be a costly mistake if you’re forced to pay the artist.

Social media is a relatively new way to communicate, but the platforms require the same responsibility and knowledge of the law to shield you or your business from legal action.

4 Useful Marketing Tools for Start-Ups

StrategyDrivenOnline Marketing and Website Development Article |Marketing Tools| 4 Useful Marketing Tools for Start-UpsEvery business needs strong marketing to improve their visibility and see success. It might seem that marketing is an easy task to complete, but it is an ongoing effort and can prove more challenging than you may first think. A good marketing strategy must be memorable and eye-catching, drawing in the target audience and perhaps even reaching a secondary demographic. It represents the company’s ethos and promotes these values as well as the products and services the business provides.

A further challenge for start-up businesses is creating these brilliant campaigns but on a small budget. Marketing can be expensive, but most small businesses can’t afford the rates of hiring a billboard for a month or creating a TV advertisement. If you’re concerned about how you will afford your marketing for your start-up venture, here are some useful and affordable tools for you to use.

Understand SEO tactics

Search Engine Optimization, in essence, is boosting your company’s website up to higher rankings in search engine results pages. This is important as there are many, many businesses all around the world that provide the same services and products yours does and as such, it is easy to get lost in the listings and lose visibility. To ensure that your business website appears on the first page of results you will need to apply SEO tactics, such as carefully written blogs and mentions in articles on other websites.

Social Media

The use of social media has become a dominant method in marketing over the last two decades. Many ‘influencers’ have made careers out of being spokespeople for brands via their social media platforms. Although you might not be able to afford the cost of hiring a popular individual to promote your company just yet, you can still utilize social media to build your following and start to share information with your customers, and best of all, most of these platforms are free to use!

Printed Materials and Signs

A more traditional method of marketing is printing leaflets, booklets, and posters as promotional materials. This is still a useful practice, especially if you’re attending an event such as an industry convention. If your company has a booth it’s worth having a bespoke sign made to attract passers-by. For example, this company that specializes in custom signs Orlando, could help you increase your visibility and make sure your sign is unique to your business.


Podcasts have steadily grown in popularity and could be a very useful tool for your start-up. A podcast will take more time to prepare and could end up being more expensive to produce, but it would be worth it if you have the budget and the resources to do so. Similar to a blog, your business podcast could include interviews with special guests from the industry, discuss new ideas and developments, and allow listeners to write in and have their say.

Promoting your business and your products is essential to keep it going. It can be difficult to manage marketing when you’re a start-up, especially if you’re an individual or a small team with many other things to focus on. However, you mustn’t neglect your marketing, use these suggestions to help you get started.

Things to consider before choosing the best PR agency

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |PR Agency|Things to consider before choosing the best PR agencyBill Gates once said, “If I had just one dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” Well, what are the odds of that happening? But in this statement, we clearly understand the importance of Public Relations.

They are an essential tool to manage the communication between a company and society to build and maintain it’s a representative and positive image.

A company makes use of public relations through a set of strategic communication actions. They coordinate to create and strengthen links with the public and consumers. The top-ranking PR Agency in Sydney uses informative feedback to achieve fidelity with their clients.

The job of any PR agency is to assess consumer behavior, categorize company policies, and plan future actions. You need to make sure that the agency you are choosing for your business has these qualities:

Experience of the agency in the sector

Experience has undoubtedly been the most cited quality. You have to look mainly at the experience, not only of the agency but of the team that will take care of your account. Specialization in specific markets is almost always a guarantee of success.

Must have oomph

Pay attention to the kind of work the agency does. Excessive experience can cause the agency to fall into routines, to do the same thing for every business they manage. Make sure your business does not lose its uniqueness as it will cause your public image to lose freshness and originality.

A stable client portfolio

Isn’t it strange that certain agencies lose clients very quickly? You don’t want any unpleasant surprises. Excessive customer turnover can be a reasonable indication of poor operation. On the contrary, other agencies have a very high level of loyalty with their client portfolio, with whom they have been working for many years.

Investigate the results with other clients.

It is a piece of straightforward advice that many forget. It is essential to ask the agency what were the results of the campaigns they had done for clients similar to your company. Some agencies continue to live from the fame achieved in other times when, at present, their level of competence is well below. Don’t forget this recommendation: ask other clients of the agency to assess their satisfaction with it. It doesn’t cost money and can save a lot of trouble.

A qualified team

Some clients complain that after the initial phase in which top executives of the agency serve them, they are then ‘abandoned’ in the hands of less experienced professionals. You need to make sure experienced professionals manage your business. Having new agents maintain your work who are not familiar with the challenges businesses face may harm your company.

The price

Especially in the current crisis, this factor takes on a unique role. You may find a cheaper company more attractive at the beginning of your business, but this is a recipe for disaster. The quality of the PR Agency should not be compromised, as it is critical to your business.

Local or International

You need to ask this question as to what is best for your business. Will a multinational agency understand your business better or a local agency? A specialized agency that will appreciate your business or one that provides integrated communication services? And concerning size, what will be most effective for your company: a large, medium or small agency?

Know what your PR agency should do for you

You need to understand the responsibilities public relations agency has towards you. Their work is not just limited to the management of events or to communicate the news or changes that your company has.

When a company, from any industry, suffers a crisis, it is essential to know how to handle it and communicate what is necessary with the public. Not managing the business crisis correctly, can make it unfavorable for the company, which can even damage its image and reputation.

What is it that makes your business unique? Why are your customers loyal to you? What are the KPIs of your business which attract clientele? Identify and highlight the differentiators between you and competitor companies.

These key factors place public relations agencies in one of the marketing investment items each year. In 2016, revenues from employing PR services accounted for nearly $ 14 billion worldwide, according to data from the University of Southern California.

A great PR strategy

Your chosen PR agency must not be all words and no work. Make sure they understand your vision and share it while managing your business. Establish a realistic work plan which profits your company. Primarily your public relations strategy should stand out. Describe communication objectives and actions that propel your company towards success.

Through the right approach, a company can create a close relationship with its target so that the company becomes a reference for the product or service it offers.

All great companies have a PR agency. Managing public relations is a fundamental part of preserving the right image of the company.

With the market as competitive and broad as the current one, many companies are selling similar services and products. To maintain credibility and loyalty with customers, you need a good public relations strategy to position ourselves in the mind of the consumer.

Crisis Management Strategies

Sometimes an organization or company is suffering a disastrous event that affects its public image. Public relations should repair the damage to the image, and communicate how they will devise strategies to solve the problems.

Final Words

Make sure the PR agency you choose knows the latest trends and uses social networking as a tool for your business. In the 21st century, you cannot make public relations with models of the previous century. Pay close attention to how influencers, bloggers, tweets, social networks can affect your business.

How e-commerce Helps Build your Brand

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |E-Commerce |How e-commerce Helps Build your BrandBranding! A word with which everyone is familiar but do not understand its profundity. It requires a lot of effort from the business to propose the idea of branding. The outcome of successful branding is the growth of the product or service, triggered by a strategic marketing plan of the product. The main idea behind keeping your brand consistent is, however, a promise of quality which customers expect from you.

Association of the customer is the measurement of the loyalty of the customers with your product. Despite your best branding efforts, the customer must ultimately decide to continue with the product or not. You absolutely can understand with the customers’ behavior that what your customers’ expectations are and how far your product is to meet with the customers’ expectations, also known as ecommerce fulfilment.

How digital media promote business in the contemporary world

To grab on customers’ minds, marketing tactics have a peculiar position. In order to meet customers’ expectations digital, and traditional media has tremendously blasted to support the businesses. However, this decade can see the importance of digital media in advertisement and development of the product. There is nothing left in your marketing, which e-channels do not support. From promotion to selling and from launching to customers’ feedback, all the work is done using an e-commerce platform.

The advancement of the e-platform of marketing took place because the customers have switched from the real world to the virtual world. It means they have started using virtual channels to talk with their faraway relatives using their androids. You have got it! Yes, it is social media that connects people from distant places. Thus, businesses have also transformed their promotions to the social media network.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

An important aspect of digital marketing is Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM has been formulated observing trends of the people towards social media. When companies find their target audience on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn, they begin promoting their products on social media platforms.

Knowing the concern of the businesses, the social media channels have also extended their features for the advertisers. They have provided different online pages for the companies who can promote the launch or innovation of the products. Most common features of the social media embrace

  • Promotional campaigns give consistency in the campaign of the brand, which is very important for brand recognition.
  • Customers can give their feedback on social media platforms about the product. It not only helps in the promotion of the products but also complies with the enhancement of features of the product.
  • Users get aware of the features of the product. They can easily check for the positive or negative reviews about your product.
  • Your company receives feedback using the social media channel, either it is positive or negative. Loyal customers of the company give positive and negative feedback both for the product. Positive reviews enhance sales of the brand, and negative feedback provides the opportunity to the business to improve the brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The world has seen the advancement of digital platforms from the end of the last century. The e-commerce channels are updating as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have enhanced their features, which are renowned search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thus, has become another essential tool for the digital advertisement and brand development of the brands.

SEO is the ranking of a company’s product, which appears instantly in any search engine when a consumer searches for a product. SEO enhances the ranking of the company. This is the reason that companies maintain their online presence and provide benefits of reaching to the customers directly. Apart from it, SEO is maintained by the corporations to increase the website ranking so that consumer will see their brand as they search for it.

If a business wants to appear on the first page of the search engine, it should be maintaining an SEO friendly page of the company. It is very difficult to achieve high rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo – but if the business idea is unique, then your brand visibility will increase. For instance, Amazon is a pioneer of online shopping therefore, whenever customers search to buy something online, Amazon appears on the top.

Appearing on the top search enhances your visibility to the customers. Thus, your brand gets sustained in the marketplace as you reach to more users. If your business provides online delivery of the product, your brand becomes more convenient because customers want doorstep delivery. So, it is also helpful in your brand development to give the convenience of shopping to your consumers.

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