Email Marketing: Best Practises for Entrepreneurs

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Email Marketing|Email Marketing: Best Practises for EntrepreneursWhile it is excellent to include email marketing in your digital media strategy, you won’t get far if you don’t employ the industry recommended email marketing best practises. As an entrepreneur, we know that you are always looking for better ways to reach your desired audience. These best practices will not only help you become better at email marketing, but their effective usage will make sure that your emails yield tangible results.

Read below to get an insight into the most widely recommended best practices for email marketing.

Knowing Your Audience Individually

Addressing email recipients is a widely recommended best practice in email marketing. Most modern email clients allow you to place special tags in your emails. These allow you to address all of your email recipients by name. Various options allow you to address them by their first, last, or full name as well.

You can also personalise the subject line of your emails. Doing so will greatly increase the chances of your recipients opening your emails instead of marking them as spam impulsively.

If you are looking for help regarding which email client to use, Email Tool Reviews has excellent reviews to help with exactly that.

Best Practices for Email Marketing that Entrepreneurs Must Follow

Test before you send your email!

It is a best practice to check and recheck your emails before you send them. Why is this so important? A comprehensive check will tell exactly what is wrong with your email.

You will be able to see how your email will look to the recipient. You can also check whether your links function exactly as you have intended them to while also making sure that tags that automatically populate details like the recipients’ name are displaying the correct information.

Spammy content is a big No!

It is very important that your emails contain interesting content that immediately engages the recipient. We are sure you know this. But did you know that it is a widely recommended best practice to make an active effort to ensure that your emails do not contain spammy content?

Using clear language and avoiding the use of lots of exclamation marks, or text written in capital letters are two of the many ways you can use to ensure your content does not get flagged by spam filters.

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How To Start Your Own Business Online?

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Start Your Business Online|How To Start Your Own Business Online?The phrase “online” can be a bit misleading. Just because a process/work has virtual or online in it doesn’t mean it is any simpler. The only difference between a traditional and an online business is the work environment. It all boils down to having an exclusive office building or just a strong internet connection and a computer system.

But the amount of planning, organization, hard work that goes into building either of them is the same.

In this article we will see a brief overview of what all constitutes to get your business
Up and running and ready to raid the internet world.

So, are you all geared up to start your own business?

1.Find a Niche: There are so many opportunities out there that you can grab on to. Each consumer need can be turned into a thriving business of its own. So, all you need to do is find what is that the consumer needs and what can you provide or do differently to resolve or fulfill their needs. What you need to keep in mind is – the market demand of your business idea. Analyze the market and then make an informed decision about your niche.

Here are a few business ideas that you can plan on setting your foot in.

  • Drop shipping Business: To begin with, you can start with a drop shipping business. This business is all about providing buyers the products they have ordered for. You are like the book keeper who takes the order and manages the order and shipping virtually. This does not require you to invest in any storage facility or shipping. All you need is a robust online business platform.
  • E-commerce Business: The most thriving of all multi-vendor marketplace businesses. You can be the next Amazon or Alibaba. These are nothing but virtual platforms where buyers and sellers purchase and sell goods at the convenience of their own environment. You can choose to cater to one or many types of products.
  • Online Rental Business: One of the best online marketplace businesses to be in, this rental option is the new black. With the world being conscious about the climate changes and the automobile industry playing a major role in it, it is the right time to start your own vehicle rental business. There are so many categories you can concentrate on under this niche – furniture rentals, car rentals, bike rentals, etc.
  • In addition to this you can also start a holiday rental business too.
  • There is never a boring time to go on vacations. With the increased sense of stress and tension due to the work life, taking breaks have become mandatory in one’s life in order to unplug, recharge and rejuvenate. This is where an application like Airbnb comes into play. Why not start your own vacation rentals?
  • Online Tutoring Business: At present online tutoring business is gaining tremendous popularity. Especially during the pandemic times and the education industry being one among the worst hit you can choose to develop your very own virtual tutorials. The growing student base and the demand that it requires can be tapped into and a successful coaching class can be started.
  • Online Food Delivery and Grocery Store: In this highly competitive world everyone is concentrating on their careers and hence find no time to cook a healthy meal. However this application will ease out that burden a bit. Just by a click you can avail which ever provision or cooked meal you want from whichever store u like. However, you need to be careful while planning which geographical area you want to target and what kind of cuisine you want to serve.
    and many more.

Though there might be many business ideas, the foundation of implementing them is almost similar to one another except for the nuanced details depending on what you choose as your niche. In the following pointers, we will provide you with information on how to develop and manage these businesses in general.

2. Know your Target Consumer base and Competitors: Once your niche is set, you will have to study your target audience and the current market trends. You can learn a lot by observing your competitors as well. How they go about their operations, maintenance, the technologies they use, etc. Experience is the best teacher there is. You can also try and launch your business through one of the already established marketplace platforms and observe their business and then imply the same once you are ready to go on your own.

Given consumers are the focal point in this business you need to prioritize their views. Research on what the customers are looking out for. This will be your foundation for all your forthcoming steps.

3. Draft a Business and Revenue Plan: Let us now get to the planning phase. This is the most critical phase without which running a business will be challenging.

Your business plan should include-

  1. Summary of your business plan
  2. Market overview
  3. Sales & Marketing plans
  4. Operational strategies
  5. Value proposition of your services
  6. Organization & Management team framework
  7. Financial and Legal aspects

Choosing the right revenue model is equally important. Given all are concentrating on going online, you need to consider the market competition and plan your revenue accordingly. Here are a few revenue models you can try that might suit your business.

  1. Commission model
  2. Subscription/Membership model
  3. Listing fee model
  4. Freemium
  5. Lead fees model

4. Launch your Business Online: Having technological knowledge only adds to your expertise and does not necessarily mean that you need to be technically sound in order to run an online business. Based on your financial investment and time and the technical knowledge you have to launch your website you can choose how you want to develop your website. Here are a few methods you can adopt.

  1. Developing from scratch (on our own or by hiring a tech team)
  2. Using SaaS platform
  3. Using turnkey solutions

Our recommendation to you would be to use a turnkey solution as you will be able to launch your business the second you purchase the readymade software. You also have options to customize it according to your needs. Costs comparatively less compared to the other options. And you get the source code of your platform as well.

5. Promote and Market your Business: Directing the right traffic to your website plays a pivotal role in achieving the precise SERPs ranking required to gain attention of the right audience. Here are a few marketing ideas which will help you promote your business globally and gain a huge customer base and hence a successful online business.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Share customer testimonies, reviews and ratings
  4. Content marketing – newsletters, blogging, personalized emails etc
  5. Multimedia marketing etc

As you can see starting a business is not a cake walk. You need to put in that much dedication and hard work as you would for another. It is a continuous process to maintain and be at par with the ever changing and evolving technology. If you need assistance with any aspect of your business, do give us a shout out.

Which Mobile Operating System Is Best For Business?

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Mobile Operating System|Which Mobile Operating System Is Best For Business?When running a business, you want to make sure that all your employees are working as productively as possible and are able to gain access to information and other employees if they need to. However, it is not impossible as this can benefit your business in the long-term. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into which mobile operating systems are right for your business.

The Importance Of Business Mobiles

When working remotely, it can be difficult to improve communication across the business as many choose to communicate over emails. However, by implementing the help of a business mobile phone service you can begin to ensure there is an open line of communication through the use of specific phone numbers. Though this can be costly to implement, this can benefit your business in the long-term as it encourages your employees to communicate openly at this time.

IOS Operating Systems

When asked about operating systems for mobile phones, there is a split of opinion between both IOS and Android operating systems. IOS is hugely popular with many business owners as the eco-system can benefit a business as everything is already connected. With each of these phones designed for business, this can be a huge benefit for businesses as it can link up calendars around the business as well as link up with computers in the office for the best possible business environment. The only downside to this is that the IOS running software can be quite expensive in terms of upfront costs.

Android Operating Systems

If you are looking for a reliable operating system that is slightly cheaper than IOS then you cannot go wrong with an android device. Not only are they slightly cheaper, but they can be completely customised in order to work for your business. By having android devices in your office, you can supply your employees with an easy to use handset that you can completely customise to make it work for your business and allow them to operate it with ease allowing them to maintain consistent communication with others across the business as well as their own team members.

Which Is Best For Your Business?

When deciding which of these are good for your business, it is a process of trial and error as to which work for your business. By having a trial period with both IOS and Android operating systems, you can then begin to determine which is best for your business. Though this can take time, this will prove profitable as it will ensure that everyone has a direct line of communication should they need it. This can work alongside other applications and can improve communication across the business to make it stand out as a result.

With this in mind, there are several running systems that you can benefit from when it comes to implementing business mobile phones within your business. Which of these mobile devices will you be implementing within your business in the new year.

Role Of Marketing Professionals In Healthcare Systems

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Marketing Professionals in Healthcare|Role Of Marketing Professionals In Healthcare SystemsA common misconception many people have is that all healthcare facilities work for social welfare. Even though it is partially true because healthcare professionals have a better work motive than making money, it is not entirely accurate. Apart from state-owned organizations, private hospitals have ends to meet, and maximizing profits is one of their agendas. And this brings us to the topic of our blog today!

Much like every other business, a healthcare facility also comprises functions that support its operations. These may include finance, administration, marketing, etc. However, that said, we may wonder what role can marketing professionals perform in a healthcare facility?

By definition, marketing professionals are responsible for identifying and creating strategies and tactics to attract customers to a business. You create a product or a service. Your marketing department works towards selling that product or service to your consumers. A marketing professional may perform a similar role in convincing customers to visit your hospital or clinic in a healthcare facility. Here we have a list of functions a marketing professional may act in a healthcare system:


Healthcare organizations are unique business structures. They aim to provide top-notch care to their patients, which is why it is imperative not to sound too greedy for profits! However, being in business, you would still want to increase your customer base.

Marketing professionals can help create an effective marketing strategy and a detailed promotional campaign depending on its subtleties. They are experts in their field, so they know how to position the company using its core strengths. They may also work towards hiding the business’s weak spots or portraying them in a positive light. They can also identify the marketing elements that will best suit your business structure, such as using online marketing tools or sticking to conventional methods.

Expert marketing professionals are remarkable in creating effective strategies and add significant value to a healthcare system. You can look into a hiring business administration individual specializing in healthcare career path to take up a marketing role in your organization. Both the fields would fit perfectly together as such professionals are well-versed in marketing along with healthcare administration.


Many patients now look towards booking online appointments through websites or calls. Since the advent of the internet, most of what we do has gradually shifted over to the virtual world. In the past, people would have to either make a phone call or pay a visit to book an appointment. Now, merely logging in your details on the facility’s webpage can give you a booked slot!

Customer expectations have altered in the wake of changing communication dynamics. And this is also why healthcare facilities need to advance according to the varying needs of the customers. Marketing professionals can help analyze the expectations of potential customers and devise appropriate strategies for webpage creation. Additionally, they can also link the webpage to the overall promotional campaign. Often your customers may fall in the adult age category who are usually not very tech-savvy. And this is why user needs must come into consideration when building the webpage. The website needs to have a user-friendly interface and have minimum complexities. It is one aspect where marketing professionals can play an imminent role.


After you build an interactive webpage, the next step for marketing experts is to optimize it. Today customers use the internet to search for whatever they need. Therefore, if they need to find the nearest eye physician, they will log on to the internet and search. Now, the marketing professionals working for you will be responsible for optimizing your webpage to appear on the top of all searches. This way, you will have higher chances of increasing website traffic and scoring new customers.

Search engine optimization is the trendiest marketing tool these days. Marketers use several tactics to ensure you get a place on the first page of search engine results. These often get done by designing the webpage appropriately, creating online blogs, or other useful content. Whatever suits your marketing strategy; however, it is one of the areas where marketing professionals can offer their expertise and play a vital role.


The reputation of a healthcare facility is of crucial importance. For example, will you ever choose to go to a hospital that recently had a case of patient mishandling? You will surely not. We hand our lives to healthcare professionals. We expect them to exercise extreme caution and care when dealing with health-related issues. It is a risky choice, so customers often take several recommendations before deciding which doctor or healthcare expert to consult for treatment.

Hospitals need to ensure that their online presence and reputation is excellent. A single negative review can taint the reputation manifold and make people fear the facility. And this is why keeping a check on online presence and addressing issues as soon as they arise is imperative. Marketing professionals are apt to handle customer satisfaction and recouping situations where satisfaction levels are low. Marketing professionals can tackle, compensate, apologize, and cover up the situation before such cases create a bad name for the healthcare facility.


Social media is now the hub of most marketing activities. The majority of people today use these internet platforms since they provide a vast customer pool to target. You can gather customer testimonials, physician interviews, create webinars, or any other useful content that grabs your customer’s attention. Such content is often a great way to create awareness among your potential customers regarding your business. Once your customer knows you, they can quickly look into what you offer and how you are performing. It is the first step towards gaining new clients.

Marketing professionals can help devise social media marketing strategies and utilize it to create new business for your healthcare facility. An absence on social media can prove futile in the days when customers judge you on your online presence. It is imperative to represent your business and that too in a way that favors your organization.


Marketing professionals provide a central role in attracting customers to a business. An organization is nothing without customers, and therefore, marketing is a crucial function in any industry. Healthcare businesses are peculiar; hence, their business functions are also a tad different. Hiring the right professionals can grow your business in the right direction and help provide higher customer satisfaction levels.

Enroll Now: Job Roles after Masters in Management

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Masters in Management|Enroll Now: Job Roles after Masters in ManagementWith the growth of population and the advent of cutting-edge technology to the industrial world, business as a whole is growing massively and rapidly. As a result, the need for skilled workers in management and leadership has developed significantly over the ages and continues to grow even further. They are often the main reason for the industry’s growth, thus being an integral part of the business world.

Undoubtedly, with such employees’ absence, industries’ foundations would fall weak, and their growth would get stunted. With a master’s degree in management, you will help companies overcome their problems and secure your future. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s the perfect win-win opportunity. After qualifying with a diverse variety of skills, such as excellent communication and leadership, there’s no doubt that many job opportunities can open up. Here are a few high-paying and in-demand jobs that you can get with a master’s in management to give you a more in-depth insight into this degree’s true potential.

Management consultant

Employers prefer high standards and qualified employees throughout all branches of business. For this purpose, quality education is of utmost importance; without it, it’s impossible to pursue any of the successful careers. So, before we jump to the main topic, it’s a good idea to secure this essential education by looking further into an online masters in management. It will equip you with the best skills.

Coming back to the topic, a management consultant is one of the most pursued careers by people with a master’s degree in management. The reason is its high-demand and salary in the competitive market. As the name suggests, a management consultant’s key role is to provide expert advice to companies in need. The strategic guidance provided by these managers is to increase the productivity and growth of the company. To develop the best plans and tactics, these managers research extensively and collect numerous data. They identify risks, and issues from their research, carefully creating an effective growth plan. To maximize growth and develop the best strategies possible, management consultants often work in teams, which requires excellent communication skills. They also can function with high authority and responsibility.

Business development manager

Suppose you have a deep interest in supporting businesses in the fastest and most efficient ways possible. In that case, a business development manager is one of the best careers to choose from so many options. In this job, marketing and sales techniques are combined with strategic analysis to generate effective plans to increase revenue. Business development managers usually prioritize increasing business partnerships to help the company increase sales. The task of dealing and negotiating with other companies necessitates them to have excellent communication and dealing skills.

A good understanding of technology is also required by business development managers, which gives them an edge over the competition. Problem-solving skills and the ability to oversee objectives, changes, and goals are essential parts of this manager’s job. All types of companies look for help from this type of management to specialize in technology, finance, education, and many more fields. Besides requiring a master’s degree, this job can prove to be quite successful for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Project manager

When companies and organizations launch a project, they often hire a project manager to execute and develop the project. Therefore, there are chances that these managers are highly responsible. They can work under pressure and lead the project to a successful launch under the specified time. Along with general management skills, project managers possess a wide range of other essential skills, such as resolving conflicts, detecting issues, working in teams, and having excellent communication methods.

The ability to make quick decisions to improve the project is also an integral part of this job. Other tasks carried out by project managers include time management, budget management, risk analysis, and business partnering. To carry out these tasks efficiently, project managers often utilize management software. Thus, being familiar with technology is also required for this job. With a master’s in management, you can take advantage of this high paying and in-demand career.

Financial controller

A financial controller manages everything related to a company’s finance, including tax preparation, handling transactions, and payrolls. These workers must collaborate with all company sectors to understand all financial procedures happening throughout the company. They lead in the preparation of budgets and can prove instrumental in developing monetary policies and strategies. For this reason, they are often known as the lead account of the company. Financial controllers are well-equipped to handle all their tasks effectively, such as analytical, problem-solving, and numerical skills. According to the bureau of labor statistics, 30% of financial controllers get employed by the finance and insurance businesses.

Supply chain manager

Supply chain managers help companies with shipment, manufacturing, and storage of products. They identify risks and issues while assisting a company. Like all managers, they also use research to aid their work and thus develop helpful strategies. All aspects of the manufacturing process are affected by a supply chain manager. Therefore, these managers must know how to influence and communicate with other workers. Keeping a detailed record and generating frequent reports to present to the company are typical responsibilities of a supply chain manager.

Furthermore, they have the responsibility of dealing with external parties, such as suppliers and distributors. The knowledge of dealing with legal documents can be quite useful for this job, as many instances require contracts. With a quality master’s degree in management, you can start your career with a job in supply chain management, which is likely to grow by 9% in 2026.


There’s no doubt that a master’s degree in management can help you secure your future, unlocking a vast majority of jobs that are snowballing in demand. It’s the right time to pursue an education in management to take advantage of this opportunity if you aspire to succeed in the business world.