Benefits of Private Yacht Charter – Exclusive for On-The-Water Cruising Experience

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Benefits of Private Yacht Charter - Exclusive for On-The-Water Cruising ExperienceYou desire an undocked, strategic customer social engagement or executive team building event on a yacht charter with private crew and explore the South of France. Antibes is popular for yachting. As it is near Nice airport, embarking and disembarking charter yacht is easy for tourists cruising towards the South. Therefore, to book a private yacht charter Antibes look for a reliable charter broker. They will even offer expert advice about the key attractions you must see, while cruising.

A private yacht charter Antibes with a whole crew offers a lot of benefits, which you will not enjoy on commercial cruise line. It will offer an exclusive and memorable relationship building meetings on-the-water.

Leave concerns on the land

Before departure, you will need to discuss meal and activities with the crew. Everything from fully stocked bad, food and beverage selection and onboard water equipment [snorkeling gear, kayaks, paddleboards, fishing tolls, etc. will be taken care of prior you arrive.


There will be no itinerary dates or durations pre-planned. The time you go island hopping and come back will depend on you. It does not matter where you desire to undock, take the pleasure in cruising personalized itinerary according to your comfort and convenience. With every sunrise new story needs to be revealed and with every sunset extraordinary memory to be created.

All access passes

With a private yacht, you can easily gain access to pristine beaches and intimate coves, which commercial cruise ships cannot. Moreover, crewed charters can access secluded anchorages and hidden harbors, which self-skippered yachts cannot. It is an all access pass enabling you to enjoy unfiltered views, fresh air and minimal distractions. You can get closer to nature in a very personal way.

No stress of packing

You are accompanied with near and dear people, so there is no concern about dressing, so all-inclusive private charter meeting becomes less stressful in terms of packing. Moreover, you will dine most of the time onboard, so you get a chance to determine the dress code.

Customized menu

With personal gourmet chef to prepare meals onboard as per your preselected menu offers the freedom to dine without any concern about picky eaters, allergies, and dietary restrictions accompanying your meeting cruise. Moreover, all the spirits and meals are selected by you in advance, so you don’t need to struggle with choosing a menu. Just relax as reservation is also not needed.

No boating experience is needed

Fortunately, with private yacht charter you get a trained crew. You don’t need any boating experience because the crew does all the tasks onboard. You enjoy the cruise and VIP services offered.

Unlimited activities

While it is warm, you can go snorkeling and explore the underwater. Take spouses and significant others kayaking or you can even enjoy a cooking class from onboard gourmet chef. The yacht will also be equipped with latest technology for entertainment. You can even plan a wild night on the shore in some foreign city and return back but let the captain and crew know about your whim. They will cooperate happily!

With private yacht charter, indulge and relish a dream meeting!

Hosting A Corporate Awards Event

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Corporate Award Ceremony|Hosting A Corporate Awards EventA company award ceremony is definitely something to get excited about. It is a chance for everyone to leave their work self at the door and unleash their glitzy and glamorous side. Nonetheless, in order to put on an award ceremony to rival the Oscars, you need to put an extensive amount of planning into place. This blog post will help you with that. Read on to discover some useful planning tips.

Choosing the right venue for such an important event

The most important attribute of any successful award ceremony is the venue. Go for a typical award ceremony venue. This means those that boast high ceilings, no sound restrictions, and an extravagant appearance with seats arranged in a banquet setting. There are lots of great award ceremony venues depending on where in the world you are based. Of course, the big cities tend to have the best places. For example, in London, including; Old Billingsgate, the Auditorium at the Mermaid, the Pavilion at the Tower of London, Building Six at the O2 and Plaisterers’ Hall. In New York, some of the more unique venues include the likes of the Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, and The Museum of Modern Art. A quick search online will enlighten you to some of the best and most suitable venues for you.

Inviting your guests

Once you have booked the venue it is time to invite all of your guests. Make sure the invitations are as glamorous as the event will be. This sets the tone and gets people excited about the occasion. A great idea is to wrap the invitations in luxurious silk ribbon. This always looks fantastic. And don’t forget to state the dress code; only black tie will do when it comes to an award ceremony.

Awards and prizes

You will also need to deal with the award categories and prizes. When selecting a prize it is always recommended to go for a traditional trophy type product. You can get some specially made to suit your company. This is a great way of branding your business too. You will need to come up with a fair way of the winner being selected. Use various methods if you’d prefer. Let your customers vote for some awards, your employees vote for others and a prestigious judging panel for the rest.

Who is going to host your award show?

In addition to this, you will need to find the perfect host for the event. This can prove to be a little bit tricky. Do you go for someone who is well known at your company and so all the guests will be familiar with? This makes the occasion more personable and warm. However, not everybody is willing to partake in a bit of hosting, nor is this the applicable choice for all businesses. Therefore, you will need to hire an outside host. Make sure you take the time to seek someone who is experienced and qualified. They need to act like they know what they are talking about at all times; not merely reading off autocue.

The logistics of the event

There is no denying that hosting any sort of event can be difficult to manage. This is especially the case if you are hosting an award show that is large in size. You need to coordinate all of your staff members and services, and you have matters like security too. Good staffing software can really prove invaluable here. Or, you may want to consider looking for an outside events management company, with their own technology, to take over this for you.


And finally, make sure you choose some good entertainment for the evening. You can’t just give award after award after award. You need to make it more exciting than this. There are lots of fantastic entertainers to choose from. You could have a comedian for one stint, a band for the next, and then circus performers at the end. It is entirely up to you. But a diverse selection ensures everyone is kept happy.

If you follow the advice given in this article then you will have no trouble hosting the perfect award ceremony. The Oscars better watch out!

Magic Motivators to Boost Energy Levels In the Office

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Office Culture|Magic Motivators to Boost Energy Levels In the OfficeWhen people drag their feet into work on a Monday morning it seems like there is no way to bring the energy levels back up. Of course not every office is going to be perfect but you could do a lot of things to keep your workforce happy. With regards to employee motivation, you need to start thinking creatively and get the ball rolling with some fresh ideas. Whether you subscribe to a reward scheme or you organize a team away day, this could be your recipe to higher energy in the office.

Rewards and Recognition

One of the best ways to improve the energy and motivation in the office is to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Surprise HR ( has reinvented employee recognition and rewards using the power of surprise. If you think your office could benefit from this sort of scheme then start exploring your options today. When you are able to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, you will be giving them a mini motivation boost every single day.

Free Fruit Day

This is a simple and low cost way to put a smile on your employees faces every now and again. Once a week you could invest in a fresh fruit delivery from a local farm shop. Not only will you be helping a local business, but you will also be encouraging your employees to be healthy. Somebody who has snacked on a banana or an apple mid afternoon is much more likely to have a productive day than a worker who hits the vending machine for a sugar hit.

Team Lunch

You should never underestimate the power of a team lunch. Not only does this give them the opportunity to let loose and chat in a relaxed environment, but it also shows them you care. Treat your star team members to lunch or even a gift voucher for a local restaurant on pay day. This regular treat will become a huge motivating factor so your workforce are more likely to do well.

Away Day Fun

Employee away days are very common in small and large businesses. It gives you time away from the office and allows everybody to get to know each other in a fresh environment. Away days can come in a variety of different forms, depending on the industry you are working in. It might be appropriate to head to a local event and listen to a guest speaker. Maybe your team could benefit from a relaxing day out together to avoid the high stresses in the office. Think of an away day that is suitable for your individual business.

Sometimes a little can go a very long way when it comes to pleasing your employees. A piece of free fruit in the middle of the week or an unexpected lunch on a Friday night just be all you need to keep your workforce happy and smiling. Rewarding your employees for their hard work will not only improve the mood in the office, but it will also help you to retain staff, saving you money in the long run.

When To Check a Potential Employee’s Credit

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Employee Background Check | Employee Credit Check | When To Check a Potential Employee's CreditAs a hiring manager, you want to ensure you interview and employ the best workers possible. Naturally, you spend plenty of time reading resumes, contacting candidates, and performing thorough interviews. However, what you might not realize is that you sometimes need to perform a credit check on potential employees. Check out this quick guide to help you decide when to do so.

Job Positions That Benefit From Credit Checks

Employee credit checks are most common when a company is hiring someone who will directly deal with either the company’s finances or the clients’ finances. This may include people who work in upper management, call center representatives for banks and credit card companies, accountants, and more. Some employers even perform credit checks on the store clerks who run the cash registers.

What To Look For

When it comes to what to look for when performing a credit check on potential employees, it is really up to you. Most hiring managers first look for current or past bankruptcies as well as consider how many delinquent accounts the potential employee has. More scrupulous employees may also consider how much the person owes on mortgages or in student loans. Keep in mind that a credit report won’t always tell the whole story, though. If the candidate looks good otherwise, feel free to interview them to find out more information.

Make Sure It’s Legal

Before you spend money on a credit check services for employers, make sure you can legally look into your employees’ credit histories. Some cities and states don’t allow you to do so at all. In the ones that do, you must follow a protocol. This includes getting written approval to do the credit check from the potential employee, not looking further back than 10 years into the history, and providing the employee with a copy of the report you receive if he or she requests it.

While it is important to research a potential employee’s credit history if he or she will deal with any of your company’s financial information, keep in mind that poor credit doesn’t necessarily need to be a deal breaker. Remember to go with your gut feeling and to look at other important factors when choosing your new employees.

Tips for finding the perfect hire?

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Anthony Fletcher | Tips for finding the perfect hire?

Finding someone perfect is one of the most difficult things one has today. Not only in terms of business but also generally in life. Whether it is your friends, your life partners or anyone, this is a pretty tough decision to make as it involves judging someone. It surely is hard but if done right it is not impossible and can be very easy.

To hire the perfect individual, you must look for their qualities and traits that can be of your benefit. Judging a fish for the ability to climb a tree is not the way to go. What you really have to do is focus on what they are applying for. For instance, if you are hiring a person looking to be a sales manager, focus on their communication skills and their thinking skills. What you do not have to focus on is how well the person knows the bookish definition. Those are important to some extent but are not the entire criteria. Same goes for innovations and technology. You need to find someone who is creative and thinks outside the box. Remember that there are millions of people who read the same books to become something, only those are truly successful who implement their knowledge in unique ways. What you have to look for is the quality of work in a person.

The perfect hire would be someone who clicks with you. Someone who picks up the pace as fast as you can. If someone is too slow then you will have an extra burden on your shoulder where you will have to spoon feed that person through everything. A hire is someone who should do the opposite of that. It is someone who is there to clean up the mess with you and be someone who makes your force strong. For that, you need to find a good match for your team. A person who is too fast and too initiative can also cause problems. This is because such people do not have the flexibility to mold and that is something very important when working with a team. Therefore, team management and team spirit is something which each perfect hire must have.

A person who is not willing to take risks is not ready for a job. This does not mean that you need to look for reckless behavior, this means that a perfect hire should have a very strong personality. If there is something that they are sure of would work in the benefit of the company and would cause no harm to it, they should take that chance instead of waiting for someone higher in the hierarchy to do it. This happens when your potential employee is sharp enough to do so. This brings us to another important quality which is being street smart. A perfect hire should be good with statistics, he should also be well educated with all concepts clear but what he absolutely needs to have is the ability to use all that in the best way. Knowing everything is easy but acting on it is not. Thus, you must look for these things in a hire.

A good screening system is what saves you from a lot of trouble. If this is not good then you can lose all the good potential hires and end up with the ones who aren’t suitable for that position. This is why you must make sure that everyone who is involved in the procedure of screening the best candidates has a clear idea as to what you are looking for so that they keep an eye out for the best of the lot. All of this sounds pretty corporate but this is because we are using corporate terms for all this. Every decision in life is made like that if we think about it. We narrow down the decision and then choose what is best. Due to this reason, it is very important to check for everything like this in the business world. The potential candidates should be the ones who truly deserve and those who actually fit and those who are willing to work as the company works.

Commitment is also a very important thing you should look for. If the hire lacks commitment that means that they will give you a tough time ahead. They will slack at work and will also not take their work seriously. Look for commitment and the rest will fall in place as well.

About the Author

StrategyDriven Expert Contributor | Anthony FletcherAnthony Fletcher, Sr is a former athlete and current business expert. He is the owner and president of My Future Consulting, Inc and Integrity Sports Agency and has over two decades of experience in executive management, innovative solutions, staff building, and recruitment. His consulting firm, founded on the philosophy that people are the most important part of a company, has revolutionized the future of staffing.