StrategyDriven’s power generation professionals advise executives and managers at dozens of Fortune 500, government, and large regional utilities on how to best achieve increasing levels of safe, reliable, and efficient power plant operations.

Our Advisors

StrategyDriven advisors possess ‘stood the watch’ nuclear power generation experience:

  • leading day-to-day nuclear plant operations,
  • supervising refueling and maintenance activities, and
  • overseeing infrequently performed tests and evolutions

Our nuclear professionals have been awarded top industry licenses, certifications, and qualifications:

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Senior Reactor Operator License
  • U.S. Navy Chief Nuclear Engineer Officer Qualification
  • U.S. Navy Engineering Officer of the Watch Qualification
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Operations Plant Operations Evaluator Qualification
  • U.S. Navy, Level 400 Incident Commander – FEMA Incident Command System
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training Event Investigator Certification
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training Instructor and Facilitator Certification
  • Project Management Institute Project Management Professional Certification
  • U.S. Navy Naval Sea Systems Command Industrial Project Superintendent

Additionally, StrategyDriven‘s nuclear professionals have long supported the nuclear industry through co-authorship of performance improvement articles and nuclear industry standards and guidelines documents including:

  • Improving safety and reducing costs in the power and utilities sector: Five steps to a more effective relationship between work management and supply chain, Ernst & Young LLP, 2012
  • Responding to a Black Swan – Principles and protocols for responding to unexpected, catastrophic events, Ernst & Young LLP, 2011
  • Nuclear Renaissance and the Global Supply Chain: Avoiding pitfalls, realizing benefits, Public Utilities Fortnightly, 2010
  • Nuclear Renaissance: Making the Business Case for New Nuclear Plants, Deloitte Consulting LLP, 2009
  • Reducing Lifecycle Expenditures: Total cost of ownership accounting optimizes long-term costs, Public Utilities Fortnightly, 2009
  • Performance Objectives and Criteria, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, 2003
  • Principles for Effective Operational Decision-Making, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, 2001
  • Guidelines for the Conduct of Operations at Nuclear Power Stations, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, 2001
Our Client Experience

StrategyDriven’s nuclear professionals advise executives and managers at dozens of nuclear, coal, natural gas, and hydro electric generation utilities around the world; helping them define organizational needs and develop and manage the complex, mission critical projects needed to improve operational effectiveness and lower costs.

United States
30 nuclear power plants from 18 utilities
18 U.S. nuclear powered naval vessels
1 coal-fired fossil power plant from 1 utility
1 natural gas delivery system from 1 utility
4 nuclear power plants from 4 utilities
1 nuclear power plant from 1 utility
1 U.S. nuclear powered naval vessel
United Kingdom
2 natural gas-fired power plants from 1 utility
Central & South America
1 hydro dam from 1 utility
1 diesel generator power station from 1 utility
Our Methods and Tools

StrategyDriven focuses on business performance improvement…

Our Leadership Team

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