Welcome to StrategyDriven’s Maximizing the Value of Business Performance Assessments Online Training Series

Surviving and thriving in today’s hyper-competitive market requires a deep understanding of your organization’s performance improvement opportunities and the barriers hindering growth. So the question becomes, do you routinely receive these insights from your business performance assessment program?

All too often, the answer to that question is No. What we find is that leaders receive mountains of raw data but they and their people don’t know how to process it into meaningful, actionable information.

Ask yourself:

  • Has your organization’s performance stalled?
  • Do the problems you think are fixed frequently recur?
  • Are you implementing fixes to the underlying problem causes or just fixing what appears to be broken at the moment?

The truth is, you can learn how to identify the underlying problem causes and insightful performance improvement opportunities that, when addressed, are key to your organization achieving next-level performance.

In StrategyDriven’s Maximizing the Value of Business Performance Assessments online training series, we show you:

  1. Lesson 1: Information Development Model – the structure of information from data to insight
  2. Lesson 2: Yellow Sticky Analysis – StrategyDriven’s yellow sticky analysis method transforming data to insight
  3. Lesson 3: Three Whys Deep – how to get to a three whys deep understanding of problem causes
  4. Lesson 4: Use of Experience – how to properly use experience when analyzing data, and
  5. Lesson 5: Maximizing Assessment Value – other concepts and methods for maximizing assessment value

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