Visionary leadership and strong management drives successful organizations. When leading an organization, these characteristics combine to advance the vision, align decisions with the mission, and do so in a manner consistent with organizational values.

StrategyDriven Knowledge CenterStrategyDriven‘s Leading with Impact Knowledge Center provides practical advice, tools, and practices for addressing everyday leadership issues and management challenges. Our common-sense advice and practical insights will help emerging and expert executives and managers quantifiably improve job performance and mission critical business results.

About the StrategyDriven Expert Contributor

The StrategyDriven Leading with Impact Knowledge Center is co-presented with Roxana (Roxi) Hewertson, CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. An expert in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development/Effectiveness, and Talent Management, Roxi works with an exclusive group of clients; providing intensive one-on-one guidance and feedback to launch or course-correct women and men who have a deep desire to make a difference in their organizations, lives, communities, and the world. Through her latest book, Lead Like it Matters… Because it Does (McGraw-Hill October 2014) and her award winning on-line leadership course accessible at, leaders can get the answers they need to challenges they face every day. To read Roxi’s complete biography, click here