An integral part of the learning organization’s evaluation and control program, the corrective action program provides a single repository for recording the details associated with adverse events and work/service requests. As such, the program provides a consolidated view of issues and requests; enabling the collective prioritization, resourcing, and monitoring of the organization’s response activities.
StrategyDriven Corrective Action Program ForumCorrective action programs encompass the identification, reporting, evaluation, resolution, and trending of issues and requests. Unique program elements enable successful execution of each phase including:

  • Identification – Personnel at all levels of the organization recognize conditions deviating from established standards and expectations, adverse trends and events, and other needs for action.
  • Reporting – Individuals identifying conditions meeting established issue and/or request reporting criteria notify the appropriate managers verbally and in writing, via condition reports, of the situation.
  • Evaluation – Qualified personnel assess each reported issue and request individually and collectively to establish its priority and identify needed corrective actions and due dates, typically documented within a work and/or service order(s). Initial assessments are commonly performed by the responsible on-duty supervisor and later validated by a cross-functional management team. In-depth causal evaluations are performed for significant issues in order to identify corrective actions to prevent recurrence.
  • Resolution – Management reviews, approves, assigns resources, and monitors response actions assigned to issue and request resolution. Management’s actions are commonly documented on the associated work/service order(s).
  • Trending – Metrics and associated management reports provide a picture of overall performance based on tags characterizing each condition report and work/service order.

As illustrated by the Information Development Model, condition reports belong to the first tier of performance data refinement. Performance reports at this level represent basic, raw data that needs to be integrated with other data sources in order to enable basic trend identification and analysis. Human knowledge and experience is needed to make this raw data collectively insightful.

Focus of the Corrective Action Program Forum

An organization’s corrective action program plays a key role in identifying the corrective actions to day-to-day issues and requests needed to support continued operations and improve performance. Materials in this forum are dedicated to discussing the leading practices of companies successfully executing a corrective action program in support of strategic and tactical business operations. The following articles, podcasts, documents, and resources cover those topics critical to a strong corrective action program.


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