People conceive things. People make things. People interact with your customers. People are your company’s most important asset.
StrategyDriven Talent Management ForumTalent management is about the acquisition, development, and retention of those high-quality employees needed to ensure your organization’s success. Specifically, these three programs represent:

  • Talent Acquisition: identification of near and long-term personnel knowledge, skills, and experiences needed combined with the effective search, vetting, and signing-on of employees whose backgrounds meet these needs
  • Talent Development: enhancement of employee knowledge, skills, and experiences so to prepare a sufficient number of individuals to meet the organization’s near and long-term talent needs as circumstances dictate
  • Talent Retention: creation of a workplace environment that attracts and retains the highly talented individuals needed for the organization’s success while concurrently ensuring the departure of those personnel not contributing sufficient value to the organization

Focus of the Talent Management Forum

The Talent Management Forum’s collection of articles podcasts, and tools represents those principles, best practices, and warning flags associated with the establishment and ongoing maintenance of a highly effective talent acquisition, development, and retention programs.


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Best Practices

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