Without adequate sales, any organization will fail – yet even star sales persons experience low conversion rates and long sales cycles. And with today’s abundance of easily accessible product pricing and performance information these individuals face increasing pressure to lower product costs and increase value. With the company’s future on the line, the question becomes: How can sales professionals increase sales, protect margins, and avoid the race to the bargain basement?

StrategyDriven’s Consultative Selling Knowledge Center focuses on the consultative selling tools and techniques executives, managers and sales professionals can use to improve their organization’s sales effectiveness; helping them increase their product and service value and convert more potential customers into buying clients. During the five part podcast series comprising this knowledge center, we focus on:

  1. Action Selling examines the method for establishing and building business relationships; enabling sales professionals to better engage and understand their client’s needs in order to provide greater value and increase sales.
  2. Selling Your Price further explores how the Action Selling process is used to help clients understand they are not purchasing a commodity product but rather one that is highly differentiated by the value you and your company offer.
  3. Questions: The Answer to Sales explores how asking questions enables salespeople to better understand their client’s needs and align their product or service offerings to fulfill those needs; establishing the salesperson as a value-adding consultant rather than a commodity seller.
  4. Masters of Loyalty explores how professional salespeople can move customers beyond being merely satisfied to true loyalty such that they have stopped shopping and are highly resistant to competitors’ appeals.
  5. Sales Strategy from the Inside Out examines how businesses employing a consultative sales method realize dramatically increased revenues.

About the StrategyDriven Expert Contributor

The StrategyDriven Consultative Selling Knowledge Center is co-presented by Duane Sparks, Chairman and Founder of The Sales Board, a Minneapolis-based strategic sales training company that has trained and certified more than 350,000 salespeople in more than 3,000 groups in the system and skills of Action Selling. He has written five sales books, personally facilitated more than 300 Action Selling training sessions and continues to engage in the business and art of the strategic sales process. To read Duane’s complete biography, click here.