Organizational values establish the boundaries of decision-making and the norms of individual behavior; profoundly impacting the way an organization conducts business. When admirable and commonly shared, values bind together the organization’s executives, managers, and employees; creating an engaging environment that outsiders will seek to join.

StrategyDriven Business Values ForumsSuccessful organizations are replete with executives, managers, and employees that embody an honorable set of core beliefs in their decisions, actions, and words on a day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year basis. They are uncompromising in their faithfulness to the organization’s values even at the risk of personal and financial cost. Within these organizations, values become self reinforcing between all employees.

The strength of the organization’s values are often evident by the codification of commonly held values within corporate policies and procedures, the superseding of corporate policies and procedures conflicting with ingrained values, the determining of rewards and recognition based on the corporate values, and the shaping of interactions between employees and with customers as defined by these beliefs. For better or for worse, values define the organization’s character and its behavior.

Materials in the Values forums are dedicated to examining the principles, best practices, and warning flags associated with infusing the organization with praise-worthy beliefs that are reflected in executive and managerial decision-making and employee actions within the following topical areas:

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