Change is indeed occurring. Leaders who can motivate and inspire their employees to embrace change give their organization a significant competitive advantage. Those who do not place their organization at significant risk of becoming irrelevant.

change management“The number of transistors and resistors on a chip doubles every 18 months.”

Gordon Moore
co-Founder , Intel
Originally published in Electronics Magazine, April 19, 1965

When Gordon Moore made this famous comment, there were approximately 60 devices on an Intel chip. Four decades later, Intel placed 1.7 billion transistors on its Itanium chip; proving Moore’s Law to be fairly accurate.

Only a few things occur with certainty and one of those is change. Technology changes flattened the world and gave us access to individuals living thousands of miles away. And it did so in less than two decades. As business leaders, we no longer compete with local, regional, or domestic providers; we are challenged by rivals from Europe, India, China, and Japan.

Advances in technology altered the social fabric of the workplace too. While cell phones, email, and social networking connect us almost instantaneously from almost anywhere on the planet, medical breakthroughs enable us to live longer, more productive lives; bringing together four generations of employees in our workforce – each with differing values, goals, and needs.

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Materials contained within the Change Management Forum provide insight to the principles of change management as well as the best practices of those leaders recognized as top performers in this area. Each article is tailored to help readers improve their organization’s change management policies and practices so to achieve superior results and move ahead of the competition.


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