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Organization members share a collective values system reflected in managerial decisions, individual behaviors, and codified within operating procedures. These values are shaped by both individual beliefs and collective experiences. Taken together, these values form the corporation’s culture.

StrategyDriven Introduction to Corporate Cultures | StrategyDriven Corporate Cultures ForumCorporate culture contributes or detracts from the organization’s success. Regardless of the company’s written objectives, the existing culture will drive the critical decisions and actions that ultimately determine whether or not these goals will be achieved. Therefore, it is not only important to critically and honestly identify the organization’s culture but to also assess the organization’s ability to achieve its mission goals via its chose strategy in light of its culture. Where gaps exist, either the culture or strategy must be changed in order to achieve optimal success.

Finally, it is important to recognize that there is no ‘right’ culture and that no one set of organizational values is superior to another. Rather, differing cultures each present a unique set of benefits and liabilities that should be identified, understood, and incorporated into the organization’s planning and execution process so to ensure optimal organizational effectiveness.

Focus of the Corporate Cultures Forum

Materials within this forum will address the methods to identify the organization’s values and the various value sets, their benefits and their drawbacks.


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