StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article | How Everyone in Leeds Can Learn to Become More Sustainable

How Everyone in Leeds Can Learn to Become More Sustainable

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article | How Everyone in Leeds Can Learn to Become More SustainableThe choices that you make on a day to day basis can affect the environment around you. It’s true that this isn’t new information, but some people may find it hard to adopt a more sustainable option, especially since you are always surrounded by plastic, use cars as a mode of transportation, rely on electricity and so on.

For everyone to learn how to become more sustainable, they need to change some of their daily habits. Whether it’s saving energy, finding different modes of transportation, reducing, reusing and recycling, and adopting sustainable fashion options, there is always something that you can do.

Save Energy at Home

Turning off the lights when they are no longer in use, embracing natural light during the day and finding a more environmentally friendly light bulb are all ways that you can save energy within the home and even save money on your monthly electricity bill at the same time.

Nowadays, there are more solar powered alternatives that you can purchase than ever, and these can further help you lower your carbon footprint.

Modes of Transportation

Often the car is the go-to mode of transportation for people depending on where you live, but have you ever thought about some of the alternatives?

Biking is not only good for the environment but it’s healthy and taking the bus or train to where you need to go will also allow you to save money on petrol or diesel. Plus, public transportation gives you an opportunity to read a book while you are on the journey!

If you live close enough to your workplace or are even nearby your local supermarket, you could walk to your destination. If the weather is nice, why not?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the three R’s that everyone should live by. Already, the world’s landfills are overflowing, and plastic is often winding up in the ocean. The three R’s is part of the answer to this problem.

There are companies that you can call to assist with your waste management, no matter where you are located in the UK. Additionally, some companies will ensure they don’t take the rubbish to landfills, but rather minimise the environmental impact of your waste disposal needs.

Sustainable Fashion

Many adopt a ‘fast-fashion’ mentality, but sustainable fashion is so much better for you and the environment alike. The next time you want to purchase a new garment to add to your wardrobe, why not visit a charity shop or a vintage shop to see what you could find? You will not only end up buying something unique, but you know that you are also purchasing something that is high quality and long-lasting.

The big underlying question could be, why should everyone care about adopting the sustainable option? The fact of the matter is, the choices that you make now will not only affect your life but the future generations as well. That is why adopting an eco-friendlier lifestyle will benefit everyone, and the good news is that you can always start small, such as some of the tips mentioned thus far.


StrategyDriven Organizational Performance Measures Article | Managing the Power and Promise of High-Performance Computing

Managing the Power and Promise of High-Performance Computing

StrategyDriven Organizational Performance Measures Article | Managing the Power and Promise of High-Performance ComputingAs we battle global threats, from COVID-19 to global warming, achieving new heights in data analysis will enable new solutions to world problems. The next major milestone in High Performance Computing (HPC) is “exascale”: over one billion billion calculations per second. These new exascale systems combine the latest technologies in AI, engineering and science, to achieve performance faster than any supercomputer before. But perhaps most surprisingly, these computers will use technology from videogames to achieve this goal.

In 2019, Hyperion Research predicted 26 exascale and near-exascale HPC systems to be deployed between 2020 and 2025, with spending increasing to $39 billion in 2023. Hyperion also estimated that HPC applied to artificial intelligence (AI) would experience an almost 30 percent compound annual growth rate. The largest HPC systems are being created by government institutions and referred to as Exascale systems. Managing this computing power will pose a challenge.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Companies have been using a variety of processor architectures over the years. In the past, normal CPUs have been able to achieve high performance if enough of them are connected together in a supercomputer. But, over the last few years, graphics processors (GPUs, a technology from videogames) have become increasingly the only way of achieving very high levels of performance.

Companies realized that none of these approaches were viable in the long term, especially in an era when many new processor architectures were available for accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions and increasingly demanding benchmarks were required. CUDA was widely adopted and providing an excellent solution, but it was not an open standard and therefore an alternative was required which would provide all the benefits of CUDA but with an ecosystem of developers and multiple hardware suppliers.

Forced Standard Created ‘Square Pegs’ Dilemma

Historically, supercomputers like Jaguar and Titan used a mix of CPUs and GPUs to reach high levels of performance in a supercomputer. But the programming model suffered loss of separation of concerns and could not remain stable. The problem was, building a mix of CPUs and GPUs in a supercomputer (called “heterogeneous processing”) creates. So a new standard was created. But with heterogeneous computing, one can’t simply add a few annotations (called “pragmas”) in a few performance-critical areas of the software to solve inherent problems. One needs to think holistically to drastically improve performance and programmability. OpenMP and OpenACC, which were originally designed for parallel computing using multi-core, were heroically adapted for heterogeneous computing using the OpenMP pragma model but it was weak in the areas of separation of concerns, error handling, and object oriented resource management, which were in demand by the newest generation of code. The CUDA programming model failed to meet expectations because it was proprietary to Nvidia’s hardware and locked enterprises into a vendor.

Clearly Defined Standards Take a Stand

There is a momentum of movement towards SYCL, a Khronos® open-standard alternative, providing many of the standard C++ programming needs of scientists and other programmers. Companies like Codeplay have, in effect, reset the playing field. By clearly leading the definition of standards, companies can now use the same standard programming model with non-Nvidia processors, as well as Nvidia GPUs. This sets a new high-water mark for standardized heterogeneous computing, ideal for enterprises that employ accelerated processors. The goal is to leverage the open standard, which has long been a requirement of high-performance computing as their workload can last 20 years while their hardware can change every five years.

Agile HPC Software Solutions

Codeplay’s Acoran® platform integrates all industry-standard technologies needed to accelerate complex software. It provides platform-level integration between processors, open-source frameworks, and standard programming models that finally allow users to develop their own custom accelerated software.

Acoran combines the open programmability and a wide feature-set of proprietary solutions like NVIDIA’s CUDA, with the open-source, future-proof, standards-based flexibility of the Intel supported oneAPI. This allows Acoran to be easily adopted by processor vendors for new accelerator processors as well as software developers seeking high performance for their innovative algorithms.

The world of HPC is rapidly expanding. Some will adopt an in-house approach; others will seek refuge in cloud-based solutions. But the need for standards-based easy-to-integrate solutions will always remain a top priority.

About Codeplay

A world pioneer in acceleration technologies, Codeplay Software continues to develop effective tools that enable complex software to be accelerated using graphics processors. Codeplay has long recognized the need to address a market looking for standards-based solutions — solutions that are easy to integrate between multiple vendors. The company works with the world’s leading technology businesses to build advanced intelligence into devices ranging from smartphones to self-driving cars. For more information, visit

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Post-Covid|Managing Your Business Better In A Post-COVID World

Managing Your Business Better In A Post-COVID World

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Post-Covid|Managing Your Business Better In A Post-COVID WorldThe battle with COVID-19 is far from over. There is a long way to go before the world can confidently say that it has a handle on the virus and that life can return to normal. However, many businesses are cautiously looking towards the future, and how they can adapt the way that they work in light of the pandemic, and the changes that we may have to make in the future.

The way we work has changed completely. While most companies were already moving towards being digital, this has accelerated the process somewhat. What other changes can you implement in a post-COVID world to help you to manage your business better?

Take feedback on board

It can be difficult to ask for feedback. After all, no one wants to hear what they are doing wrong, even if it is for the good of their business, but it really can make a significant difference.

The most obvious place to start with this is on your reviews and social media pages. If the same comments and criticisms about a particular product or business product keep cropping up, take heed and do something about it.

However, you can also create a focus group, made up of your target audience, and ask them what they think you are doing well and where they think you could improve. Above all else, take the feedback on board. Customers like to know that their opinions matter, so show them and tell them of the improvements that you have made based on their feedback.

Outsource tasks

Small business owners wear so many hats, and sometimes, one can slip and make the whole thing fall apart. Stop trying to do everything yourself and outsource. What is the point of you sitting there staring at a spreadsheet full of numbers that you do not understand when you can search for things like ‘a bookkeeper near me’ to do the hard work for you – and do it better!

Aim for a better work-life balance

If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is that nothing is more important than our health. When you are not healthy, you can’t work as productively or efficiently as you could, so it is not only in the best interests of yourself and your family to stay healthy, but your business too.

One of the biggest health issues affecting business owners is burnout. As mentioned above, they wear so many hats and try to do so many things that you can end up burning out, which can be terrible for our health. Make sure you take time to be you, and not just a business owner.

Stay positive

We are in a situation like no other, and no one has any idea what the future is going to hold. There are undoubtedly going to many challenges in the road ahead, and sometimes, you may well feel like quitting. However, try to stay positive. You are far from the only person or business experiencing feelings like this, and while some will end up closing, many will survive, and come back stronger than ever.

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Link Building|7 Link Building Strategies To Try Today

7 Link Building Strategies To Try Today

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Link Building|7 Link Building Strategies To Try TodayLooking for the best link building strategies? Trying to develop a powerful external link building strategy?
If you’re looking for ways to boost the presence of your website in search engines, then it’s important to realize that building backlinks will be critical. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to get backlinks to your site and many website owners don’t know where to start.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Here are 7 easy link building strategies that you should try today.

1. Ask Directly

One of the top link building strategies you can use to get backlinks for your website is to try asking for them directly.
For example, if there is already a mention of your website elsewhere on the web but no link is included, you may want to ask the website owner to add one. You may also want to check for broken links that are directed towards online resources and offer your own content as a replacement.

2. Write a Guest Post

Guest posting is another tried-and-true way to get a backlink to your website.

With this strategy, you’ll offer to write a blog post for another website or blog. In return, they’ll often link back to your site or let you add links to your site within the article itself.

3. Create Shareable Content

Believe it or not, simply writing great content and posting it on your site is a great way to gain backlinks.

By writing content that is incredibly sharable and provides valuable information, it will be more likely that other site owners will discover it and link to it as a resource.

4. Call Out An Influencer

One of the best ways to get links naturally is by directly calling out some of the bigger names in your industry. By mentioning an “influencer”, that person may end up checking out your site or even linking back to your original post.

To do this, you may want to write a round-up post that lists the top leaders or bloggers in your industry. Then, make sure that you let each one know about their spot on your list using social media.

5. Make a Killer Infographic

While writing great articles can be helpful for getting backlinks, sharing infographics can be even more effective.

Consider creating an infographic that showcases facts about your industry, and then share it. Infographics are typically chock-full of valuable information and many other bloggers and website owners would often be happy to link to it in a blog post of their own.

6. Post in Forums

If done in a genuine and non-spammy way, posting in forums and sometimes linking to your site can also be helpful for getting backlinks.
While some of the links you’ll post in forums will be no-follow, they can still be very valuable for boosting your backlink profile.

7. Comment on Blogs

Commenting on other blogs on the web and including a link back to your own site can also be a great strategy. Like with forum posts, however, it’s important that you only post in an authentic and down-to-earth way.

Also, ensure that the blogs you’re commenting on are actually relevant to your industry or niche.

Boosting Your SEO With These Link Building Strategies

While there is a lot to think about when attempting to boost your site’s SEO, using these link building strategies should be a big part of the puzzle. By putting in the extra effort to build quality backlinks, your website will likely reap the rewards in the months and years to come.

Looking for more SEO ideas and strategies? Start reading through our blog now to find more helpful SEO tips and advice.

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Start a Painting Business|How to Start a Painting Business From Scratch

How to Start a Painting Business From Scratch

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Start a Painting Business|How to Start a Painting Business From ScratchIf you’re handy with a brush and paint rollers, you may want to consider going into business for yourself as a professional painter. Your startup costs will be negligible and there’s a huge market out there for you. What do you have to lose?

However, you may feel a bit hesitant to jump on this opportunity if you don’t know the first thing about starting a business. Don’t worry, learning how to start a painting business isn’t incredibly difficult. And we’re here to help.

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

1. Research the Local Painting Market

Before you dive headfirst into the professional painting industry, you need to make sure there’s room in your community for your company. You also need to find out more about the costs of doing business, who you’re going to market to, and how much you can expect to earn with your company.

Ask yourself some important questions:

  • What is the local competition like?
  • What are they doing right/wrong?
  • How can I be better/different?
  • Who will I market to?
  • Do I have a niche in the industry?
  • How much money do I need to get started?
  • What are the costs of day to day operations?

Successful businesses are built on in-depth market research.

2. Create a Business Plan

Next, you need to create a business plan to serve both as your business blueprint and as your means of financial assistance. Creditors, lenders, and investors will want proof that you know what you’re doing. They’ll use your business plan to determine your credibility and the potential of your business.

Make sure it includes:

    • An executive summary of the business
    • A description of the business
    • Your market research and analysis
    • The structure of your company (organization and leadership)
    • A description of your services and products
    • Your marketing strategy and analysis of your target audience
    • Your funding requests
    • Financial projections of your business (ranging from the first year to several years)

Don’t skimp on your business plan, there’s a lot riding on it. It needs to be thorough and well-researched.

3. Get Financed

As noted, learning how to start a painting business may mean getting the startup funds you need. With your business plan in hand, apply to your bank for a small business loan. However, if you get rejected here, all is not lost.
There are several other options, such as:

  • Private investors (friends, family)
  • Angel investors
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Personal loans
  • Trade future services for startup funds
  • Etc.

If you have poor credit and bad luck with investors, get creative to earn money to finance your business.

4. Take Care of the Logistics

Once you get the funds you need, you can start taking care of the logistics. For example, you can start procuring the official certifications you need to operate legally. In most states, you need a specific license to be a professional painter on top of the business license you need from the city.

You’ll also need to look into liability insurance for painters. This will protect you financially if you inadvertently cause damage to a customer’s home or business.

5. Start Marketing

Finally, learning how to start a painting business and make it successful means learning how to market to potential customers. You must strive to gain brand recognition within your community. They need to think of your painting business logo when they think of professional painters.

Here are our top marketing suggestions:

  • Build a user-friendly website
  • Perfect your website SEO
  • Get on social media
  • Use PPC and SEM marketing
  • Create a blog on your site

Experiment with different methods of marketing to determine what works best for your business. Don’t be afraid to invest resources in building brand awareness.

Looking for More Tips on How to Start a Painting Business?

Are you new to the world of entrepreneurship? Don’t feel bad, everyone has to start somewhere. Fortunately, there are people like us around to help.

Our blog is designed to help people like you carve their way into the business world. Whether you want to know how to start a painting business or are looking for the best marketing tips, we can provide answers. Be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go.