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Rachelle Zimmerman is the insightful purveyor behind StrategyDriven‘s strategic business planning and tactical execution content. As StrategyDriven‘s Website Editor, she oversees all online content development and publishing.

Rachelle is a connoisseur of various online marketing methodologies. She has consulted with numerous firms and contributed to the development and implementation of their marketing strategies, specifically for search engine optimization and social media marketing, in order to expand their web presence and visibility. Her strategies integrate every aspect of SEO and social media marketing from start to finish.

Rachelle particularly enjoys keyword research for SEO campaigns, since it appeals to her more analytical thought process. Ironically, she also enjoys writing and blogging, both for SEO blogs and in general, for the creative outlet that it provides her. Rachelle’s love of language has served her well both in terms of writing as well as proofreading and editing.

Originally from New Jersey, Rachelle currently attends Bar Ilan University in Jerusalem, Israel.

Rachelle can be contacted at: [email protected]

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