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Sharon Drew Morgen is a thought leader and visionary in the area of change management and decision making. She has developed a change management and decision facilitation model that helps people address the buy-in issues associated with making every decision. Sharon Drew has worked in the field of sales for over 20 years and has trained over 20,000 people to help buyers manage their behind-the-scenes decision issues and buy more efficiently.

As a person thriving with NLD (non-verbal learning disorder), Sharon Drew perceives the world in systems. With this gift, she can hear/feel how change and decision making occur in people-systems and how to influence them in a way that supports buy-in from all elements; thereby enabling congruent change. She has spent the greater part of her life breaking apart her experience in a way that makes it possible for others to learn how to achieve buy-in and enable decision making; an integral component of the decision facilitation model she teaches.

Part of Sharon Drew’s Morgen Buying Facilitation Method® is a decision making model that enables the systemic change necessary for buying, for change management, for negotiating, and for coaching. Complimenting this model is a new form of question that works with targeted brain functions to collect the criteria necessary for decisions making.

For the past 22 years, Sharon Drew has been writing, speaking, training, and consulting with global corporations to help their sales groups as well as offer new win-win negotiation skills, leadership and management skills, and team building skills, all using her Morgen Buying Facilitation Method®. For most of that time, she has worked with visionary managers to bring this new sales paradigm into their organizations. Her work is gaining acceptance by more mainstream sales professionals, especially in the marketing automation and sales enablement fields.

Sharon Drew has written 7 books on Buying FacilitationTM as well as over 1000 articles and 400 blog posts. Her book, Selling with Integrity, was on The New York Times Business Bestseller’s list. Her blog is ranked #6 of all sales/marketing blogs on the net. Sample chapters of Sharon Drew’s work include:

Sharon Drew has a son, George, who suffers from Generalized Torsion Dystonia. As a result, she founded the Dystonia Society in 1984 to help individuals with this neurological disease receive the implements they need to live more comfortably. The Dystonia Society now serves over 10,000 people in Europe and Isreal.

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