Five Ways To Increase Productivity During Business Expansion

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Increase Productivity|Five Ways To Increase Productivity During Business ExpansionEvery business aims to achieve and surpass its annual goals. The growth and expansion measure achievement of goals in entrepreneurship. It is a challenging task to steer your company through a new business opportunity. It would be best to focus on the new business and its seamless union with the existing activities. It requires a lot of patience and decision making, which is a crucial factor in business.

You also need the right support system to manage the growing and demanding needs of the company.


When your business expands, you need to change your strategies to align with your new position. It is impossible to use the same resources for the expanded business. You need to analyze and budget afresh according to the new company needs.
The higher the standards, the higher the responsibility. It is essential that you first work on the additional infrastructure that the business will need. It will ensure that It will secure the business’ stable foundation. The infrastructure will ensure that new contracts or products are handled well.

You also need to modify your budget to include the new additions. It ensures that you will be ready if any extra costs will be needed. It would help if you channelled your finances to your highest prioritized department. Make sure your team is in sync with what you expect of them.


As the business grows, the company’s needs increase to satisfy the company’s current needs. The company requires to upgrade and increase its resources to match their current needs. It is sometimes difficult for the growing company to adequately take care of the various departments. Thus, the need to outsource some of its functions like the HR and the IT departments.

Each company must take care of the employees’ welfare. With a big task force in place, it can swamp the HR department in handling all employees’ matters. Hence, the need for outsourcing some of the services. It will save.

You can get a peo company that will take over the HR department and work. It will be responsible for recruiting, maintaining the relieving of the employees. They will deal with any arising issue within the employees. This move will relieve you of the HR department and allow you to concentrate on other company needs.

By outsourcing IT services, you will be assured of quality services. The outsourced company will ensure that you are always digitally protected without extensive worry or hustle. Ensure that you carry out your research in choosing the outsourced companies. Be sure of the quality of services that they offer.

Constant Review

You must keep analyzing the new business’s performance to ensure that you are on the right track. Remember, to analyze the risk factor compared to the benefit of the new business to evaluate its performance and expectation.

Make sure you regularly hold meetings to get reports on how the business is fairing on. The reports will give you an accurate breakdown of the pros and cons of the business. You will know where to improve or make changes for better results.

Advanced Equipment and Tools

You will need additional equipment to meet the increased productivity needs of the company. It would help if you either chose to upgrade or add the tools according to the expected productivity rate. The productivity rate will be determined by the type of business deal that has been acquired. The deal might involve additional quantity, quality or tasks that will affect the production differently.

The cost of the purchase of the new equipment will also influence the time frame of its acquisition. You must quickly and efficiently set up the new department. The finances and decisions to be made will also influence the time taken to merge the businesses.

Data Security and Safety

As your business grows, it is important to secure your data and information. Data security is a vital facet of any business. It would be best if you employed the right techniques to combat any technological threat. There has been an increase in cybercrimes due to the advancements of technology globally. Hackers have devised new ways to hack into the systems.

Any loophole that is left by a network entity can be the weak point in the network. It is important to strengthen the protection against cybercrime. It would help if you also sensitized your employees on the importance of keeping your data safe and secure. Urge your IT department to take stringent measures and continuously update and review their protection methods.

Business growth is the joy of any entrepreneur. However, its responsibilities will overwhelm you if you do not follow the correct procedures. Take each task step by step and work diligently towards greater profits.

How To Streamline Your Law Firm & Achieve Peak Performance

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | How To Streamline Your Law Firm & Achieve Peak PerformanceLaw firms can be fast paced, incredibly challenging places to work and can also be chaotic.

There are a lot of moving parts in a law firm. High volumes of files are constantly floating around, there are many clients that need to be attended to, court dates and legal proceedings are time consuming and at some point the business needs to be managed including financial and marketing management. Needless to say, law firms take a lot of effort to manage them effectively.

A periodic review of ways to streamline your law firm operations can lead to a significant reduction in the chaos. Below you will find a few tips to help get you started.

Utilize Technology

Technology is a huge factor in almost every industry across the globe.

The benefits of heavily utilizing technology cannot be understated for law firms. Well known law firms are frequently the targets of malicious hackers, so the latest state-of-the-art technology is no longer optional, but essential. Effective cybersecurity can safeguard sensitive client data, and make sure that the legal process is never compromised at your firm.

Additionally, cloud storage means all the dreaded paperwork that can litter a law firm never gets misplaced, damaged, lost, or stolen. Ultimately, technology helps make the work less manual. Everything is moving online into shared spaces for easier access yet shielded by encrypted servers and other password locked cyberspaces.

Utilizing software that makes case management more efficient keeps your staff smaller and costs lower. It helps your team focus on the important legal work and not be bogged down in monotonous legal administration.

Consult or Outsource to Expert Marketers

Technology and efficient internal operations also play a crucial role in marketing your law firm.

Marketing can get overwhelming, particularly if your law firm is not well-versed in digital marketing strategies. You can take your broad ideas and filter them through some expert consultants for well-polished results. You guarantee that your online advertising will not distract your internal team and will be the most effective by outsourcing your marketing.

For example, Legal Back Office provides highly regarded law firm management consultancy in marketing, accounting and with key law firm operational areas like intake, billing and case management processes. They can partner with you to define your marketing needs, generating new cases and helping you to make your brand identity as impactful as possible. Legal Back Office is in it for the long haul, drafting technical and strategic solutions for you as long as you need them. They offer a variety of services beyond marketing, making them a key business partner for your law firm.

Limit/Eliminate Time Wasting Practices

Perhaps more than any other business, those dealing in law face constant factors that drain their use of time such as holding too many internal meetings, being dependent on paper client files and having outdated processes requiring more steps than are necessary.

A high volume of and poorly run meetings are a consistent culprit in filling your time. Business Insider notes that people should avoid eliminating them entirely and instead make them more productive. Facilitate meaningful discussions and ensure everyone has the time to raise important issues. Communication in a law firm is vital, but only when every word spoken truly counts for something in a dedicated context. Make your meetings internally count so the real focus can be on case work and meetings with clients.

If your law firm is still overly dependent on a physical client file, this is an area of “low hanging fruit” that when transitioned to a digital process will save your lawyers and staff a significant amount of time. Intake process can also be overly burdened by steps that truly are required to get a client retained by your law firm.

If you feel like your firm could use some tune ups in your processes, working with a law firm consultant like Legal Back Office can help you identify where time is being wasted, develop recommendations for change and even implement those changes. When you are focused on doing client work, attending to business best practices always falls to the bottom of the priority list. Working with Legal Back Office to implement efficiency changes can ensure that you will maximize the results you are able to achieve and to reach peak performance metrics for your firm.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Managed IT Services

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Managed IT Services|Factors to Consider When Choosing Managed IT ServicesTechnology is on the rise in every sector of the world, including the business sector. Technology demands for business have made it a necessity to have a department managing IT. Management of IT has today become a vital aspect of every business.

As a result, most businesses have opted to have an internal IT department to help manage the technical aspects of a business. However, some companies have opted to outsource IT management services from professional managed IT service providers. Being that technology is an integral part of business IT, it is essential to always choose a provider with high levels of skills that will provide you with excellent services. Settling on a provider is not easy because there are numerous managed IT service providers.

Here are some if the important factors that you should consider when choosing a managed IT service provider.


With the high levels of cybercrime, security has become an important aspect of a business. However, ensuring a high-end securing can be difficult and costly. With that in mind, you must choose a service provider that does not just monitor your information system and infrastructure. But you must consider a company that can also offer strategic security plans.

With a rigid and reliable IT security, you can ensure all customer and employee data remain safe and secure. Reliable IT managed services ensure to encrypt your network to prevent people from accessing it not unless with permission. Network encryption also allows you to monitor any activity that is conducted on your network. This gives you a straightforward way to detect suspicious activities, giving you an opportunity to come up with an appropriate measure to counter it. With this, you can guarantee that you can minimize and prevent risks of cybersecurity threats from infecting your IT system and infrastructure.

Due to the nature of their work, IT support providers gain access to sensitive company information and private data. As a result, you should ensure the company has a high level of confidentiality. Or you can limit the extent of information they access to have some discretion. You should identify the initiatives the company will take to guarantee the confidentiality of your sensitive information and customer data.


One of the most essential factors to consider about manage IT companies is their service availability. The company should provide service and support 24/7/365. Quality IT managed services company will provide you with qualified IT personnel to take care of your IT needs on a shifting basis. IT service providers assure constant delivery of top-notch managed IT services through continuous and round the clock IT support.

Determining the availability of the company is crucial. This is because it will help you ascertain how proficient the IT service provider can be. 24/7/365 IT monitoring means that the company will be in a position to offer updates and provide technical support as quickly as possible. On top of this, the constant monitoring of systems also allows them to detect IT related issues in a timely manner before they became a major problem in the organization.

With early detection of problems, your provider will be able to quickly come up with solutions to the problems. This guarantees that your business can prevent worse system problems and IT disasters in the future.

The managed IT service provider you choose must be capable of addressing all your concerns. Apart from 24/7 system monitoring, the company should also provide a responsive service desk where your employees can be able to reach them for support, either through call, email or chat. This allows you staff to have a faster resolution to any IT challenge that they might face, such as problems logging in.


You should always remember business growth when selecting an IT managed services provider. Your business demand today may not be as critical to what your business will have in a few months or years. That is why it is important to hire a service provider that understands your ever-changing business needs.

Reliable and experienced IT managed service providers offer scalable services. This means that their IT services will adapt to all the technical needs of your business. For instance, if the number of employees in your organization increases by a large number, say from 3000 to 4500, the IT service provider should be able to provide you with enough skilled personnel to provide quick and timely resolutions to prevent a decrease in productivity. This allows the It service providers to meet all your IT requirements smoothly and effectively. Through this, you can ensure that your IT system and infrastructure will be able to adapt to the changes as a result of business growth.

Experience and expertise

It is imperative to consider the experience and skill of the company. Should the personnel have the right skills, knowledge and expertise? The IT service company should have a team of professionals in IT who are certified to offer these services, thereby preventing amateur companies from experimenting with your IT infrastructure. Reliable service providers are ones that have successfully handled a number of clients from different industries.

Every industry is unique. Similarly, every organization and company has its own way of handling day to day operations. Consequently, every business has varying and different IT requirements. As a result, you must choose a provider with a proven reputation and experience of handling IT needs of a diverse set of clients. This shows the company can offer unique IT services that your system needs.

Additionally, you should choose a company with the ability to provide cloud back up and data recovery services. Generally, the company should be able to provide solutions to any problems with your network and computers. If you hire a company that does not offer full IT support, then you will have to incur additional costs of hiring a new company or losses from unsatisfied customers or clients.


Outsourcing managed IT services allow you to focus on other vital needs of your business. With the best IT service, you can ensure that your network is secure and stable. This allows you to maintain smooth business operations. You need to ensure you only outsource services from a well proven and reliable company.

5 Tools To Invest In To Help Grow Your Interior Design Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Interior Design Business|5 Tools To Invest In To Help Grow Your Interior Design BusinessAll businesses need the tools to function properly and your interior design business is no different. From handling client queries, managing your team (or yourself) to drafting ideas for the next project, it all requires assistance. Making sure you’ve picked out the best tools for the job is important because it makes your job a lot easier as a result.

With that being said, here are five tools to invest in to help grow your interior design business.

Use 3D Interior Design Software For Clients

When it comes to bringing an idea to life, whether it’s your own or through the client’s own vision, it’s good to see it in a 3D format. For some clients, you may find that showing them a sketch or flat design of their space is not really helping secure they’re faith in you.

However, being able to present them with a close visual of what the space will turn out to be like, is going to be more effective. That’s where a 3D interior design software is going to come in handy because it helps bring that vision to life in the best way.

Picking the right type of software though is a difficult one because there are so many to choose from. It’s all based on what you need and require. For example, you might find one that is affordable due to having multiple employees. Or it could be that you need something more complex in the effects and choice it has when furnishing a 3D space.

You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are many on the market. There are some reputable ones like Foyr Neo for example. This one offers good value for money and it includes a free 14-day trial. As well as incredible design tools and over 50,000 built-in models to pick from.

When investing in your interior design business, having visuals to refer to and work on before putting the plan into action can be very helpful. It can also be the difference between securing another client or having little to no work coming in for the following month.

Showcase Your Portfolio With A Website

As an interior design business, a lot of your business comes down to showing visual examples of your work. When you start out, it may be word of mouth or simply knowing those who’ll happily pay you to design for them.

However, when you create a website to display all your recent work, it can be a great insight for any potential clients to see what you’ve done previously. A website is easy enough to make, especially as there are plenty of platforms that allow you to host and design a basic one at least.

It’s worth getting a designer though to design your website if you’ve not got the technical knowledge to do it. Being able to use your website as a way of promoting your services is something that will come in handy now and further down the line.

You should also utilize your social media platforms too as a way of advertising your interior design business. Connecting this up to your website is great for cross-promotion. Invest in a website and it hopefully secures yourself some additional clients, paying you back time and time again.

If you’re seeking inspiration on what websites to choose for hosting your website on, then Wix and WordPress are all worth looking at. They’re certainly the best place to start when needing reputable platforms that most people use nowadays.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Interior Design Business|5 Tools To Invest In To Help Grow Your Interior Design BusinessOrganize You & The Team With Business Management Software

When handling a team, it’s difficult to manage everyone when you might not all be in the same place at once. With an interior design business, employees might be out meeting clients, sourcing materials and overseeing projects. With that said, there might not be a lot of time spent within the office environment.

What’s needed in that case is a software that you can easily manage the entire business on. This might be a communications platform that’s combined with project management. This combination is usually the best because it allows for your teams to communicate with each other in real-time and to also manage any joint projects.

Keeping the team organized is important and is part of the job that you have as an interior design business. If you’re a solo business owner and have only yourself to look after, then this tool can also be useful for you too. You might want to get one that’s more focused on the project management though.

The better streamlined your business is, the easier everything becomes. There’s plenty of specialized software out there that’s been made specifically for interior designers in mind. From managing projects and crafting reports, it’s good to have as much at your disposal as possible. Automating your time-consuming tasks can also be done when you have a project management system in place.

If you’re trying to invest in your business, then it’s essential to use this tool to help keep things running like clockwork. And time is something you need when running a business. The more you have left to spare, the better!

Remember Everything With Note-Taking Apps

For interior design businesses, retaining clients and having a good reputation to get new ones is obviously important. With that being said, everything you do needs to be impressive from the initial client meetings you have, to the final reveal of the project you’re working on. Using technology to your advantage, it might be worth looking into a note-taking app to help capture all the relevant information needed.

For example, if you have a number of client meetings where you’ll be walking around a site. You don’t have the luxury of sitting down at a table to note everything down comfortably. Therefore, a note-taking app on your phone or electronic device, allows you to type or at perhaps record voice notes, as you go.

By doing this, you don’t miss any important information and that information might be key to impressing your clients. It’s something that as a business, the rest of your employees would benefit from too.

It’s also helpful for those who perhaps don’t digest quick conversation so easily and having that option to take notes or record the meeting can be ideal. When your clients are critical for business, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure all their needs and requirements are met.

If you’re after some note-taking suggestions then Evernote is a great choice as well as Apple Notes for any Apple users.

Manage The Books With Accounting Software

Managing the books is something every business needs to do and it’s something that can be vital in keeping your company afloat. For a solo business owner, you may be in the position to outsource but for most, it’s a one-person does all job when running it by yourself. That means that you’ll need to have something in place to keep everything in check.

The same goes for a business with multiple staff as not only do you have to deal with the expenses of the business but you also have to pay your staff. If you don’t have the right software in place, then things go wrong. For bigger interior design businesses, you may have multiple software platforms in your finance team, so it may be good to streamline this.

Accounting software like Quickbooks as an example is great for accounting. You can see what comes in and what goes out, draft invoices and process expenses efficiently. Having it all under one roof can be a lot easier to manage and it’s something that’s easy enough to understand.

For many business owners going it alone, it can be hard to handle a part of the business that maybe you’re not skilled in or particularly familiar with. When it comes to accounting, it’s not typically everyone’s speciality, so it’s good to have something like Quickbooks to rely on.

With platforms like this, they usually have a subscription service or perhaps a one-off fee which you pay for a lifetime membership or download of the software. It’s a great opportunity for those who need a bit of flexibility or are looking for something for the long-haul. Regardless of what you go for, it’s certainly something that you need and should think about getting.

Another problem with finances in a business is that it’s important to keep cash flow healthy and that doesn’t always happen. With clients paying late or problems out of your control, it’s important to have a good system in place that keeps it all moving forward as it should do.

These are just a few examples of what tools to invest in when it comes to your interior design business but there may be more that you need and find suitable. It’s good to pick what is going to not only help you in your interior design business but what will also make your business processes as an interior designer, a lot easier.

3 Necessities Your IT Department Should Have

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |IT Department|3 Necessities Your IT Department Should HaveThe IT department is one of the essential parts of your business. This is because the department is responsible for running the whole system. Bearing this in mind, it is crucial to fully equip your IT experts to facilitate their job efficiency fully.

Since there is always a chance to improve and implement functions, the following are some of the trade tools you should equip your IT department.

Cloud Backup

Frequent loss of data can be damaging to your company or business. Data loss can be linked to power outages, hardware failure, human error, and malicious intervention through hackers and viruses. This may cause various problems during the occurrence of the loss and in the future.

Therefore, it is essential to integrate your existing system with cloud computing. It is recommendable to consult your internal IT team on suitable packages to work with based on your business’s IT hardware and the amount of data produced.
It is also crucial to have a constant backup to refer to, mainly if system failures occur. The cloud is currently convenient, secure, and more flexible to use as data back-up storing space in a higher capacity as your company or business may need.

Business Intelligence Suite

Since your IT officers in your business have to deal with large networks and several branches of reports, analytics, and operations, having the software is necessary to maintain the systems’ smooth running. The application of an intuitive business intelligence suite enhances your IT department’s ability to use a flexible toolbox.

Additionally, a business intelligence suite creates an avenue for other workers to place their reports and feedback in a more accessible manner. These systems are designed to facilitate businesses to assemble reports and manage performance in a more organized way. These systems are also accessible by users who aren’t so familiar with the techs.

It is essential to consult reputable companies that provide automation solutions and computing devices such as industrial monitors and a Modular panel pc. This will enhance the communication and information connection of your business.

Network Security

Apart from data loss issues due to viruses and hackers, your business or company may heavily suffer due to improper network security. Unauthorized access to data and files, slowed down systems, and general vulnerability of your business network even within your internal people may compromise your network security.

You can protect your critical business data from sabotage and spyware by creating safeguards, firewalls, and authorization procedures. Network security may also act as extra protection if grievous errors are made due to insufficient training of your workers.

Additionally, network security enhances your IT department to implement some restrictions and guidelines that ensure the efficiency and proper use of your business’s workstations based on their work-related actions.


Applying these tools ensures that your IT department is equipped with the power they need to ensure your business’s operations are smooth and efficient. Additionally, these tools may also prevent your business from incurring losses that may arise due to loss of data.