Is Your Store Looking a Little Run-Down? Here Are Some Great Ways To Make It Look New Again

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |make your store look brand-new again|Is Your Store Looking a Little Run-Down? Here Are Some Great Ways To Make It Look New AgainDepending on how long you’ve had your store open and whoever previously occupied the space, your store could end up looking a little run-down at times. There are a number of reasons for this. For instance, it could be because of general wear and tear, or it could be because your customers aren’t treating your premises with the most respect. Depending on the type of demographic you attract and the type of business you run, your store could go from looking brand-new to run-down in just a few weeks.

So what are some of the best ways to make your store look brand-new again? Here are a couple of great suggestions to get you started.

Revise the floor plan of your store

If you want to make your store look completely new then it’s worth taking a look at the floor plan. You could rearrange a lot of the display furniture to create an entirely different design. You could even throw out old displays and try out some new shelves to make things look a bit different. Your store might even benefit from a more open floor plan where you give your customers more space to browse instead of cramming all of your products into a small space. This can make your customers feel a lot more comfortable in your store and it can be a nice change of pace from what your store currently looks like. This can also make your store much easier to clean and maintain in the future.

Clean up the floors of your store

One of the most common areas of your store that might make it look run-down is the floor. You, your staff, and your customers walk all over the floor every single day, so it makes sense that it’s one area of your store that suffers the most general wear and tear. This is why it helps to invest in floor burnishers and cleaning services to make the floors shine and look brand-new again. You don’t need to do this very often, but it can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your store. Alternatively, you might find it easier to hire a cleaning service every month.

Change the decor and try some new designs

It’s a great idea to change the decor and utilize a few new designs whenever you can. It doesn’t take a lot of money to change things like the colour of your walls or the paintings that you’re displaying. It’s a great investment to shift around furniture as well as long as it doesn’t reduce seating capacity in your store or restaurant. Try some new things and you’ll be surprised at just how different your store can look.

The idea of preparing your store for a renovation might sound really expensive, but it’s an absolute must if you want to make your store look brand-new again. Even if you have to invest a bit of time and money into it, it’s well worth it for the results.

What Size Business Needs an Answering Service

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | What Size Business Needs an Answering ServiceConventional wisdom states you must have a medium to large size business in order to justify having an answering service. This truism arises primarily from the dated idea that those who answer the phone late are employees or are contracted to the company. While growing businesses with 50 employees or more by default really need to have a manned after-hours line, it is worth taking a look at the assumption that smaller businesses cannot afford an answering service. Of course, every industry is unique and no two companies within one industry are exactly the same. Despite this, you can still make some general inquiries into the need for and the cost of an answering service. The results might surprise you.

Small Business Is Helped Most by an Answering Service

Expanding large and medium businesses, as noted, seem to grasp the reality that having a real person answer the phone at all hours is not a luxury but a necessity. Research indicates, however, that the outfits which benefit most from a phone answering service are small businesses. Part of the dynamic has to do with the depersonalized manner in which business-to-consumer contact is initiated in the digital age. Statistically, most consumers believe their better chance of hearing back from a business when they have a question or an issue is by sending an email. Further, when a customer does call your business and gets an after-hours voicemail, only 20% of the time does that person leave a message. Unfortunately, studies reveal that many voicemails from customers linger for three days without being heard. Up to one in five customer voicemails are not responded to at all. The antidote for these ills is a virtual receptionist, an answering service that fosters an immediate connection between the customer and your business.

There Is a Difference Between a Call Center and Answering Service

Many business owners make no distinction between an answering service and a call center. A call center is a network of telephone agents that both receive and make calls primarily for marketing companies. Their work by definition is extremely high volume and impersonal. Should you ever reach the same person at the call center twice, it is strictly by chance. An answering service differs in that it is not a high-volume attempt to make sales on behalf of a number of businesses. The primary purpose of the answering service is to enable communication between a business and its customers as well as within the firm itself. This means the service often provides critical information that allows a sale or a business deal to be consummated. However, the answering service is not a pressurized sales unit, but rather a communication link.

Answering Services Can Offer Lots of Options

Another distinction between call centers and answering services has to do with options. Businesses that use call centers tend to be locked into a service that has limited flexibility in what it offers. A professionally managed phone answering service, on the other hand, offers a number of adaptable alternatives to its clients.

  • Payment options. The better services may give you the option of paying for their work by the individual phone call or the length of time the customer is on the phone. Since you know how long an informational call for your business usually lasts, you will immediately know which of these options is better for you.
  • Point of origin. Another plus that addresses a long-time concern of business owners is the origin point of the service. Some of the finest after-hours answering firms are based in the U.S.
  • Testing the waters. Finally, before locking your company into a contract without knowing how functional the service will be, you may want to find a service that allows a brief trial period.

An Answering Service Takes Your Business Global

Speaking of being U.S based, some businesses are concerned that an answering service will not be able to deal with international calls. After all, having 24/7 live voice support automatically suggests that people from different parts of the globe can do business with you. It is important to recognize that customers who call you will expect to be conducting business in English, which is universally regarded as the international business language.

Cutting Expenses: Why Wholesale Solar Panels Are For You

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |wholesale solar panels|Cutting Expenses: Why Wholesale Solar Panels Are For YouWe all want to save money and if we can help the environment, then even better. Wholesale solar panels are a great way to decrease your overall electrical costs and help reduce your carbon footprint. Power plants use non-renewable energy sources such as coal and natural gas to generate the bulk of electricity.

Solar panels reduce the dependence on these fossil fuels and can decrease your electric bill in the process. Solar energy has come a long way through the decades and is more efficient than ever. This guide explains the benefits of solar panels and solar panel installation.

Wholesale Solar Panels Have Great Efficiency

Solar energy has been around for a long time. The earliest solar panels had little efficiency and weren’t capable of generating enough electricity to power a home. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that research into solar energy took off thanks to a push by the federal government.

As the efficiency improved, businesses used the technology to create electricity, but it was out of reach for residential applications. The last couple decades have seen great strides and the price of solar panels for residences has decreased significantly.

It’s not not only a viable option, but the government offers tax benefits for people who install solar panels.

Decrease Electrical Costs

The upfront of solar panel installation is high, but over time it saves you money. Solar panels, if taken care of, can last decades and provide most of the power for your home. Instead of relying on the power grid, you make your own.

Photons emitted from the sun hit the photovoltaic cells on the panel and create electricity. As long as the sun shines, they generate electricity. We’re surprised you’re not already looking for a “solar company near me.”

If you have a battery connected to the solar panels, then energy is stored and used throughout the day and night. You can have electricity even when the sun isn’t out.

Solar Installation and Care

It’s important to choose the correct solar company to install the panels. If you want to save money, then you need to have maximum output. You need installers that specialize in solar panel installation,

Purchasing wholesale solar panels means you’re cutting out the middleman and getting them at the least expensive rate. You can’t beat that.

Once your panels are installed, they need to be maintained. The installers should tell you what needs to be done and when. If the solar panels get dirty or broken, then their efficiency decreases as does their lifespan.

You can have years of inexpensive electricity by choosing the proper installers with a great reputation and taking care of the panels through the years.

Get Your Solar Panels Today

Wholesale solar panels are a great investment for your home and it helps the environment. You get them at the least expensive price and generate pollution free electricity from your home.

If you want to learn more about solar energy or going green, then please explore our site.

6 Steps to Scale Your Small Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Scale your business|6 Steps to Scale Your Small BusinessScaling should be a primary objective for all business owners. Scaling up your business will improve efficiency, boost productivity, and increase your bottom line. Scaling your business might seem like a difficult or impossible task, especially in today’s economy. However, you can achieve sustainable growth with careful business planning and determination.

Here are some steps you should follow to scale your business and increase profits:

Step 1: Evaluate your business

You need to evaluate your business and check that you are ready to grow. Scaling a business requires investment and you must make sure that it’s the right step for your company. Take a good look at your business and identify what you need to do to increase sales and profits.

Planning is a crucial part of scaling a business and you should take the time to write a detailed expansion plan. Consider your growth objectives and what action you will need to take to achieve each goal. For instance, you may need to hire more skilled staff to handle larger order volumes and increase sales revenue. According to, your growth plan should include information on business expansion opportunities, financial goals, and a growth marketing strategy. You can download a template online to help you write a detailed business growth plan.

Step 2: Calculate the cost

Scaling a business usually costs money. You may need to hire new staff, purchase technology and equipment for your business, or invest in your marketing campaigns to achieve growth. You should calculate how much money you will need to scale your business and decide where you are going to find the funds.

If you have profits built up, then you could use this capital to invest in your growth strategy. You could also take out a business loan or look for investment to boost your business. Take a look at this article by Fundbox for 10 different business financing options. Weigh up your funding options carefully and choose the best option for your business needs.

Step 3: Start outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the most effective ways to scale up a business. When you outsource, you will have more time and resources to invest in growing the core areas of your business. You can outsource various business activities including recruitment, marketing, customer support, and human resources. Experts at HR Dept explain how they help Matlock businesses by handling their HR needs so the businesses can focus on the most important aspects of their business.

Think carefully about what business activities you could outsource and form partnerships with skilled professionals and companies. Outsourcing will help you grow your business and it is also cheaper than hiring more permanent staff.

Step 4: Invest in technology

Modern technology will make it easier to scale your business and increase profits while conserving valuable resources. There is a wide variety of technology that can streamline your business operations and boost efficiency. For instance, automation technology can improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and lower operational expenses.

Evaluate your existing systems and consider what technology could improve your business. You could install chatbots to enhance the customer experience or invest in communication software to improve collaboration between your team members. Make sure that you invest in technology that will give the best returns.

Step 5: Expand your team

If you are planning on scaling up your business, then it is likely that you will need to hire new staff to accommodate growth in your company. Invest in your recruitment strategy and take the time to attract and hire skilled employees who will support your expansion plans. According to, you can hire quickly by leveraging recruitment software and automating interview scheduling.

If you have an urgent need for skilled employees while you are scaling your business, then you should consider hiring freelancers or outsourcing to specialists. This approach is often more cost-effective, especially if you’re unsure whether you will require permanent staff long-term.

Step 6: Increase sales

Increasing sales is essential and you must create a strong sales strategy that will help you boost revenue and profits. There are dozens of ways to increase sales e.g. by offering loyalty programs to improve customer retention rates or selling your products to international customers. Think about which sales tactics will be most effective in your business.


Scaling up a business can be a challenge, but it might be easier than you think. Above, are six essential steps that you should take to scale your business and increase revenue. These powerful growth strategies will help you scale your company and meet your strategic goals.

Benefits of Outsourcing Staff Services and Platforms in the Hotel Industry

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | Benefits of Outsourcing Staff Services and Platforms in the Hotel IndustrySome facilities cannot afford to spend money and time on the recruiting process of staff members for each department. Hotel business owners must find the best candidates for the various roles in a hotel. Here are reasons why you should consider services from platforms such as

To maintain a lead among competitors

The trends in the hotel sector are evolving. It is a direct response to the fast-changing business world. A hotel strategy should be synced with modern-day needs, ranging from the increase in costs to customer demand and expectations. The hotel business is headed for a revolution: the growing need for clients and pressure from the harsh economic state. With this, you ought to consider relevant support services and guidance. Hotels are therefore seeking ways to deal with industry-specific changing requirements and dynamics. To provide business solutions, some firms have assisted hotel owners in getting the best candidates to employ to enhance the level of proficiency without affecting the costs of operations.

It is economical

It has become essential for hotels to uphold competitiveness and promote the growth of other options for obtaining staff members. To promote better output and increased profits, it is advisable to get staff outsourcing services. The service providers assist your enterprise to have a competitive edge by leading and managing better transformation and transition in the new trends in the industry. This helps businesses to remain economical in the provision of products and services. This also enhances the capability of operating while maintaining an effective cost compared to the immediate competitor.

Efficient management of processes

To create, support, and manage the operations and processes in your hotel efficiently and effectively, you ought to get the right skills and expertise for the roles at hand. It is vital to have a team that can identify the challenges your clients can face in your hotel operations: the employees should determine appropriate ways to handle situations at different levels depending on the area of expertise. The good news is that, on top of enjoying the right candidates, hotel owners also enjoy simple access to the services.

Saves you a lot of time

It is vital to undertake a proper and successful hiring process within the shortest duration possible. With this in mind, you have to choose the best approach to get your employees for your new hotel or replace employees who may have left your business. It may be difficult to determine the right skills on your own: not every investor in the hotel sector knows much about the various professionals in the hotel industry. The services offered by companies that connect employers to employees in the hospitality sector have made work easy and less time-consuming.

To obtain a productive and conducive work environment in the hospitality sector, it is vital to ensure you get the right skills. There are several departments in a hospitality setting. You can enroll for the services regarding help with connecting you to the right employees at the comfort of your home, office, or any other location. You can sign up for the services through the company websites. This brings added convenience to your staff needs as you do not need to physically visit the offices offering the services.