The StrategyDriven Personal Advisor Remote Assistance and Dedicated Advisor Plans give you affordable access to executive-level consultants and advanced business resources typically available to only executive and senior managers of large companies.

Advisor Consultations

StrategyDriven Personal Advisor ServicesSetup your advisor consultation on one of the range of business topics. Regular advisor consultations and annual personal performance planning sessions typically last one hour each.

Strategy and Planning

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Alternative Development and Selection
  • Resource Projection and Management
  • Budget Development*
  • Business Plan Development*
  • Succession and Succession Planning

Performance Improvement and Monitoring

  • Business Performance Assessment Program
  • Management Observation Program
  • Benchmarking Program*
  • Corrective Action Program
  • Organizational Performance Measures Program

Operations Management

  • Operations/Production Management*
  • Maintenance Management*
  • Online and Outage Maintenance Work Management*
  • Engineering Work Management*
  • Supply Chain Management*

Management and Leadership

  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Decision Making and Management
  • Standards and Expectations
  • Business Communications
  • Meeting Management*

Talent Management

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Corporate Cultures
  • Organizational Accountability
  • Performance Management*
  • Workforce Pipeline Planning*
  • Succession and Succession Planning

Professional Development

  • Career Management*
  • Personal Assessment*
  • Organizational Assessment*
  • Personal Plan Development*
  • Continuous Learning*
  • Coaches and Mentors*

Business Document Review

StrategyDriven Personal Advisor ServicesReview of one topically covered business procedure, report, or presentation up to ten (10) pages in length per month is covered by your Dedicated Advisor plan. For longer documents, see the special flat fee pricing below:

  • 11 – 15 page document: $50
  • 16 – 25 page document: $100
  • 26+ page document: contact your advisor for pricing

Additional document review pricing begins at $100 for a document of up to ten (10) pages and is incrementally increased according to the above schedule for longer documents.

Additional Benefits

Take advantage of valuable savings on other advisory products and services with your Dedicated Advisor Plan.

Save ten (10) percent on Sevian Business and Professional Development Forms

Save ten (10) percent on Sevian Business Programs

Receive a five (5) percent rebate on additional StrategyDriven Advisory Services#

* Advisory topics only available to Dedicated Advisor Plan clients.
# Does not apply to the purchase of additional StrategyDriven Personal Advisor plans.