Vote Now to Nominate the StrategyDriven Podcast for Podcast of the Year!

Over the past year, we have been honored to welcome an ever increasing number of listeners to the StrategyDriven Podcast. Your ongoing support resulted in the StrategyDriven Podcast being consistently ranked as one of the top 3 of the over 2100 business podcasts listed on Podcast Alley.

And now we are asking for your support for the big one…
Podcast of the Year!

Every year, Podcast Awards recognizes the top podcast in each of several categories based on listener votes. But to be considered, a podcast must first be nominated. We hope you’ll consider nominating the StrategyDriven Podcast for one or more of the following podcast categories:

  • Business and either
  • Peoples Choice or
  • Best Produced

Please take the following steps to nominate the StrategyDriven Podcast :

  1. Click here to go to the Podcast Awards nomination website.
  2. Enter StrategyDriven Podcast into the text box labeled Podcast Name for one or more of the above listed categories.
  3. Enter into the accompanying text box labeled Podcast URL.
  4. Enter your name in the Your Details text box labeled Your Full Name located at the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter your email address in the Your Details text box labeled Your E-Mail Address.
  6. Select listener, podcaster, or both as appropriate.
  7. Click Submit.

Again, the StrategyDriven family would like to thank you, our listeners, for your ongoing support. We are committed to bringing you podcasts filled with rich insights and vibrant examples that compliment the principle, best practice, and warning flag posts found on the StrategyDriven website. We hope you’ll take a moment now to nominate the StrategyDriven Podcast for Podcast of the Year and continue to join us online throughout the coming year.

All the Best,

Karen Juliano
Director, Communications and Marketing

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