New Whitepaper Release – Project Size Determination

StrategyDriven contributors are pleased to announce the release of our seventh whitepaper: Project Management – Project Size Determination.

Project Governance and Management – Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right…

A project’s size often dictates the necessary level of governance and management applied to the initiative. This governance and management typically includes items such as:

  • required authorizations
  • level of planning detail
  • frequency and breadth of communications

Subsequently, accurate estimation of a project’s size during project initiation is essential. But what characteristics should be considered in the project’s size determination and how should the project size criteria for each of these characteristics be identified?

The StrategyDriven Project Size Determination whitepaper provides business leaders with a five step process for establishing project size determination criteria used to establish the amount of project governance and management to apply; ensuring initiatives are well, not over or under managed. These steps are detailed with supporting principles and philosophies; helping users understand the reasoning behind each action.

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