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FixnZip zipper slider replacement productFixnZip
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About the Product

FixnZip is an easy-to-use replacement zipper slider that fits a range of zipper sizes and works with teeth and coil zippers that are either metal or plastic. The FixnZip slider comes in three sizes: small, medium and large and two colors: nickle (silver) and graphite (dark grey). It has a patented spring plate design consisting of two slider plates, a thumbscrew, and spring; all manufactured in the United States. The slider parts are made of zinc die cast and the spring and thumbscrew of stainless steel.

FixnZip can be used on open ended (such as a packable rain jacket) or closed ended zippers (such as a suitcase) and can be started anywhere on the zipper. In the event the zipper is missing some teeth, the FixnZip glides over these areas and realigns the remaining teeth; restoring the functionality of the zipper.

Why We Recommend This Product

FixnZip zipper slider replacement productStrategyDriven Contributors tested the FixnZip product and found it to be a very easy-to-use replacement for broken and/or missing zipper sliders. As frequent travelers, we often damage or lose zipper sliders from suitcases. FixnZip provides a durable replacement slider enabling on-the-go repair of the suitcase and alleviating the need to buy an expensive replacement case.

The FixnZip is light and compact, making it easy to take one or more of these repair kits when traveling. We found the FixnZip instructions easy to follow and the device easy-to-use. A quality product that is a must-have for business travelers, FixnZip is a StrategyDriven recommended product.

FixnZip replacement zipper sliders can be purchased by following the links below:



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