Easy Tips for Localized SEO in 2019

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article|SEO|Easy Tips for Localized SEO in 2019Local SEO marketing is a digital marketing method for small and local businesses to build an online presence that’ll expose them to potential clients and customers. This is so that smaller and independent businesses can gain custom and not be overshadowed by enterprises.

Like any digital marketing method, you need to find a strategy that works with your business model and overall business goals. What’s more, the ways in which we search shift at an outstanding rate, so it is crucial that you keep on top of the latest local SEO trends.

Cover the basics

Firstly, you need to cover the basics. Otherwise, your whole campaign can falter. You need to cover the title, and meta description tags as these HTML elements will describe your content and help it show up in the SERPs. Basically, it is a preview of your content.

When writing your title and meta descriptions, do not think longer is better. You want to avoid having your title and meta descriptions being cut off, so be sure to put your keywords sooner rather than later. However, be sure to make your content unique so that you do not suffer from a low click-through rate. When it comes to the title and meta descriptions, each and every character counts.

Tip: You’re a local business, so do not forget to mention your location. After all, this is the whole point of local SEO. Need help with finding such keywords? Experts like Trevor Tynes can help.

Claim your ‘Google My Business’

Google My Business (GMB) is incredibly important for local businesses, so be sure to claim yours and fill out all the required fields the signing up process asks for. You may have to set up a page on the GMB platform, or if you are already there, claim it and make sure the information is a) correct but also b) optimized.

Remember that there is a verification process, so be ready for this. Google will send you a physical postcard with a PIN on it, which you will then have to key in.

When optimizing your Google My Business, do not forget to do the following:

  • Write a solid and SEO optimized description of your business
  • Update your business’s operating hours
  • Make sure your business is listed in the right category
  • Include a logo and/or a photo of your business so that people can recognize it in person
  • Provide further quality photos of your business such as products and services you provide

Collect reviews from your customers

Reviews are gold dust when it comes to building a reliable and concrete brand. You want to be trusted but also seem real. For instance, while a negative or mediocre review may seem bad, too many 5-star reviews will make your business seem fake and unreliable.
It is believed that 88% of people trust online reviews, so be sure to spur on your customers to leave them. You can, for instance, offer a prize for your employees so that they win something if they get the most good reviews, or have the customer be entered in a raffle.

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