3 Ways To Tackle A High Bounce Rate On Your Website

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Bounce Rate|3 Ways To Tackle A High Bounce Rate On Your WebsiteBounce rate is one of the most important analytics that your marketing team needs to consider. It shows you how many visitors to your website are leaving before they explore further. If you have a high bounce rate, that means that people are taking one look at your site and then deciding that they’re not interested, and that’s not good news. A lot of marketing teams focus on conversion rate, which is important, but customers aren’t even getting that far if you have a high bounce rate. The good news is, there is usually a fairly simple fix to a low bounce rate. If you’re experiencing issues, these are some of the best ways to deal with a low bounce rate.

Landing Page Design

When customers click on an ad or a link that takes them through to your website, they’re going to spend a few seconds looking at the landing page before they decide to either leave or explore further and start looking at your products. Often, they choose to leave because the design of the landing page is bad. It might be that it just looks dated or the branding doesn’t really speak to them but more often than not, it’s that the layout is confusing and cluttered and they can’t easily find what they’re looking for. This is a common symptom of websites that have been built without professional help. You can make a half decent website on your own using a free web builder but if you really want quality, you need to outsource to the best web design agency you can find. They will have a better understanding of successful website layouts and they’ll be able to tell you if you’re making mistakes that are likely to cause a high bounce rate.

Targeting The Wrong People

Even if your website is absolutely perfect, you’re going to have a high bounce rate if the people visiting it have no interest in your products. For example, if you’re running a womens clothes company and your marketing efforts are reaching mainly men, you’re going to get traffic from people that assume you cater to men as well, but they’ll soon leave when they realize that isn’t the case. Of course, you’re not going to do this on purpose, it just means that you’re sending the wrong message and attracting the wrong type of customer. It’s important that you identify your target demographic and make sure that your marketing strategy connects with them.


People really hate pop-ups, you probably do too, so why would you fill your website with them? If a user goes onto a site and they’re immediately bombarded with loads of pop-ups, it disrupts the user experience and frustrates them, and they’re likely to leave the site immediately. Pop-ups can be good for things like building an email list but you need to use them sparingly and don’t include them on the landing page, give people a bit of time to browse the site before you start asking for email addresses.

These are some of the more common reasons for a high bounce rate and these problems are easily fixed, so you should see a decrease in no time.

Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders With A Web Design Agency

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Website Design|Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders With A Web Design AgencyNowadays literally everything has moved to an online platform. People do their grocery shopping on the internet. People pay their gas and electricity bills online. They book their holidays, apply for bank loans, reschedule their post deliveries, buy clothes, send birthday cards and take out insurance policies, all via the World Wide Web.
The need to have an effective and dominant online presence has never been so important. For a business to survive, let alone take great leaps forward, they need to ensure that they are reaching customers via the use of the internet. Any business which does not do so is simply falling further and further behind their competitors with each and every day which passes by.

There a whole host of components which go into securing an effective online presence. Nevertheless, a company’s online debut always begins with a website. A place to showcase what the business is all about, explain what they can offer the potential customer and also offer the goods and services to buy within the click of a mere button.

A lot of people attempt to set up their own website. Some people manage to do so effectively, however, for many, this is not the case. The design of a website is absolutely crucial. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it is simply the case of developing a website which is pleasing on the eye and then the job is done. 99.9% of these people sit there wondering why nobody is visiting their website.

The truth is; there is a lot of thought and consideration which goes into a vast number of factors and components which eventually makes up a website. In order for a website to be an effective and successful one it is thus highly important that individuals seek the aid of a web design agency. There are a whole host of reasons as to why this is the case.

A lot of people deter from using a web design agency because they simply see it as more money being spent. Nevertheless, the awards will certainly be reaped in the end when more people are visiting the company’s website and more customers are taking advantage of the goods or services on offer. Quite frankly, the money spent will be made back in no time.

Furthermore, time is of the essence. Every day wasted without an online presence is another day which is lost to rival businesses. Designing a website on your own takes an extremely long period of time. Taking advantage of the services professionals have to offer is much quicker, convenient and effective.

Finally, and most importantly, web design agencies have invaluable knowledge. There is a lot more to creating and designing a website then meets the eye. The following is just a taster of what needs to be considered; how user friendly the website is, what colour scheme is most effective for the type of business in question, how to use search engine optimization to climb up the search engine pages and how to structure the site in the most convenient way.

Web design is highly important to any company and thus it is vital to put it in professional hands.

3 Ways to Boost Your Company’s SEO Ranking

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SEO Ranking|3 Ways to Boost Your Company’s SEO RankingSo, you have a great company, with an even better product. Once upon a time, this was enough to maintain a successful business. Nowadays, however, the majority of your company branding will be done through your website and social media channels – and it is something that will give an important first impression to your customers. When your company succeeds in building an efficient website, you may still feel the strain of having too few visitors to your website, with your website appearing low down on search engine rankings. This can be detrimental to your company’s success. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can give your SEO ranking an instant boost – and this guide shows you how.

Don’t Publish Irrelevant Content

A big mistake commonly made by companies is to upload as much content as possible to their website. Although it is imperative that you regularly upload content to your website to keep it active, it is also important that this content is relevant to your website and that you are not overloading it with useless information; not only will this drive your audience away, but it will also radically decrease your SEO ranking, because search engines determine how long people are staying on certain pages to determine the quality of the page.

Another way that search engines discriminate content is if it is not optimized correctly for the digital sphere – images, videos, and other multimedia assets are an excellent component for any high-quality website. However, if your images and videos are not optimized for your website, not only will this result in your website loading extremely slowly, but it will also be deemed as a flaw in the site and will negatively impact your SEO performance. Finally, use a content management system that can help you organize and publish content to your company’s website without having to do it manually day-in and day-out.

Consult a Professional

The standards for website design evolve and progress much more rapidly than other essential business components, so it is strongly recommended that companies hire a skilled web practitioner to help them look the part. Head online to find a company near you, for example, the most reliable services in web design, such as ALT Agency can offer and deliver measurable results from creative marketing campaigns. Such agencies are capable of enhancing a company’s SEO ranking and creating a beautiful and efficient interface for your customers to interact with all at the same time. They’ll also ensure that your expertly curated content will be used by as many people as possible, drawing them further into your site and towards trading with you.

Start Blogging

Blogging may seem frivolous to some businesses, but it is a powerful tool not just to entertain and stay connected with your digital audience and customers, but also because search engines recognize that there is a stream of high-quality, regular content being uploaded to your website on a timely basis. Hiring a freelance blogger is an inexpensive solution, unless you have a member of staff who is interested in dedicating some of their time to a company blog. For inspiration, take a look at some popular blogs and use popular methods to entertain your audience while giving them helpful tips, exciting company updates and, if they’re really lucky, some insider secrets.

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming; when you organize your content and optimize it for the correct platform, you’re already halfway there.

How To Restore A Business Reputation

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Reputation Management|How To Restore A Business ReputationNo business, no matter how large, small or seemingly impenetrable, is free from the benefits or disadvantages of having a good or bad reputation. It can take only one small social media scandal for your profits to dip. Just look how the reason release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was handled. Sending out test units to online reviewers, many content creators found that the foldable screen could easily break when pulling off a seeming screen protector. This was not told to said creators ahead of time, and so they quite understandably fell into that trap.

From then on, the narrative regarding said phones was that they were a shoddy product, they didn’t work, and that folding phones were a gimmick. Samsung are now on the back foot, are redesigning elements of those models, and will need to re-release them. The business reputation has been somewhat tarnished, and stock value dipped. Even for a company as massive as Samsung, negative perceptions and narrative can stop their expected yearly results dead in their tracks.

But how do you restore a business reputation? Sure, we know it can be difficult to achieve. But is it possible? We would say yes. We’d also like to explore why:

Control The Narrative

It can sometimes be that the narrative gets out of hand when we are the new target among annoyed consumers. This can, unfortunately, lead to things getting blown out of proportion. Any attempt to publicly deflect that narrative, outside of clear statements as we’ll explain below, can seem like an aggressive and overly-defensive stance. This is where it can be important to take a more subtle approach to shift the narrative back in your favor.

Public relations firms continually strive to restore consumer faith in businesses. It happens all the time. Rewarding loyal customers with extra promotions, offering customers that might have left or cancelled their service with ideal return offers, and taking excess pride in the practices your company has gotten write can often let the passage of time heal the issues that were caused in the first place. This can be freeing for every firm.

On top of that, subtle, yet informative marketing could be used to restore your company’s name in the public consciousness. Services such as Fat Joe, which operate as professional SEO firms, can help you wrap your business name within informative content through their excellent blogger outreach. Not only this, but their ability to raise the rankings of search results can help your firm avoid dying out due to a lack of attention, perhaps during a time when a truly aggressive marketing strategy might need to take a breather.

Understand Goodwill Is Valuable

Goodwill is an evasive word and concept. We can’t gift goodwill back to our shareholders. We can’t use it to pay the electric bill, or pay our staff wages. But without goodwill, the glue that ties a business to its audience washes away. It’s very important to consider this as a vital resource. Connect with your customers, listen to them, interact with them, and treat them as more than just people to bat away with a simple defensive statement.

If you can be clear, concise and direct regarding your strategy, honest about what happened and how things were caused, and why this will never happen again, you can get on top of the issue immediately. Some might even respect you more. You can be certain that your goodwill shall not fade as a result. And that’s extremely important to consider and manage.

Fix The Issues

We are living in the age of social media, where slights and issues aren’t swept under the rug. While we are used to political scandals often being forgotten about as the next one comes along, business injuries aren’t as fortunate to enjoy something like that. And that’s a good thing.

Jumping immediately to fix the issues should there be a legitimate concern is essential to helping you restore your name. Otherwise, this can be a black cloud that hangs over you, particularly if you fail to address it. Restoring a business reputation often means just that, restoration. For example, it could be that your product is defunct. Offering a full refund to any proven purchase can help you overcome the damage. However, taking another step forward and offering up to 50% off another purchase at your store can help people see this as less than a waste of time. It can also help you avoid a very costly class action lawsuit by offering the appropriate reparations immediately.

You gain nothing by ignoring the issues, but potentially plenty of goodwill by fixing them.


Sometimes, a negative business reputation can be so bad, you need to rebrand your operations. This might sound like a dark tactic, but it is often used in many industries. Even after fixing the issues and remaining forward-facing about the troubles you face, sometimes it’s not enough.

Starting again with a new business name, a new logo and aesthetic can be important. Of course, you cannot expect to hide your business past – but you might be able to redefine it. Consider how Dominoes once operated in the late 2000s. After many widespread reports that their US Pizza chains were terrible, and that the recipe tasted awful, they embarked on a major rebrand campaign. Of course, they weren’t shy about it and didn’t change their name, but after revolutionizing every recipe on their menu, for all intents and purposes they were a new firm with a new outlook.

You might be able to practice the same idea. Both front-facing marketing promotions such as these or hidden rebrands to help your firm gain some room to breathe, a rebrand might be just the thing you and your business needs to start again with a strong pace.

With this advice, we hope you’re much better able to shake off or restore a bad business reputation. This can be hard to do, but with enough dedication and a cohesive mindset, you can pull it off. Good luck!

Why SEO Needs to be at the Heart of Your Corporate Strategy

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SEO|Why SEO Needs to be at the Heart of Your Corporate StrategyBy now, you’ve heard of SEO. Any business that has made a serious effort at launching their own website will either know what SEO is or, hopefully, have hired someone who understands (ask your web designer).

But is SEO just another corporate buzzword, or is it really as important as everyone makes out? The answer is an emphatic yes – SEO is very important to any business.

Web Searches are the Most Common Driver of Internet Traffic

Most internet traffic today is generated by search engines. Without them, we would be completely lost online. Imagine a world where you can only access websites if you know their exact URL. The world of marketing would be very different for one thing; you would have to publicise your web address to consumers.

You can’t afford to be missing out on the traffic that search engines can bring to your site. SEO will bring your website towards the top of those results pages. The vast majority of traffic goes to the first few websites on that list and the top three results will take around 90% of the traffic. SEO is how you climb the ladder.

Build Trust and Credibility

Google’s algorithms have become vastly more sophisticated than they once were and they are now adept at sorting out legitimate content, like this article, from a page that is created purely to artificially boost SEO. There was a time where you could literally just spam a link on otherwise blank web pages and send your SEO through the roof.

Fortunately, search engine providers are all now able to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate content. This means that a website’s SEO score gives us a proxy for measuring trust. Also, when other trustworthy websites link to your website, you will gain a nice SEO boost.

Local SEO Drives Footfall

Working with an seo agency that also handles local SEO can give your brick and mortar business a significant boost in footfall. SEO isn’t just about reaching out into the cold vast expanse of the internet; it can also benefit your business offline as well.

When consumers want to find a particular product or type of business, the vast majority of them will begin by searching for what they need on their smartphone. If your business is one of the names that they see and you are near to them, they are more likely to pay you a visit.

It’s Constantly Changing

You need someone to monitor and regularly update your SEO if you are to be effective. The landscape is constantly changing as Google’s algorithms evolve. See the adpocalypse for an example of how an update by Google can have far-reaching consequences. If you let your SEO practices slip behind then your website and your business will both suffer.

SEO is far too important to be an afterthought when you are devising a corporate strategy. Without SEO, your website will be all but invisible to most internet users. That should be reason enough to convince you it is worth investing in.