Marketing Success: 7 Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Start Ups

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |marketing success |Marketing Success: 7 Marketing Dos and Don'ts for Start UpsNine out of ten startups will fail. Having a strong marketing strategy can make or break the successful launch of a business.

Does your startup have the marketing blueprint it needs to make it in 2020? Follow these seven keys to marketing success and avoid mistakes.

Do: Position Your Startup Correctly

A little bit of planning goes a long way for your startup. Positioning your business at the beginning is important for getting started on the right foot. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Write down the problem you are trying to solve and how your company or product can solve it. Include who the product is for and why there is a need for the product. List all the benefits of the product and how your product or company is different from competitors.

Describe your product or company in simplistic terms and avoid buzzwords or jargon. The positioning statement should be easy to read and explain the idea behind your product or company.

The positioning statement is an internal document. No one outside the startup will see it. Proper planning can lead to the top positioning of your product or company in the minds of your ideal consumers.

Don’t: Forget About Your Competitors

Now that you have your positioning statement laid out, you should be able to easily identify your competitors. It may have been good advice in the past to focus solely on your own company or product, but these days startups can’t afford to forget about their competition.

Keeping an eye on your competition will help you react to market changes before they do. At the very least it will help your startup respond more quickly.

If you can’t think of any direct competitors at this time, keep an eye on companies or products with overlapping features or companies who are vying for the same target customer. Do they have an app? Are they offering delivery? What keywords are they using? There is no need to obsess over these details but keep them in mind.

Startups can also learn from their competitor’s mistakes. Perhaps a competitor grew too quickly or put out too many variations of the product before the market was ready. By watching the competition a startup can learn valuable information about the market and avoid costly marketing mistakes.

Do: Use Social Media for Marketing Success

Social media is one of the best tools a startup can use for marketing on a budget. Social media has a lot of different uses than just advertising your company or products.

Social media can help your startup with market research. Take a look at your competitor’s mentions or what people are saying about existing products and companies. Social media allows you to get inside your potential customer’s heads and read the thoughts they put online.

Social media can be a great platform to help you craft your startup’s voice. Is your startup’s voice laid back, funny, or informational? Experiment with different tones until you find the one that works for your startup and then stick with it.

Don’t: Assume You Know Everything

A big marketing mistake lots of startups make is assuming they know everything about the market and what their customers want. Instead, startups should approach the customer and markets with a curious mind.

  • When was the last time you had a conversation with customers?
  • Have you ever conducted a focus group?
  • Do you give customers a chance to provide feedback through surveys?

Reading product reviews online and listening to customer feedback is a great opportunity for startups to hear directly from their customers. Take advantage of these feedback tools and keep an open mind about the feedback you receive.

Do: Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy to include in your marketing work. People who sign up for your startup’s email marketing list are already highly engaged with your company and product. This means that it should be easy to make a sale or a repeat sale.

Setting up an email list for your startup should be a priority. Invite people you know to sign up for your email marketing list who may be interested in your company or product. Then ask your friends to share the emails with their friends.

Email marketing can help startups drive revenue through consistent interaction. Email your customers to let them know about sales or discounts and when new products launch. You can also send newsletters with educational information or testimonials from previous customers.

Don’t: Forget About Mobile

72.6% of all internet users will access the internet via their smartphones by 2025. That’s almost three-quarters of all internet users! Startups in today’s world must realize the importance of marketing on mobile and making their websites mobile-friendly.

Perhaps during your customer research, you have learned that your targeted customers like to use a certain app to keep organized or listen to a particular sports podcast. Mobile marketing can help you easily reach these customers.

With more and more people accessing webpages on their smartphone, it’s a good idea to optimize your webpage for mobile.

  • Can the website font be easily read without squinting?
  • Are the buttons large enough to tap?
  • Is your website easy to navigate on a mobile device?

Accessing the internet on a mobile device versus a desktop computer is only going to get more popular. By fixing these issues now, your website can achieve top positioning in search engines.

Do: Invest in a Blog

Dedicate a page on your website to a blog for your business. A blog can help your SEO and is indispensable in marketing because it is a platform that you own.

The last thing you want to do is build your entire marketing strategy on social media platforms who are constantly changing their algorithms.

Consistent blogging can also help your startup gain visibility. Think of it as your own social media platform of sorts. Blogging will help connect to your fans and support your business in many ways as it grows.

Marketing Success Is Within Your Reach

We all make mistakes, but not having a solid marketing plan could cost your startup.
Share these seven takeaways with your fellow entrepreneurs and set your startup for marketing success.

5 Techniques To Use To Get Your Small Business Noticed

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Small Business|5 Techniques To Use To Get Your Small Business NoticedNo matter what industry your business is in, you need to find clever and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. Grabbing the attention of your customers, you need them to opt for your products or services ahead of your competitors. Without garnering this attention, your business will soon lose revenue and profits – something that no small business or startup wants to face.

In the modern-day, one of the best ways to gain attention is through developing a strong online presence. To do this effectively, you can use one or several of the following methods:

Create A Killer Website

This should be one of the first things that you do as a business. Nowadays, many customers discover a new business purely through their website. Therefore, it’s vital that you create an extraordinary website that entices them into what you have to offer. As well as making your website accessible across several devices, you should include information about who you are as a company, a payment platform, why your services/products are the number one choice, etc.

You might also want to consider starting a blog. Detailing information about your product/service as well as the latest news in your industry and other related information, it’s a key way of attracting new customers onto your site. You can do this by adding backlinks to other articles, asking for guest blog posts and including high-ranking links.

Ask For Reviews and Utilize Local Listings

To establish credibility, reliability and authority within your local area, it’s a good idea to encourage past customers to share reviews about your business. These can be posted either on your website or within third-party review sites such as TrustPilot.

Alongside reviews, consider creating a business listing on Google. This way, customers can discover what you have to offer through an organic search and they will see your business as credible.

An Effective SEO Strategy

Throughout the last few years, the powerful tool that is SEO has taken over. A force to be reckoned with, a successful SEO strategy can increase your profits in the long term. When creating an SEO strategy, make sure that you optimize your website so that it’s fully-functional and accessible, discover high ranking keywords, publish high-quality content, etc.

Alternatively, you could seek effective seo services to undertake the role for you. Giving you on-going support and ensuring that your website is ranking highly, it will assist with business growth.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

This might sound like an obvious one, but it’s still worth a mention. For your small business, you need to create an effective marketing strategy. This can include what your marketing campaigns are and where you will place them.

Think about the best ways that you can market your product or services to customers – will you do this solely online or will you branch out to create physical billboards/advertisements?

Social Media – A Powerful Tool To Harness

When working on your online presence, you should focus some of your effort on social media. Many customers look towards a business’ social media accounts to discover more about them and how they tackle customer service enquiries.

Therefore, you should create and use your social media accounts to not only post articles and links to new products or services but as a forum for customers to connect with you by. Lots of small businesses utilize social media, so don’t get left behind.

To assist with this and to increase efficiency, you can use scheduling software to push the various posts out. An example of which is Hootsuite.

Reasons Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Backlinks

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Backlinks|Reasons Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your BacklinksIf you have been doing Search Engine Optimization for your business website, you will probably understand the importance of backlinks. Do you want more traffic for your site? Do you want it to reach the top of the search rankings and sustain your position as well? Does your business reputation and customer trust matter the most? Well, you are not alone, because this is something that every business owner wants to do. And when it comes to achieving these goals, paying attention to your site’s backlinks is the key.

First things first, you need to earn (rather than buy or exchange) backlinks while following the best practices put down by Google. Relevance and authority of the source sites are equally important. But there is much more that you need to do than just sharpening your link building strategy. You also need to keep a constant vigil on every single backlink you build so that you retain the ones that are good and disavow the bad ones. Let us unveil the reasons why link monitoring is important and why you need to keep an eye on them constantly.

Reason #1: They are crucial for SEO

Over the years, it has been proved that backlinks are and will continue to be one of the most important ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. If you want your site to reach the top of the search rankings, a healthy link profile is something you cannot afford to ignore. High quality and niche-relevant backlinks have the potential to get you to the top and fetch more traffic, which can yield more conversions for your business. Obviously, you will need to monitor them on a consistent basis so that you can be sure about having ones that add strength to your profile. At the same time, you must keep an eye on the new opportunities to earn quality backlinks that will help you get better results in the long run.

Reason #2: They can boost (or hurt) your reputation

Another reason why link monitoring becomes essential is that they have the potential to make or break your reputation. On one hand, backlinks from authoritative sources add credibility to your brand because a niche leader apparently endorses you by linking with your site. Conversely, the ones coming from illegitimate sources can cause extensive damage to your reputation. The worst ones can come from sources such as irrelevant sites, adult or gambling websites, and sites that don’t have a great reputation themselves. Not keeping an eye on your existing and new links can land you in deep trouble if there are some that happen to come from such sources.

Reason #3: They can bring Google penalties

Besides damaging your reputation, bad links can get your website penalized as well. This is something alarming because a Google penalty can push your site down the search rankings. This is the last thing you would want to happen because the site you may never be able to recover. Investing in software that helps with backlink building definitely makes sense as it lets you be selective about the ones you build. At the same time, you can also leverage a solution that tracks and monitors the existing ones constantly so that you can disavow the bad ones before they do any damage. This approach can cut down the risk of penalties to a considerable extent and save your ranking and reputation in the long run.

Reason #4: They give you the exposure you need

A constant track of your backlinks is a good approach because it enables you to ensure visibility to the right audience. Quality links come from niche-relevant sources that are bound to give you the exposure you need. At the same time, the ones that are authoritative as well pack all the punch for your site because they have a wide set of followers. Such backlinks are as good as brand endorsements that are capable of extending your website’s reach significantly. Once again, monitoring your links helps you stick with the sources that matter when it comes to getting you the right kind of exposure.

Reason #5: They protect your site from negative SEO

The business landscape is highly competitive and your rivals may do everything possible to push your website down the search rankings. They may even resort to sloppy and unethical practices such as spamming your website just to tarnish its reputation. A constant vigil on your backlinks helps you identify such harmful moves so that you can protect it from negative SEO. Even if your site does fall prey to such practices, you can immediately disavow the backlinks created with the purpose of bringing a penalty for your site. A monitoring tool, for example, can get you instant alerts when your site earns new backlinks.

Reason #6: They help you see reviews and complaints

Monitoring backlinks is a smart approach if you want to go above and beyond for improving your business. By keeping a track of the new ones, you can come to know when someone posts a review or complaint about your business. Both positive and negative reviews can be leveraged as business opportunities. While you can propagate a positive one to enhance your business reputation, the negative reviews give you an idea about the areas where you can improve. Making conscious efforts to address the complaints indicates how serious you are about customer satisfaction. This mindset can actually strengthen your relationships with even the unhappy customers in the long run.

Undoubtedly, backlinks are crucial for any business and they deserve all the attention you can give. Constant monitoring, therefore, is something you must absolutely do. Since the number of links for your website is bound to increase with time, you cannot expect to keep track of them manually. Fortunately, you can use a reliable backlink management software solution to stay ahead all the time. Besides just monitoring the links consistently, you should also take the requisite action so that you can keep up the reputation of your business in the competitive scenario.

Why Your Business Needs an Online Presence

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Why Your Business Needs an Online PresenceThere are many ways available to market your business. Discovering which media is best to reach your customers takes patience and research. Some of the most popular avenues to explore today involve the internet and social media. Here are a few reasons to try online marketing.

Bigger Audience

Your Orlando web design gets more views from around the world than an article in the paper will. Customers can shop your company at any time of the day whether you are open or closed. If you have merchandise for them to select and pay for, they can do this on their own time. They can also schedule an appointment with you there if you offer a service instead of goods. If they are pleased with what they find on your site, they will share it with family and friends. Their word of mouth will bring in more sales and revenue into your company. You are able to reach new customers on their schedule with little help from your sales staff. However, be sure to add a link so that you can be contacted with questions from those people who want to work with you.

Stay Competitive

Nearly every organization has either a website, social media site or both. To stay up with your competition, you need a spot for your customers to find you and learn about your company. Put as much information as you can concerning your business on your sites so that your clientele can learn what you have to offer them. If they are local, they will visit your physical store after they shop your virtual one. Also the higher you can get your name on a Google search, the more traffic you will drive to your internet presence.

Builds Relationships With Customers

Having a spot on the internet where clients can review the products you sell or the services you provide can be intimidating. However, the way you work with them also displays how great your customer service can be. Customers that are pleased with your company will leave critiques that tell the world what they like about your business and why they recommended it. If you do get evaluations that state problems that a customer had, you have the opportunity to address them online and offer to make it right for them. When you do this, others who are reading these reviews will see that your client’s happiness is a priority to you.

Affordable Advertising

Another benefit of online marketing is that it costs less to reach more people than the mediums you normally know. Hiring someone to design your website can be expensive. However, when it is finished, the fee to keep it on the internet is minimal. It can be even cheaper if you or a staff member has the ability to assemble it and upload the final product. Putting an advertisement on social media is a fraction of the cost of a television or radio ad and reaches a much larger audience. It can also post at all hours of the day, drawing potential clients to shop your company even while your physical store is closed and your staff is gone. Marketing on the internet and by social media lets your advertising dollar go farther and reach more people.

Change Plans In an Instant

Online marketing allows you to use trial and error in your advertising that traditional methods are unable to do. You can promote a certain product to a select demographic on social media to see if it will work. If the results are slow, you can change up what you are trying to sell or widen the criteria of customers you want to reach. This can be done within hours of your first post. You can extend a campaign that is working or shut down one that is having issues. The option to tweak your ads until they work is in your hands. This also works for your website as well. If you receive feedback from customers that your site needs more photos, videos, or colors, you can make these changes before your client looks at it again. Constantly adding to and changing your social pages and website will bring people back over and over to see what is new.

4 Tips to Lead an Effective Marketing Campaign for Your Store

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, 4 Tips to Lead an Effective Marketing Campaign for Your Store

Executing an excellent marketing campaign is even more critical for brick and mortar retail stores than it is for other types of businesses, such as those that operate solely online. With the majority of American consumers now buying their shopping over the internet, retail stores need to be able to keep up with the market by creating an efficient advertising strategy. If you are looking to lead a marketing campaign for your store, read on for some top tips that are available.

Don’t Forget Physical Marketing Strategies

Although many new retail businesses choose to focus their energies on developing sophisticated marketing strategies online, you should not forget that the central location and driver of your campaign is your store. From the layout of your retail space to the roles of cashiers in driving sales, most of your marketing needs to be based on physical strategies. For instance, to entice customers into your business, you should consider investing in custom window decal printing services. They can help to develop eye-catching visual art that can spark the interest and imagination of potential customers and freshen up the look of your business to customers who have been with you for a long time.

Advertise All Year Round

Although many retail stores focus their campaigns around the most competitive times of the year, such as during the holiday period or at the same time as a big sale, you must be able to drive sales all year round. This can be beneficial to your company as advertising throughout the year will enable you to attract the attention of consumers when there is less competition for their attention. Not only this, but they will be able to remember your business when they need it during the high seasons, allowing you to generate and nurture leads that you can then capitalize on in the future.

Track and Analyze Your Campaign

However, as a leader, it is paramount that you can drive your campaign to success by analyzing the effects of each of your methods. Not only will this show you whether your methods have been effective but tracking your metrics and KPIs can also help you to make effective changes to your strategy. You can do this by focusing on the channels which have garnered the most interest from potential customers. You can track your campaign by using marketing applications, hiring a digital marketing company, or by simply looking at the stats that are provided by website generators, such as WordPress.

Get Your Employees Involved

As a manager, you should be able to motivate your employees to have a proactive and positive effect on your campaign. Marketing is a team effort, and your employees are likely to be the individuals that are in direct communication with visitors to your store. This allows them to push sales to customers, including add-ons and deals. They can also participate by sharing your business’s online campaigns on social media websites, contributing their ideas, and even adding content, such as guest posts for your blog.