Four Top Tips for Growing a New Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Growing a New Business|Four Top Tips for Growing a New BusinessBecoming an entrepreneur can be the dream scenario for those wanting to escape the sometimes monotonous and uninspiring 9-5 working life. However, once you have bitten the bullet and launched your new business venture, it can become all too easy to sit back and let your business simply plod along, rather than seek new ways to enable its growth. However, if you want your business to succeed, then you need to ensure that you develop both short term and long-term strategies to generate new business and expand your customer base.

From improving your customer service by embracing the latest technologies, to implementing a digital marketing campaign, to learning how to network effectively, keep reading to find out how you can grow your new business in four simple steps.

1. Listen to your customers

If you want to keep your existing customers loyal to you, as well as attract new ones, then you need to make sure that you actively listen to their needs. An excellent way to find out what they want from your business is to consistently ask for feedback on your products or services. Although it can be hard to hear criticism, especially when it comes to your own business, it is essential to know where you are going wrong so that you are able to put it right. A simple email asking, “How can we do better next time?” is all it takes to gain invaluable insight into your customers’ requirements.

2. Improve your customer service

As a small business owner, it is incredibly important that you provide your customers with the best possible level of customer service, as just one poor experience can result in you losing a loyal customer, and also encourages negative word of mouth. If you are struggling to respond to your customers’ inquiries as quickly as you would like to, but cannot afford to take on any more employees, you may want to consider investing in a chatbot that can deal with an infinite number of customers simultaneously.

3. Don’t forget the bigger picture

It can become all too easy to get preoccupied with the day to day running of your business and fail to invest adequate time and funds into your long-term goals and strategies. For example, it has never been more critical for small businesses to improve their SEO rankings as this is the simplest way to attract more customers to your site, which in turn will increase your conversion rates. If you are not overly confident in your SEO abilities, a digital marketing agency can help you to generate leads that will result in conversions and ROI.

Try and make sure that you sit down with your employees and/or investors at least once a month to discuss your long-term visions and goals for the business while making solid plans and action points.

4. Extend your networks

Not everybody loves to network, but unfortunately, it is a necessary process if you want your business to grow. Are you familiar with the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? Well, never has a truer phrase been said when it comes to expanding your small business. You need to attend as many relevant networking events as possible, as well as ensure that you network effectively.

How do you do this? It is not rocket science. The key is to make sure that you give and take. For example, if you see someone who you think can offer you advice, don’t approach them and simply bombard them with questions. You also need to listen to what they have to say and try and find a way in which you can be of use to them too.

Networking can be a great way to connect with customers, investors and even potential employees, so make sure you are open and responsive when you attend events, as you never know when you may need a helping hand from someone in the industry.

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