Strategies For Small Town Growth

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective Article |Small town growth|Strategies For Small Town GrowthGrowth in small towns is essential. A large portion of the middle class lives in small towns, and in order to keep these families and their towns thriving in the middle of so much change, it is important to establish strategies that can keep these areas moving forward and growing as much as possible. Here are a few small town strategies that can be implemented to initiate and maintain growth.

Fortify Development

Although most small towns want to remain small, which is the bulk of their charm, as time goes on there needs to be some kind of development. Whether it’s strip malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, or restaurants, modernization of services and businesses is important. It’s in small towns’ best interests to develop a plan where new industries can set up shop.

No one wants to see small businesses get pushed out by larger corporate businesses, but the growth and revenue that come from these larger shopping centers initiates a cultural and economic growth that can help restructure infrastructure and put a small town in a better position financially.

Strengthen the Police Force

Having a strong police force is another effective way to initiate growth in a small community. Safety is the number one reason a family or a person moves to a specific location. No one wants to move to a place where they feel threatened. When there is increased revenue in a town, part of that extra revenue can go to the police force and the latest technologies they need to keep everyone safe.

Instituting an officer scheduling solution that can help determine if there are enough members on the force and enough members to patrol the town will help small towns learn what needs to be done to make the police force, the fire department, and all emergency services stronger, more dependable, and fully staffed to make residents feel they are being taken care of and are safe.

Make the Town Walkable

Giving residents a place where they can walk, play, and enjoy the outside is important in small towns. When residents have access to the downtown, the newly developed areas, and the parks and playgrounds of the district, more people will want to live in town, which will make the town thrive.

No one wants to feel as if they are restricted and can’t get anywhere on foot. Being able to walk places and have the freedom to explore gives people the incentive to live in a certain town and become more active in the town and the happenings that shape that area. Residents will feel more invested and will ensure the town remains thriving.

Update Infrastructure

Infrastructure is extremely important. When the roads of a town are smooth and well maintained, when parks are tended to and look neat and well manicured, and when bridges, drainage, sewage systems, and sidewalks are up to code the residents of the town will have more respect for everything and keep the area desirable creating a sense that more people will want to live there.

Towns that are desirable will then bring more businesses into town and yet again, revenue will rise and commerce will thrive, and this small town will see a rise in growth that will help continue to maintain the lives of the middle class and those who choose to live a quiet life outside of the city.

Build Bike Lanes

Not only do small towns want to thrive financially, but they also want to be seen as a healthy alternative to the hustle and bustle of city life. Creating bike lanes gives residents the chance to exercise and safely use their bikes without fear of colliding with cars, pedestrians, or runners.

When a small town is seen as a place where people can live their best lives, it becomes a center of progress and growth. Industries will want to build offices or factories creating jobs. Residents will want to move there to give their families a better life, and shopping and restaurants will open up creating a culture that is inclusive and inviting and the people that live in the area will not have to travel far to live the life they want.

Some of these strategies may seem small while others may seem like a great feat, but if they can get done, saving the small town is possible and soon the people who make these towns great will have the resources and finances they need to keep it going for future generations.

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