Executive Vision – The Blueprint for Breakthrough Leadership: Health Care

Executive Vision is a five part series created by CNBC and sponsored by Credit Suisse. Within each episode, Melissa Francis, Simon Hobbs, and a group of distinguished guests discuss what it takes to be a visionary leader; guiding their companies to success within the rapidly changing global marketplace.

Distinguished Guests

  • Sir Bill Castell, The Wellcome Trust Chairman
  • Dr. Bill Frist, Cressey & Co. Partner and Former United States Senate Majority Leader
  • Bill George, Harvard Business School Professor Of Management and Former Medtronic Chairman & CEO
  • Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer Chairman & CEO
  • Gerard Kleisterlee, Philips Chairman & CEO
  • David Snow, Medco CEO
  • Myrtle Potter, President and CEO of Myrtle Potter & Company and Former Genentech COO

StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 48 – An Interview with Wendy Powell, author of Management Experience Acquired

StrategyDriven Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques executives and managers can use to improve their organization’s alignment and accountability to ultimately achieve superior results. These podcasts elaborate on the best practice and warning flag articles on the StrategyDriven website.

Special Edition 48 – An Interview with Wendy Powell, author of Management Experience Acquired explores the techniques managers need to know in order to effectively deal with the diverse employee issues that occur in today’s workplace environment. During our discussion, Wendy Powell, author of Management Experience Acquired: Necessary Skills for Successfully Managing Any Employee, shares with us her insights and illustrative examples regarding:

  • what companies can do to better prepare individuals for management roles
  • what individuals aspiring to management positions should do to better prepare themselves for the challenges they will face once there
  • whether treating employees fairly means that they should all be treated equally
  • what managers can do to feel more comfortable providing constructive, corrective feedback to employees
  • how to overcome the often self imposed reluctance to approach seniors, peers, and the human resources staff for advice on how to deal with employee issues

Additional Information

In addition to the incredible insights Wendy shares in Management Experience Acquired and this special edition podcast are the resources accessible from her website, www.ManagementExperienceAcquired.com.   Wendy’s book, Management Experience Acquired, can be purchased by clicking here.

Look for Wendy on NBC’s Daytime

Wendy will be a featured guest on NBC’s Daytime Morning Show the week of Monday, October 11. Watch for Wendy and learn more about how to become increasingly effective even in a down economy.

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About the Author

Wendy Powell is the author of Management Experience Acquired. With more than twenty-five years of human resource and management consulting experience, Wendy has spent most of her career at the University of Michigan. She is currently on the business faculty at both Palm Beach State College and the University of Phoenix. A member of the Society of Human Resource Management, she received a leadership award in 2002 from the Midwest College and University Professional Association for Human Resources. She is routinely featured on The Huffington Post and has appeared on Fox Business’s The Strategy Room. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and a Master of Arts degree in organizational management.

The Five Floors of Relationships

I know thousands of people, and many of them wield tremendous influence. If life and business were all about “who you know,” then I’d be set. But none of those relationships took on extraordinary value unless I approached them with the idea that they mattered for something above and beyond the transaction.

I think of relationships in terms of a five-floor building. The deeper and more meaningful a relationship, the higher the floor it resides on. My closest, deepest relationships are Fifth Floor or Penthouse, relationships.

Let me be clear – relationships seldom fit neatly into a box (or a building). They’re far too dynamic. Some overlap on different floors, and others seem to move up and down floors like an elevator. But the Five Floor plan helps give me a reference point and allows me to think about the boundaries that define my relationships, so that I can continually work to make them stronger and more rewarding. I try to develop strong relationships at every level. And because my relationships with others matter so much to me, and because I come to them intending to help others, many of these relationships develop into something more meaningful than anything I had imagined.

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About the Author

Tommy Spaulding is president of The Spaulding Companies LLC, a national leadership development, consulting, and speaking organization. Before starting his firm, he was the head of the international nonprofit, Up With People. Tommy is the founder of Leader’s Challenge, which has become the largest high school civic and leadership program in Colorado. He is the co-founder of The Center for Third Sector Excellence and the founder of the National Leadership Academy. Tommy also created Dialogue for Tomorrow, an annual international global leadership conference. He received a BA in Political Science from East Carolina University, an MBA from Bond University in Australia, and an MA in Non-Profit Management from Regis University. In 2007, Tommy received an Honorary PhD in Humanities from the Art Institute of Colorado. To read Tommy’s complete biography, click here.

Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success

How do you know if a road will get you where you want to go if you don’t know where you are headed? You need a destination in mind to be able to evaluate and select a route that will get you there. Similarly, a career strategy enables career success.

Career success starts with understanding your long-term goal. Most people have an idea about the next step in their career, their next job: I want a promotion; I want to be a marketing manager or a financial analyst. That’s a great start but what is your long-term objective? I find in interviewing that many people are uncomfortable answering the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?”

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About the Author

Kathryn Ullrich heads Kathryn Ullrich Associates, a Silicon Valley executive search firm, and Alumni Career Services for UCLA Anderson School of Management. She is the author of Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success (2010), and may be reached through www.GettingToTheTop.com.

Uncrapify Your Life!

Hello. I’m Jeff Havens, here to help you become the worst you can be. Today we’re going to focus on how to more effectively criticize others. Now I’m sure some of you are thinking, “That doesn’t seem very nice.” And it isn’t. That’s not the point. Pay attention, people, the purpose of this article is to help you uncrapify your life, not anybody else’s. And seriously, what could make you feel better than making those around you feel bad? This is something you’ve been doing since you were a child. But until now your efforts have been those of an amateur. I, however, am a professional. I’ve been criticizing people for a living now for the past seven years, and I’ve developed a foolproof system to help you feel better at the expense of those around you.

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About the Author

Jeff Havens is a former comedian turned college and corporate speaker. His latest comedy lecture, How to Get Fired!, helps prepare college students for their professional lives by ‘encouraging’ them to do each of the top ten things that most commonly cost people their jobs. The accompanying book, How to Get Fired!: The New Employee’s Guide to Perpetual Unemployment, is available in all popular retail outlets and online at www.Amazon.com and www.jeffhavens.com.