7 Best Financial Ideas To Make Money In 2022

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Ideas to make money|7 Best Financial Ideas To Make Money In 2022This year, we’re all beginning to feel the pinch as the cost of living rises rapidly, which means more of us are looking for ways we can make money in 2022. There are various ways that you can give your bank account a boost, from choosing a rewards credit card to investing, changing jobs, or gaining a new skill – we’ll look at some of the ways you increase your income below.

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1. Cashback sites

If you’re looking to make a little bit of money on your purchases this year, using a cashback site could be advantageous to you. Becoming a member of a cashback site means that when you purchase a product or service through that website, you are given a percentage of the money earned via the website’s affiliate links. This allows you to buy online anything from broadband to car insurance and you’ll be rewarded with a sum of money being paid into your account.
The cash will appear in your bank anywhere from one to three months from when you made the purchase, so it may not be the best idea if you’re looking for a quick fix, however, if you use them regularly and allow them to build up, you’ll end up with a healthy sum of money.

2. Reward Credit Cards

Choosing to apply for a reward credit card means that you can make money by spending on essential items. There are many types of reward credit cards to choose from, but they all offer you a percentage of what you spend back – whether that is straight back into your account or subtracted from the bill you receive every month. You will earn more cashback depending on how much you spend but be sure that you’re meeting the repayments every month! You can compare these cards online to find the best option for you.

3. Switch Bank Accounts

Switching to a different bank is a great way of earning a little bit of extra cash. Most banks offer rewards for new customers, whether that’s a cash bonus or vouchers. You may think that this is a lot of effort to go to for a cash reward – but it couldn’t be easier! The switching service that a lot of banks use means that it takes just a week to make the swap. You can research various bank accounts and the perks they have to offer online, and simply choose which looks best for you.

4. Invest

Investing your savings has never been easier, with digital investment platforms making it an accessible and easy way to make money. Whilst there is always a risk with investing that you may stand to lose a sum of money, investing in the right places means you can give your savings the chance to grow, without having to do anything. Although safe investment tends to mean that you have to be in it for the long-term, this means you’re more likely to make a return. So, if you’re looking to add to your retirement fund, or save for a property, you could consider investing your money.

5. Apply for Promotions

If you enjoy your job, and you’ve been working with the same company for over a year, applying for a promotion could be just what you need to increase your income. Look for an opening within your company, or chat with a manager to see if there is any way you could work your way up the ladder, and to a more prominent position. If you are good at your job, and you’re a loyal member of staff, a promotion should be well within your reach, all you must do is take a chance!

Similarly, if you have been receiving the same wage for a while, and your income is not stretching as far as it used to, asking for a pay increase could be useful. If you’re a valued employee, it is well within your rights to ask – the worst that can happen is that your employers don’t agree. Trying to make changes where you can is important when it comes to increasing income.

6. Turn Hobbies into Jobs

A lot of us have side jobs along with our full-time jobs now as a way of making more money. It is beneficial if you have a hobby that you enjoy that others can benefit from and pay for. For example, if you enjoy photography, why not start a blog, or take steps to become an event photographer in your local area. If you enjoy the beauty, you could take a beauty course and start your own business in your own time, from the comfort of your home. You must choose a hobby that you enjoy so that your second job doesn’t become monotonous.

7. Learn a New Skill

If you don’t have a hobby that you could turn into a job on the side, you could learn a new skill to get you to a better position either within your current job or help you towards a new one. There is a variety of courses online to choose from depending on the area of work you’re in.

If you’re ready for a new challenge and have a career path in mind that is going to pay you a higher income, you could take a course that will help you to be successful and allow you to stand out in the application process. Gaining a certificate or qualification that you can put on your CV is a way of boosting your credentials and getting you to where you want to be financially.

Creating A Versatile Home Office

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Home Office|Creating A Versatile Home OfficeAs many as 30% of professionals believe they are more engaged when working from home, but this number could increase even more if they design their home office correctly. For many, the home office is a makeshift setup. Usually, professionals set up their laptops on the sofa or in the kitchen or dining room. While this is convenient, it lacks the versatility entrepreneurs and employees need to stay on task and boost productivity. If you’ve not yet renovated your home office for maximum productivity, here are a few ideas to help you create a versatile workspace.

Decorate It to Reflect Your Business

Every successful brand has filled its office with decor and essentials that reflect the business, so you should do the same if you want to maximize productivity and remain on course for your company’s growth.

This all starts by choosing furniture that reflects your business and your personality. If your brand is innovative, bold, bright colors and sleek, tidy lines are essential. You can hang artwork or arrange furniture that inspires you to maintain our vision and makes it easier for clients to understand what your company does.

Set Up a Meeting Space

Entrepreneurship means you will have a lot of meetings with clients. But, without a dedicated office, it’s challenging to determine a designated space to meet and discuss projects.

With exclusive penthouses, you have enough space to maximize your office’s reach. While you have a desk area where you work, you can set up another room specifically for meetings, ideally one with a view if possible. If this isn’t possible, research local coworking spaces or even cafes.

Keep It Separate from the Rest Of Your Home

You will fail to stay productive if you have a constant stream of distractions, whether from your partner, kids, or pets. Because of this, you must keep your home office separate from the rest of your house.

This is easier said than done, of course, but it isn’t impossible. Sometimes, it’s as simple as closing your office door during work hours, maybe even with a Do Not Disturb sign on the handle. If you have outdoor space, a garden room could be another solution, but this represents a considerable investment and requires power access.

Master Organization

By now, you know that organization is crucial for successful remote working. If your desk or larger work area is cluttered, you’ll struggle to remain on task. To overcome this, you can make a habit of tidying up at the end of each day and organizing all the papers and information you need for the following morning.

This is useful when partaking in meetings over Skype, Zoom, or Teams, as it means you have everything you need in one space. Your organizational skills reduce time searching around for specific details and keep the meeting flowing, which encourages efficiency for everyone.


A versatile home office is key for boosting engagement and productivity. Although many basic remote working setups can be effective, they lack the distinction that adds an extra layer of efficiency. By designing a space that matches your typical office as closely as possible, you will not need to worry about interference or disruptions from the rest of the household.

Choose furniture that reflects your personality

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Furniture reflects your personality|Choose furniture that reflects your personalityThere are many ways to express yourself. While the paintbrush is never out of question, not everyone can be deft with strokes on the canvas. But that doesn’t stop you from portraying yourself to the world. Why don’t you express yourself through furniture? Whether it’s the elegant Victorian or the classy Wicker, the furniture that you choose says a lot about your personality. For example, a standing desk in your office says a lot about your seriousness towards physical comforts and productivity. These office desk chair are available on UX Office and Oplan at amazing prices.

Over the years, desk chairs with wheels and corner desks have become very popular. You can even buy desk chairs online. Like desk chairs, adjustable standing desks have swept many a workplace with their charm. Some of the best standing desks are available at amazing prices.

What does your furniture say about you?

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is comfort personified. So, if you are fond of ergonomic furniture, such as standing desks, office desk chairs, ergo stools, and desk converters, you prioritise comfort over everything else. After all, ergonomic furniture does add a lot of benefits to your life in the form of posture improvement; alleviation of backpains; health, fitness, and productivity; beautification of the workplace; morale boost; savings; profitability; and returns-on-investment (ROI).

Furniture from the Victorian era

The Victorian furniture exudes sophistication and elegance; and it also conveys the message that you cherish the aristocratic vibe. If you have a fondness for this type of furniture, you are a traditionalist who’s inclined towards plushness. Even in the era of minimalism, an overabundance of Victorian furniture will still thrive in many bungalows, lavish homes, and even offices.

Leather chairs and sofas

Leather furniture, usually black or brown, is expensive and reflects elegance. It’s so welcoming for your guests and friends as well. Leather armchairs and sofas are prone to wear and tear and it’s essential that you protect them from children. Usually, people who are fond of leather furniture also have a liking for vintage wall clocks, designer watches, fine clothing, and fine tableware. Even an expensive car in this regard.

Wicker furniture

Lovers of comfort love wicker furniture that can be seen on verandas, alleys, and balconies. Rocking chairs, rattan chairs, chaise lounges, armchairs and seaweed chairs are the most prominent examples of wicker furniture. They are all very trendy, casual and comfortable. If you have wicker furniture in your house, it means that you like to relax, shine, and take life with a jest.

Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is available in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. Its prices also vary. Upholstered furniture connotes that you are fond of elegance, sophistication, and a causal approach towards life. Upholstered sofas and couches ideal for unwinding. However, the elements of sophistication, pomp and elegance in upholstered furniture are quite less when compared with leather or wicker furniture.


Well, it’s an ascertained fact that the furniture you choose is a reflection of your personality. It’s a subtle and effective way of opening-up to the world, and a great medium to express yourself as well. However, whatever furniture you choose, please bear in mind that quality has no substitutes. And next in line comes the goodwill of the furniture manufacturer. So, you should exercise a lot of wisdom on this front.

Why Investors Should Invest In Diverse Tech Start-Ups

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Diverse Tech Start-Ups|Why Investors Should Invest In Diverse Tech Start-UpsDiversity is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but for many investors, it can be a term that holds two meanings.

It refers to both your investment portfolio’s variety when it comes to asset types and the make-up of companies you invest in.

Workforce diversity involves choosing skilled individuals from a wide range of ethnicities, races, religions and backgrounds.

While this might not be something you’ve thought about before, it’s an important part of investing in today’s financial landscape.

If you’re an investor who’s unsure about the importance of diversity in their portfolio and in the companies you invest in, then here are some of the many benefits of creating a truly diverse portfolio.

Diversity Is Vital To Investment Success

Experienced investors will know that diversity in your investment portfolio is crucial to ensuring that you reduce your risk. Diversity applies not only to choosing various vehicles to invest in but is also about selecting companies across a wide range of sectors and with various types of experience. Expert investment managers such as Oxford Capital specialise in funds that invest in a diverse range of innovative companies. Investing in diverse funds such as this can potentially help you to reduce potential losses by ensuring that your investment portfolio is protected should one small part of the market struggle.

Having A Diverse Workforce Is Good For Corporate Image

Companies that can show that they are dedicated to diversity will have a strong corporate image, which can bode well for investors. In today’s society, consumers are increasingly interested in the ethics of the companies they buy from and use, a business’s success could be determined by its reputation. As such, when you’re selecting tech start-ups to invest in, you need to make sure that you choose businesses with a diverse range of staff. These staff will all come from different backgrounds and can not only help with boosting the firm’s corporate image but also ensure that the company has perspectives from practically every sphere of society. This will reduce the chances of the company struggling with reputational issues.

Supporting Diversity Is Key To Ensuring Future Profitability

Diverse companies are often more successful financially than those that aren’t, meaning you could potentially earn more by investing in diverse tech start-ups. Studies show that a diverse company is more likely to be financially successful than one dominated by a specific group of workers. This is due to a number of factors, including the ability to make informed decisions based on the backgrounds of various workers and more. Additionally, the benefits outlined above also help these companies to flourish and achieve more success than less diverse organisations might.
As this article highlights, diversity is more than just a popular buzzword. For investors seeking tech start-ups to invest in, it’s a crucial factor.

Accepting What Is and Creating Your Future

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Creating your future|Accepting What Is and Creating Your FutureGiven all the unprecedented challenges businesses have been dealing with in the past two years, I support you and your organization in having a fantastic second half of 2022 instead of another six months of survival mode.

Given the Challenges such as rising fuel prices the supply chain, COVID-19, inflation and on and on, you ask, What the heck are you talking about? How can I have a fantastic second half with all that going on? Simply put, what if you and your organization chose to embrace the present and stopped resisting the past? I am inviting you not to resist what you are dealing with and simply engage in having a remarkable rest of the year.

An opportunity that I had during the pandemic is being able to see organizations and their various responses to the Pandemic. A case in point are three commercial Uniform laundry and delivery companies that reacted differently to the Pandemic. One thing about these companies, that even in a pandemic, people need their products delivered to their door. So, the plants ran, the trucks delivered, and the organizations functioned as best they could.

In the first example, the Leadership really took on COVID-19. This was led by the Owner/CEO. Even before the lockdown, they were researching and learning about COVID-19. Early on, when COVID-19 was just in Wuhan, one of their executives raised a flag of concern and the rest of the leadership group began to study what was happening. Once Lockdown occurred, they embraced the Pandemic. There was no denial or resistance. Of all the companies that I worked with, they were the most initiative-taking in securing a safe and functioning workplace. They took on having their company continue to run and deliver great service to their customers and to the greatest extent possible supply a safe, healthy work environment.

This company is in the middle of one of the largest American cities. COVID-19 was prevalent and surrounded them. Real time was spent communicating on Zoom and face to face. Real money was spent on air filtration systems. As knowledge was gathered on COVID-19, it was applied. The best ideas on how to social distance and use zones for bathroom coordination were studied and adopted.

There were challenges and definite hiccups. With that said, profitability improved. The scores from customers in their annual survey all were at their highest levels. Their sales force made their numbers, and they added several new accounts.

One thing that stood out is that the employees of this company were demonstrably appreciative of how the owner and the leaders went to every length to have a safe and healthy environment. The employees were appreciative of being able to work in a company that took on dealing with COVID-19 seriously and in the most initiative-taking and safest way possible. The leadership team supported employees as they dealt with their families and COVID. Even though some co-workers have left, retention has been high. Hiring has been challenging and workable. Interestingly, the frontline has remained stable.

The second example is of a company that was not as initiative-taking or fast moving as the first. They were dealing with COVID-19 circumstances and engaged. However, they were not as engaged as the first company. This company reacted to COVID-19. They did not embrace the challenge of COVID-19. There was resistance and confusion. They certainly muddled through.

This company is rurally found where COVID-19 was not as present. Money was not spent like in the first example. Communication did not happen, and the company got through COVID-19. Deliveries were always made, and the plant continued.

They did lose some customers, retention slipped, and sales decreased. Profits declined and the Sales Department had a tough time connecting with prospects and did not make its numbers. There was also higher than normal turnover. Given all that was going on, they did ok.

The third Company example is in an urban setting with COVID-19 present everywhere. They were not set up prior to the pandemic to work remotely and they struggled to get that set up. They struggled to get social distancing working, the offices safe and worked with protocols. There was resistance to dealing with COVID-19 and changing things. All the communication issues that were present before COVID-19 now occurred on steroids.

This company was hit by COVID-19 with many of the office staff getting it at the same time. I remember talking with one of the leadership group members from the hospital before he was put on a ventilator. The way COVID-19 ripped through the plant nearly prevented them from getting the trucks out and delivering. A competitor was called to see if they could cover for them and manage their deliveries.

Leadership tended to work at home and stay away. There was a big communication issue that occurred among the leadership team where executives threatened to quit. The GM, because of disastrous communication and what happened with direct reports was fired. Another top leader did not vaccinate and because of the state regulations, moved his family to Texas where he would work remotely. The CEO/Owner, after a traumatic and challenging two years, sold this company to a competitor.

Can you find your company in one of these three examples? What can you learn and apply from the above? I am supporting you in learning from the past, being present to right now, and complete with what has occurred.
The third quarter and beyond of 2022 is unwritten. However, the story of 2021 is written. It happened. Yet is it accepted and what does it mean to be accepted? Is the pandemic accepted? Is inflation accepted?
For many I say not. For many it seems as something wrong has happened, pandemic wrong, inflation wrong, fuel prices rising wrong. The incompletion and resistance as to what has happened before has you ensnarled… shackling you with a lack of freedom and power.

The rest of this year is unwritten. Every day is unwritten. While I can theoretically understand this, it is hard to live. What is it like to live your circumstances newly and to bring possibility to them? To hold them up to inspect, to look at them from a different frame, a unique perspective. What allows you to do that? Where does acceptance fit in? Where does creating and embracing fit in?
What if it is always possible to be engaged in a positive way? What if it is always positive to create anew if you are not resisting what is happening? Carl Jung said, “What you resist persists”. I find this idea to be useful in helping me see where I am stuck.

Part of resistance is a notion that whatever is happening should not be. Resistance, rather than embracing what is, gets in the way of acceptance and again, for me, stops any notion of being free to take new creative actions.

From the examples that I have presented of the three organizations and their differing responses to COVID-19 and other challenges, I think the power of choosing and embracing what you are dealing with is clear. You can see how resistance and just muddling through can be disempowering and produces subpar results.

Choosing it the way it is, is an action that allows for being present and for new possibilities. Then acceptance allows for lessons from the past to be learned, the past to be in the past and for new actions to be taken. I am complete with COVID-19 and the many challenges of the last two years. I am choosing to embrace the rest of 2022 exactly the way it is. From here, I am engaged in having a fantastic year.

I invite you to do the same from that place of acceptance and choosing to engage in having a fantastic rest of the year. I ask that you get your organizations to be accepting of whatever happened over the last two years, and from there create a powerful future to live into. Let us know how it goes and what you and your organizations are creating.

About the Author
StrategyDriven Expert Contributor | Bruce HodesBruce Hodes, President and Founder of CMI, is dedicated to helping companies grow. The focus of his work is developing work teams, business leaders and executives into powerful performers. Bruce has an MBA from Northwestern University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.