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With more and more white noise filling the internet on an hourly basis, it is becoming increasingly hard for companies to get their voices heard.There is just so much competition online, and no direct consumer competition, just competition to get seen, to even be stumbled across. What’s more, there are now hundreds – if not thousands – of online marketing strategies, each with acronyms that require Googling: SEO, PPC, CTA, AIDA, CTR, CLV, CRM, MoM and a thousand others.

As such, a lot of companies and a lot of marketing executives are steering away from digital marketing options and heading back toward more traditional options. They are veering back into the realm of physical marketing and giving their potential customers something they can touch and feel and experience. And here are the best of the bunch, that is to say, the most effective of the lot.

Advertising In Papers

Recent research by neuroscientists has shown that paper-based adverts tend to be more memorable and more impactful than digital ones. This is especially true with regards to direct mail strategies. The reason for this is paper-based ads are easier to process mentally and thus they made for far improved brand recall. A lot of this is to do with the habits we have gotten into as a society of tech users. When we are watching an advert on Youtube, we aren’t concentrating on the message of the brand or anything but that skip advert button. The same goes for any pop-up ad, we instinctively look for that cross that will allow us to carry on without batting an eyelid. This means that digital marketing is losing its impact, while physical marketing has never lost ground.

Get On The Road

Of course, by this we mean, get yourself to some trade shows. If you are not present at a trade show then you are missing out on a massive chance to grow your exposure, and to people who interested enough in your industry to have bought a ticket to attend. Of course, the stigma around these is that a banner amongst a conference center full of banners is not going to have any impact, and you are right. That is why it is worth looking at what more you can do to improve your booth and raise your voice, and going to get that much more from Steelhead Productions. What we are saying is, there are experts out there, people who will be able to make you look like the leading professionals and industry experts in your sector.

Older Customers Like It Physical

A lot of older customers don’t respond to digital marketing efforts for two main reasons; they don’t trust the internet and they don’t respond to adverts. That means that if you are solely focussed on digital marketing strategies then you are missing out on a huge sector of potential business and potential business that tends to spend money. That is where good old-fashioned physical mail comes in; something that falls through their letterbox, get’s picked up and read. This is what older customers know and like, and it has proved to work in garnering sales and spreading through word of mouth.

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