StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article

Essential Elements Of An Awesome Landing Page

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article
When you sit down to think of a new way to market for your business this year, one of the first things which might come to mind is creating a website which will share your story, your products and show people who you are. A website is a window to your business and many people upon hearing your name will search for you online in the hopes of getting a better understanding of your business. The landing page of a website is the most crucial thing of all to add to your site, and here is how to make a great one.

Links, links, links

When it comes to making a website which will connect you to your business and make sure that people can connect with all aspects of the business you will want to ensure that you places links all over the website which will help people to find what they are looking for. Links to social media channels can be placed in either the header or footer on every page and things such as links to other blog posts on your site can be added as you create new ones. You want to make it as easy for people to connect with you as possible.

Good navigation

Every website needs a good style of navigation to make it as easy as possible for people to move around the site to get to where they need to go. When it comes to planning a sitemap for your website and making sure that your customers can find pages easily you will want to make sure that the menu is in a prominent place at the top of the page and also that you have a search bar on the header so people can make a search to find what they need.

Stunning imagery

Images speak 1000 words, and images are the perfect way to breathe some life and character into an otherwise dull landing page. When you want people to visit your website you want them to see something they like and click through rather than leave the site and cause you a large bounce rate. Images can be exactly what you need to entice people into your website and make them want to know more. If you were visiting a website and you saw a page which had a recipe for cookies with no image, and another site with an image: which one would you want to explore? Images are the key to making a statement and the key to making people want to engage with your brand.

Featured posts

A great way to entice customers further into your website on the landing page is to add some featured posts on there which people can visit directly from the homepage. When choosing featured posts for your landing page make sure that you think about the season, what’s popular at the moment and which of your posts seem to be the most popular. 3 featured posts is usually enough and will cause people to want to stay and explore your website further.

Clever branding

When it comes to making yourself know to the world and getting people to recognise your brand and logo, you need to be smart about it and find a way to place your branding in as many places as possible. The header of your website will likely feature a logo and then you can add the logo to other parts of the landing page to really make people familiar with who you are and what you look like. It is a kind of subliminal message which should work wonders for your brand.

Amazing content

When it comes to making an amazing landing page and an engaging website in general, content is key. Content can be anything from images, videos, articles, social posts and more which you share with your audience to gain a response. Have a think about making a video to introduce your brand or demonstrate the use of a product and have this in a prominent place in the landing page. Video can be very engaging and an ideal way to keep people on your website for longer.

Good SEO

SEO is essential if you want to be successful on the internet and even though you can’t necessarily see SEO at work on your landing page, you should still take the time out to do it. Think about changing your meta title and description to include lots of keywords which suit what the website is about and what you can offer to your customers. Ensure that you have keywords all over the landing page in different places to make search engines rank you higher. It is a time consuming task to do but it is more than worth it for your exposure in the end.

A cohesive theme

When it comes to making your website the best it can possibly be you need to pick a theme and stick to it. Luckily, most CMS platforms such as WordPress have many themes you can choose from, and it means that you can have a consistent colour palette, font and design all throughout your website. Having a dynamic theme from the moment the customer steps into your world is crucial if you want to grab onto them and keep them interested.


One of the things which can sometimes be ideal to add to a landing page for your website are testimonials. If you have had customers in the past who have said wonderful things about your business and who would support you through anything, you can add their testimonials on the landing page to prove to new customers that your products and services are worth their money. Having reviews front and centre on your website shows the viewer that you have nothing to hide from them and it will immediately create a foundation of trust between you. The more testimonials you can add the better, and people will trust that you mean what you say and will be more likely to buy things from you.

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Nathan Ives

StrategyDriven Service Provider NetworkNathan Ives

Like most entrepreneurs, Nathan Ives wanted to bring his digital products to market without impacting his family’s already tight budget. So began a ten year journey of research, trial, and error to develop an inexpensive, fully integrated, and rapidly deployable digital products platform.

Today, Nathan Ives’ creative genius drives the elegant professionalism of numerous online businesses and digital product platforms. His flagship website,, hosts hundreds of digital products – ebooks, videos, podcasts, articles, and full-scope training programs – and has been visited by over 1 million people and garnered over 10 million page views.

Nathan solved both the financial and technical challenges of creating a truly integrated Digital Products Platform, one that automates the marketing, lead capture, sale, and delivery of digital products without the need for expensive third party services. With this knowledge and experience in-hand, he developed the Digital Products Platform training program; showing entrepreneurs and business owners how to get their digital products to market effectively and inexpensively.

Nathan Ives online training programs are copyrighted and offered by StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC. These programs support StrategyDriven’s commitment to providing entrepreneurs with the planning and execution advice, tools, and practices needed to create greater organizational alignment and accountability for the achievement of superior bottom line results.

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StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC

StrategyDriven is dedicated to providing executives and managers with the planning and execution advice, tools, and practices needed to create greater organizational alignment and accountability for the achievement of superior results.

We help our clients create and execute a clear, forward-looking strategy – translatable to the day-to-day activities of all organization members – that’s critical to their realizing success in today’s fast paced market environment. Not only does a compelling, well executed strategy align individuals to a common purpose, it ensures that purpose best serves the company’s mission.

The StrategyDriven website provides access to a wide array of best practice business planning and execution tools, streamlined process flows, how-to articles, example-rich podcasts, and customizable ready-to-use program management templates. Premium Members receive access to over 200 members-only articles, whitepapers, models, and tools and templates; providing an in-depth look into critical business performance areas; placing specific focus on the alignment of organizational standards, programs, and behaviors to the optimal achievement of mission goals. Sevian Business Program purchasers receive fully implementable business performance improvement processes out-of-the-box, enabling the acceleration of business growth and heightening of operational efficiency needed to significantly improve bottom line results.

Collectively, our products offer business leaders the opportunity to access the knowledge of a highly educated and experienced staff without the associated overhead expense.

At StrategyDriven, our seasoned business leaders deliver real-world strategic business planning and tactical execution best practice advice – a blending of workplace experience with sound research and academic principles – to business leaders who may not otherwise have access to these resources.

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StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article

Ways To Get Your Business Noticed By Customers

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleCustomers are the cornerstone of your business, and they are what are going to help you keep your doors open for years to come. It’s a wise idea to work hard to get your business noticed by customers and ensure people are talking about you in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, you can’t sit back waiting and hoping that clients find you and start handing you their hard-earned money on a regular basis. You have to put in the hard work to guarantee consumers not only know about you but that they also understand the benefits of doing business with your company.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

One proven way to stand out amongst the crowd and cut through the noise is to offer exceptional customer service on a consistent basis. It’s your job to train your employees and make sure they understand the importance of treating customers with respect and solving issues in a timely manner. People remember companies that treat them well and will then have the urge to tell others about their positive experience.

Implement A Solid Marketing Strategy

Get your business noticed by customers by implementing a solid marketing strategy that catches people’s attention. One idea is to hire a company to assist you with your SEO services so you rank higher in the search engine results and can grow your business. In addition, come up with creative approaches you can use both online and offline that explain to consumers why it’s worth their time to learn more about your company.

Deliver on Your Promise

What you don’t want to do is make a lot of different promises to customers and fail to deliver on any of them. Make it a point to not only do what you say you’re doing to do but also go above and beyond to exceed your client’s expectations. You’re more likely to get noticed by customers when you present a wow factor to them and impress them with your high-quality products or services. This is also a way to build trust and get consumers to stick by you through thick and thin.

Leverage Your Online Reviews

The fact is that people want to buy products from a company that has notable reviews and high ratings from other customers. When they hear of positive experiences from friends, family and other consumers they’re more prone to want to check it out for themselves and spend their money. Not only collect online reviews, but also leverage these remarks by posting and publicizing some of the strongest ones out to the public and through your marketing materials.


Give yourselves a better chance at strengthening your business and winning over new customers by using these tactics to get yourselves noticed. It’s not enough to launch a product or service and then do nothing to promote your offerings. Enjoy the fact that business will be booming and you’ll have a lot stronger reviews and more satisfied customers after having made these changes.

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article

How to Draw Traffic to Your Website

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleAs crucial as it is to have a website in the twenty-first century, there’s little benefit to be reaped from owning a corner of the world wide web if you’re not enjoying any traffic. Whether your website is an online store, a promotional vehicle for your business, or simply a self-styled blog, this article will direct you to new ways in which you can increase traffic to your site. In turn, this traffic will increase your brand’s exposure, your number of sales, and your profits.


One of the crucial elements in any website is the way it looks, the way visitors are able to navigate through the site’s pages, and the way in which you use standard coding features to ensure your website runs efficiently and features high up on Google search results. All this is controlled by the quality of web design you employ. Whether you use an independent freelancer or a web design company, the architecture of your site translates in important ways into both its visibility on the web and its navigability to funnel visitors to the point of sale.

In order to maximize your website’s design capability to attract new custom through additional visitors, you’ll want to hire web designers who’re aware of all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making a website more professional. Not only professional to Google’s complex algorithms, which examine the coding behind websites to decide the ranking of your site in search engine results, but the average web user also. It’s technical for the layman, but if you put the time in with research, you too may be able to make minor adjustments to your website to increase its visibility.


The second tip for drawing traffic to your site (perhaps the most important) is creating content. Content can take the form of the written word, a video, pictures, infographics or any other media you see fit to publish under your site’s URL. Content publication has many benefits for your site, including the simple appearance that your site is active and regularly maintained and updated, which increases user trust and confidence in your brand. It’s also a great way to draw in further Google search results to your specific URL. By publishing different titles and themes and keywords, you can grab the attention of users searching for a wider variety of items related to your brand and product.

An excellent place to start if you’re thinking about upping your content output is to post an FAQ-style list of questions and answers. This way, you’re tapping into the mass of questions asked on Google every day. Readers will be happy you’ve provided relevant answers and may continue to navigate the material on your site searching for your product or service. There’s plenty of other methods, which you’ll be able to run on your own after conducting content marketing research or outsource to professionals in marketing companies to help get your content drawing in a higher hit rate on your site.

Social Media

Aligned with content creation but based elsewhere; on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, what you publish on your free social media pages should always link back to your website. With so many people using social media every day, it’s absolutely essential that you utilize this huge opportunity to market your site and your brand, though posts that target your current user base in the hopes that they’ll share your content with their list of friends or followers.

It’s in this way that brands expertly draw in a large following to their social media channels and their websites. There are some wonderfully successful examples of viral advertisement campaigns driven by meme-creation and other content that taps into contemporary trends, gossip, and current affairs in order to achieve the virality that constitutes the most successful kind of social media marketing. You should employ a social media savvy marketer to help you manage your social media platforms, creating innovative posts to gain attention for your brand, all of which will boost your website’s traffic.


In the non-digital world, businesses working together tend to boost one another’s customer base with mutual recommendations and guarantees. In the digital world of websites, social media and multimedia content posting, businesses can do so here too. Establishing partners on the world wide web offers one key benefit: the links between your sites help your website ascend those all-important Google search result rankings, with your company finishing higher up the more trusted and relevant links it possesses on its unique URL.

One of the easiest and most practical ways to partner up is by creating a mixture of posts to offer the websites that you wish to collaborate with you. Writing a guest post takes little time but, with the link to your website at the bottom of your post, it diverts interested readers straight to your site while also establishing a data link between your two sites which is mutually beneficial for your partnership. Research the best ways of achieving healthy and mutually productive partnerships before taking the guest post plunge.


There’s nothing like a little bit of traditional advertising to get a little bit more traffic flowing into your site, especially traffic that is perhaps rarely on social media and rarely consuming other content on their smartphones or devices. This demographic is best-accessed through more traditional methods of advertising, such as the business card, the television advert, the newspaper listing or the radio shout-out.

With internet-based marketing becoming the norm, traditional, non-digital marketing techniques are becoming ever-cheaper. It means that your expenditure on this type of marketing may well be minimal when compared with the results it yields. Remember to keep whatever message you’re delivering brief, with your website’s URL displayed as simply as possible so that people can recall your site’s address when they require your product or service.

A barren webpage can feel like a failure to a business looking to establish some sales and interest in the digital world, and so the tips listed above should be of value to those looking to increase web traffic to their website, whether it be a blog or an online store.