How To Keep Your Customers Truly Happy

Customers are the backbone of any company; they drive a business forward, and they can be the difference between success and failure. Therefore, to make it in the nail-biting world of business, regardless of industry, you need to first and foremost, keep your customers truly happy.

There are a variety of ways you can accomplish this task. From making sure every customer feels appreciated and valued to ensuring you don’t promise a product or service which you simply can’t deliver, looking after every customer, both current and potential, needs to be your priority, year in, year out. By doing so, you can rest assured that you’ll be rewarded with loyalty and positive word of mouth recommendations. After all, who doesn’t want to do business with someone who makes you feel like you’re number one?

Offer Rewards

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Customers respond well to free giveaways and a chance to win something valuable. On your website and blog, advertise how you’re planning to give something away for free and explain how clients can go about winning it. Try not to be cryptic about what you’re giving away. Instead, be transparent so that individuals know what they could win so they can decide whether they want to enter or not. Opt into a customer rewards program such as the one offered through Sparkage to keep your customers returning to your business time and time again; click here to discover more about how this can work for your company.

Refrain From Over Promising

Try not to claim that your services are the best available on the market unless they definitely are and you have evidence to prove it. You need to find a tone that communicates your intentions, and how you can promise excellence but not perfection, again, unless you can. Be open, honest, and transparent with customers so that they know what to expect.

Let Them Know They’re Valued

Customers like to know that you appreciate them and that they’re valuable to you. You need to demonstrate just how instrumental they are to your success by keeping them up to date with what’s happening in your company. Send them regular updates via email if they’ve opted in to receive newsletters and information about press releases, for example. Encourage new and existing clients to join a mailing list in which you’ll tell them when you’re having flash sales or offering deals and discounts. Email is a great way to get a message across to customers that don’t frequently use social media.

Call Them

Ring your customers to find out more about the interaction with you and ask for their thoughts and opinions. If you receive a complaint, then ensure that it is followed up appropriately and sorted as soon as possible. Communicate with the customers directly if possible and if not, then schedule a time to call them and discuss where they think you could improve. Never call multiple times throughout the day, as you don’t want to be a nuisance. If you don’t get through to your customer on the first try, then leave a message and explain that you’ll try calling at a more convenient time the next day, for example.

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