3 Best Content Writing Services for Your Business

StrategyDriven Recommended Resources Article |Content Writing Services|3 Best Content Writing Services for Your BusinessImagine successful online business — this will be great content working behind the scenes. Connecting your business to new customers, retaining the regular ones, boosting your brand awareness and helping your company improve sales – this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to content and how it assists businesses in becoming better.

In this article we won’t be persuading you why it’s important to invest in content writing, as we will shed the light on services that can create the best content for your business.

What Content Writing Services You May Need

There are several types of content you may need. Let’s have a brief look at the most common ones:

SEO Content

This type works for your website to bring more traffic. To put it short, this is a combination of keywords and interesting info to drive your target audience to your business.

Press Release Writing

As soon as your company is thinking about releasing a new product or service, you may need this service. The professional writers will know exactly how to grab the attention of your target audience.


This is a general term for the type of writing that doesn’t involve publishing the writer’s name. The author gets paid, but their name remains uncredited. Usually, companies use such services for writing their articles, social media posts, banner ads, video scripts etc.

Dissertation Writing

Starting a business and completing your degree at the same time may not be the best idea. In both cases you have to go all in and be fully involved in the process to succeed. This is the reason why writing a thesis or dissertation can become an unnecessary distraction from business. Business owners may feel the need to get some dissertation writing help from specialized sites that write and edit theses and dissertations for students who are busy with their business.

Feature Writing

In case you need to keep your audience updated regarding the latest news in your niche, such type of content writing service will assist you greatly.

Instructional Design

Whether it’s in the form of an infographic or blog article, the aim is to choose a particular skill or need of a user, and present it in an interesting way, so that the reader will immerse in the content.

Business Writing

Whether it’s annual reports or any email newsletters, you pay professionals to craft this type of content flawlessly.

How Does Content Writing Service Work?

The idea is pretty simple. A business has a list of writing content that needs to be crafted on the regular basis. You choose a service, place your order for a particular type of content and expert writers get down to satisfying your requirements.

3 Best Content Writing Services for Your Business

Express Writers

StrategyDriven Recommended Resources Article |Content Writing Services|3 Best Content Writing Services for Your Business With 9+ years of experience, Express Writers have established the reputation of a trusted and professional content writing company that is ready to satisfy even the rigid demands.

Top Services: Blogs, Content Marketing, Email Newsletter, Adverts, Articles, Press Release, Storytelling, Website Content, Infographics.

Prices: Competitive prices ranging from $0,02-0,08 per word depending on the content level of complexity.


high quality;
around the clock support;
unlimited reviews;
100% unique content.


no refunds.

Contacts: You can send your request via email or call the company.

Crowd Content

StrategyDriven Recommended Resources Article |Content Writing Services|3 Best Content Writing Services for Your BusinessA simple and powerful platform to get your content done flawlessly and fast. With the client satisfaction rate of 4,4 out 5, the company always aims at creating impeccable custom made content.

Top Services: Article writing, Blog posts, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, SEO Content, Website Content, Product Descriptions, Press Releases.

Prices: The rates range from $0,02 to $0,45 per word depending on the requirements you have. Plus, you can calculate the price for your order with an online calculator on their website.


affordable rates;
client-oriented approach, as well as great client support;
100% unique content.


no refunds;
delivery times can be a bit slow.

Contact: 1-888-983-3103, or via Chatbot, through the web form on the website.

StrategyDriven Recommended Resources Article |Content Writing Services|3 Best Content Writing Services for Your BusinessScripted

A bit pricey solution, but perfect for huge companies interested in flawless content.

Top Services: Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Press Releases, Video Scripts, Transcriptions, Web Pages, Newsletters, Product Descriptions.

Prices: a 30-day free trial, membership fees ranging from $149 to $1,299 per month.


first free month to using a platform;
offer refunds;
very fast response time;
unlimited reviews.


prices way above average.

Contact: 1(866) 501-3116, Chatbot, or through a website form.

Why Use Content Writing Services?

The competition for great digital content has become really rough. If you want your business to at least keep up with the times, or even better, stay ahead of your competitors, it’s vital to turn to expert content writers who know how to help your business prosper.

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