How to Build Brand Appeal and Trust in Retail Settings

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Build Brand|How to Build Brand Appeal and Trust in Retail SettingsWith more options available to consumers than ever before, maintaining strong connections as a retail brand is challenging to say the least. Ultimately, most consumers feel minimal loyalty to any one retailer or brand; long gone are the days where retailers could rely upon consistent customers in local communities without global competition affecting profits.

Nevertheless, offsetting some of these disruptive trends is possible by focusing on expanding brand appeal, trustworthiness and general authority. What exactly should retailers be doing to maximise these elements in their favour?

Keep reading to find out how additional brand appeal and trust can be earned in retail settings.

Craft a Narrative

One of the most crucial components in retail marketing for brands – both online and local/physical – is to convey a story that humanises them.

Storytelling is powerful – this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Since the dawn of time, stories have been told to inform, persuade and entertain. In the case of retailers, the goal in most situations is to persuade. Humans generally recognise stories and the emotions conveyed within them, whether they be written or spoken. A story can be a powerful component in a broader marketing arsenal with regards to garnering support and loyalty from otherwise fickle customers.

To build a strong retail story or narrative, it is important to consider a few crucial components. First, understanding the product(s) being sold and how they connect with customer day-to-day experiences is fundamental. Next, it is vital to craft a story for why the retail business exists; what purpose does it serve, who does it cater to, and why is it essential to the customer?

Building a brand story definitely takes work, but it is crucial in appealing to customers and building trust among them.

Build a Professional Store Image…

What do people visually see when they enter a retailer’s physical location or arrive at their website? The answer to that question can have more of an impact on brand appeal and trust than many realise.

In a world of flashy aesthetics and professional design, people expect more from retailers in terms of store image. Obviously, the differences between physical and virtual store fronts are notable, but simultaneously have considerable overlap in spirit.

Physical retailers should invest in professional signage, retail display options, quality lighting and other factors that highlight a brand’s legitimacy. This can be done with companies such as CJ Retail Solutions who offer professional and authoritative retail display solutions to their clients. In addition, they also provide assistance with retail merchandising, signage installation and field marketing.

…This Includes Online Retailers

For online retailers, the need to invest in professional design is equally important – though it takes slightly different forms. There are numerous ways to build trust via e-commerce websites, but the gist really boils down to professional graphics, consistent branding, upfront policies regarding prices, shipping and returns, and other trust signals. It is also vital to ensure that the website itself is optimised for users from all walks of life (this means desktop users, mobile users, etc).

Trust has to be earned – and retailers need as much of it as they can get. The single biggest methods through which to earn trust and generate additional brand appeal is to create a professional aura surrounding the brand and cultivate a compelling narrative to persuade audiences. By following these tips, retailers can build a solid foundation from which trust, appeal and reach can grow.

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