How Restuarants Can Grow Their Clientele

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |How Restaurants Grow Their Clientele|How Restuarants Can Grow Their ClienteleEveryone loves to go out and eat. Food always seems to taste better when someone else cooks it. Restaurants have been seeing a dip in customers due to the changes of the world, but there are great ways for you to get yourself out there and grow your base of clients with a little bit of effort despite what is happening around the globe. With the colder weather coming and more people wanting to come indoors, there are a lot of opportunities for growth. Here are a few ways for a restaurant to grow their client base.

Offer Entertainment

If you have the space, offer entertainment to your diners. Some people are still not comfortable bar hopping and going from place to place so they would rather stay in just one location. That’s good for you because it means that diners will stay put and spend more money. Just make sure they are not sitting all night because you are going to want to turn those tables, so create an incentive where they can move to the bar and enjoy cocktails as new patrons come in and eat.

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Offer Nightly Drink Specials

Happy hour can go on into the night. Late night happy hours are a huge hit, and you will get patrons to give up their tables and move to the bar to enjoy those specials after they eat. House spirits can be put on special, or if you have a sponsor, the sponsored liquor can be on special that will make guests more inclined to order those drinks. People may still want to eat a bit, so having a few bar food items on happy hour will also drive up sales as guests order drinks and food.

Offer a Rewards Program

Getting guests to become repeat customers is easily done with a rewards program. The more you buy and visit, the more points and free things you can earn. Companies like Rewards Network reviews restaurants to see what services they can offer for guests to earn points. Rewards Network found that guests in a rewards program spend 13% more than other diners. Rewards Network can also show you which of your items sells the best so that you can ensure it is always available to your diners.

Change Up Your Menu

People get bored rather quickly with things, and food is no exception. It is always a great idea to keep those “staple” items on your menu that you know are always a crowd pleaser, but other items can change with the seasons. Soups can be replaced with salads in the spring and more earthy foods can be placed on the menu for the fall. Switching things up every few months allows for your food to always seem fresh and new, and everyone is always looking to eat the next big thing. Pair your food with seasonal wines and a seasonal drink menu, and you will be seeing guests coming in to see what you have created next.

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