How to Build a Tech Product Prototype

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Build a Prototype|How to Build a Tech Product PrototypeFor entrepreneurs who are looking to build hardware as a business, getting a prototype off the ground is a significant first step. In this article, we’ll look at the steps you’ll need to take in order to build out your designs, invest in materials and begin putting together a successful prototype that you’ll eventually be able to bring to the market as a viable product. Read on to learn what you should focus on in your first experiments as you’re working hard on building a prototype product.


If you’ve been working up your ideas about your envisaged hardware product for some time, you’ll likely have all kinds of sketches and scraps of design images to hand. What you’ll want to do, though, is condense these into a final workable design that you can use to show builders and materials engineers. Often, the best way to do this is by using design software rather than a piece of paper.

This software will help you design the different layers of your hardware – from the electrical circuits through to the casing. That’ll enable you to properly consider the final design tweaks you ought to make for your product to work as a prototype. Remember that prototypes don’t necessarily need to be the final product, but they should certainly work as you’ve intended them to work.


Next up, you’re going to want to get your hands on the materials that’ll make up your hardware product. These might include metals, plastics, and circuitry that you’ll use to connect different elements of the technology together. While plastics and metals can be worked in a lab or in a workshop, even using 3D printing technology, the circuitry of your product will require greater care and skill to get right.

As such, it’s well worth investing in PCB assembly professionals who’ll be able to put together your circuit boards in order to make everything run smoothly in your tech product prototype. You’ll be able to upload your circuit board designs and watch the being built by the experts and send them directly to your workshop.


The final stage of any prototype new build is to put the product together. This is an exciting moment, but it’s certainly not one to rush. After all, you’ve spent time getting the designs just right and carefully putting everything in place for this final, important stage. Be aware of the challenges you’re facing as you’re assembling your prototype, as these insights can provide feedback to your polished design.

Once you’ve assembled your prototype, you’ll be able to flick the on the switch and cross your fingers that everything’s working perfectly. Don’t expect that, of course, as there are always teething problems with new products that you’ll have to work out through different trials and iterations. But getting a successful prototype built is a key phase in the successful development of a business that sells new hardware to consumers.

These three key stages will get your tech hardware prototype built, ensuring you have the materials and the designs at hand to assemble the first iteration of your product.

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