Traditional Marketing Strategies on Rise – Reasons Behind This Trend

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | Traditional Marketing Strategies on Rise - Reasons Behind This Trend

Undoubtedly, digital marketing techniques are ruling the technological space. Moreover, some of us believe that traditional marketing has lost its charm. But that’s nothing more than a myth. The biggest evidence of it is the latest metrics. As per the recent trends, the marketers clarified that the spending on traditional marketing techniques would increase by 3%. It certainly means the marketers are moving back to basics.

The leading companies in this ongoing shift are B2C, which offer different services. On average, B2C service companies spend around 10.2% on traditional marketing. The numbers are expected to increase rapidly in the future. The second runner-up leading the shift is none other than the B2C product companies. Over 12 months, the companies will certainly increase their spending budget on traditional advertising forms.

After reading the above metrics, you might ask why marketers are shifting to using traditional advertising. Hold on; we are here to answer your questions in this blog with solid reasons.


Long Lasting and Highly Sustainable

One of the biggest drawbacks of digital marketing is the need to serve the audience with something new daily. You tend to feel overwhelmed when you constantly try to win the attention of potential customers. You may post around 3 to 4 times on social handles to stay on the audience’s mind. The hassle of coming up with new content pieces every day is troublesome.

Traditional marketing methods eradicate this issue smoothly. For a while, take the example of TV ads for businesses; they are sustainable and stay engraved in mind. There are still a bunch of timeless TV ads, and you still remember them even after years of launch. Think of your childhood days, how you used to sing every TV ad word by word.


Fresh Approach Compared to Existing Digital Clutter

Daily, consumers are bombarded with hundreds of ads. When your target consumer repeatedly watches one ad, their frustration levels will rise. Although you were looking to crack a deal, the recurring digital ads left a negative impression on them.

Consumers have become numb to the ongoing trend of showing ads. Digital clutter is so much on the rise that all you find are ads everywhere. It is one of the reasons why around 57% of individuals disliked ads that played before the video, and 43% of them paid no attention to ads. Considering these metrics, it means your efforts are going in vain.

Under such circumstances, running traditional ads is the right escape. The majority of consumers still love to watch TV ads for businesses. They read print ads and rely on TV and radio channels to engage with brands. Traditional methods are still capable of outperforming digital ads. Also, the cost of running traditional ads is much lower than digital ones.


Leverage Consumer’s Trust & Establish Credibility

When you look at the top forms of marketing which consumers trust, the majority of them are traditional. Your potential consumers still prefer trusting traditional modes of advertising for making purchase decisions. Also, trust works like a currency, and it’s the only thing you need to convert the lead into customers.

Also, traditional tactics seem more reliable to your audience than digital ads. Consumers nowadays will choose a business over others if they are genuinely interested in it. As a result, traditional ads allow you to leverage trust and establish long-lasting relationships. Even TV ads for businesses place your brand in the heart and mind of the local audience, which means attracting more customers.


Clubbing Digital With Traditional

What if you combined digital marketing with traditional tools? The results would be awesome, powerful, and surprising enough. Think of podcasting and direct mailing for a while. These traditional marketing techniques are still popular but with a new twist. Companies these days send direct mailers with QR codes attached. By scanning the code, the consumers get to know more about the sender. Also, marketers can collect more robust data for creating more targeted ads and boosting ROI.

Similarly, Podcasts are coming back in trend. In recent times, podcasts experienced a rise of around 51%, with the number of listeners still growing rapidly. Running podcast ads is effective in such cases. Also, people often listen to podcasts while commuting or travelling elsewhere. Like TV ads for businesses, podcast ads can potentially gain the target market’s attention.


Final Words

For quite a long time, digital pundits have been preaching the death of traditional marketing methods. But the good news is, like a phoenix, the traditional ads are back in trend. The majority of marketers are even questioning the effectiveness of digital ads. Even after spending so much, the ROI is not that much.

Look at all the above pointers, which clarify why traditional advertising is rising. It not only helps in winning trust but also turns buyers into recurring customers. Rethink your marketing strategies now and leverage the effectiveness of traditional ads.

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